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Ted Bundy Astrology Chart

Ted Bundy Chart

Here is an astrology based analysis of the infamous criminal, Ted Bundy and what his natal chart says about him. Ted Bundy was an American serial killer born under the sign of Sagittarius on November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont. From 1974 to 1978 he raped and murdered dozens of women in the United States. 

He confessed to 30 murders but it is believed the total could be higher. On January 24, 1989, Bundy was executed by way of the electric chair. Despite the cruelty and savagery of his crimes, Ted Bundy was considered to be highly intelligent and charming.

Could Ted Bundy’s astrology chart provide any clues explaining his murderous pathology and why he became such a violent and prolific killer?

Among the things that stand out in Bundy’s chart is the stellium in his 4th house. This stellium suggests that he was intensely shaped and influenced by his home environment in both childhood and adulthood. Ted Bundy’s childhood was relatively good except for the fact that for years he was raised to believe that his grandparents were his parents and that his actual mother was his sister.

He did not discover the truth until much later on and the revelation did irreparable damage to the young Bundy’s psyche. His mother did this because of the social stigma surrounding illegitimate pregnancies during the conservative 1940s. His grandfather was described as a temperamental man who was prone to violence. He owned a collection of smutty magazines that were discovered by Ted.

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Even from an early age Bundy displayed disturbing behavior foreshadowing the terror he would commit later in life. His aunt recalled an incident in which she awoke from her nap to find a 3-year-old Ted smiling at her after he’d placed knives all around her in her sleep.

Bundy was said to be acutely conscious of his family’s lack of money. With Taurus occupying his 10th house, this is not surprising. He had a fixation on possessions which extended to the sadistic way in which he demeaned the women he murdered and kept their body parts as souvenirs. He reputedly said himself that “possession” was at the bottom of his desire to kill.

Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus, the sign associated with material possession and sensual appetites. With his Venus in Scorpio and in square aspect with Pluto, it would appear that the astrological ingredients are there for someone who mingles sex with violence and desires to assert power and sexual control over others.

Venus square Pluto is an aspect that has commonly been found in the charts of a number of serial killers including Richard Cottingham, Clyde Barrow, Dennis Nilson and Jeffrey Dahmer. But this is not by any means to say that anyone with these aspects will be inclined to do what Ted Bundy did. It is simply to point out how these aspects could manifest in the most depraved way possible.

Bundy was also a classic narcissist who seemed to relish the media attention he received. As a Leo rising, he exhibited a lot of charisma in the way he played to the cameras. During his trial, he represented himself as his own lawyer and he looked and acted the part remarkably well. However, Bundy’s arrogance contributed to his downfall and he was so absorbed with his performance that he failed to appreciate the gravitas of his situation.

He tried to manipulate the jury by proposing to his girlfriend in court and becoming legally married mid-trial. He likely thought this might humanize him in the jury’s eyes but it only backfired. His antics were grossly out of touch with how he was actually perceived by the public.

This disconnect in how he came across to others may be attributed to his square Sun and Ascendant aspect. The Sun in square with the Ascendant denotes someone who can easily offend others with their “attitude” and they can give the impression of being pushy arrogant and overbearing. This behavior is possibly a defense mechanism stemming from childhood.

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