mercury conjunct neptune aspect

Mercury Conjunct Neptune Aspect

The Mercury conjunct Neptune aspect is a unification of literal and abstract thinking. Here, the intellect as represented by Mercury joins forces with the spiritual intuition signified by Neptune. The result is a capacity for deeper insights aided by divine wisdom. Although thinking processes may benefit from greater nuance, pattern recognition and utility of symbolism…
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venus conjunct neptune

Venus conjunct Neptune Aspect

With Venus conjunct Neptune, there is a concentration of love, magic and imagination. When these two planets meet in astrological conjunction, personal love and divine love blend together into a sweet celestial smoothie. Neptune, which is the higher octave of Venus, constitutes love of a more spiritual form than Venus. Neptune is more selfless and…
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moon square sun aspect

Moon Square Sun Aspect

A square aspect between the Sun and the Moon is a powerful celestial configuration that delves deep into the intricate interplay of conscious desires and subconscious or emotional needs within an individual's personality. This aspect represents a profound inner conflict, akin to a cosmic tug-of-war, where two fundamental components of one's psyche clash, vying for…
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sun square saturn

Sun Square Saturn Aspect

Here is a description of the Sun square Saturn planetary aspect. To find out if you have this aspect in your chart, you can use this widget to generate your own comprehensive natal chart with detailed info on all your planetary placements. You can also read about other planetary aspects here.
Sun Square…
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