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Uranus in the 2nd House – Unorthodox Values

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Uranus in House Two

Uranus in the 2nd House Overview:

In the 2nd house, Uranus may signify a preference for technological possessions and perhaps being able to earn money through technical prowess. These individuals may be very inventive and able to find novel and unusual uses for everyday items. They can be clever about repurposing old objects and devising solutions using spare parts and supplies. They are inclined to have usual tastes and preferences in the things they value and seek to spend money on. They like being ahead of the pack and a trendsetter rather than a trend follower with regards to the things they buy and consume.

They can often be the earliest adopters of a new technology or service that everyone else eventually catches on to. People with Uranus in the 2nd house are likely to have their finger on the pulse of the tech realm and perhaps a lot of geeky fandoms. Uranus bestows a less materialistic and more intellectual or utilitarian appreciation for objects. Additionally, they may have a good instinct for the future value of objects and the general direction of trends within their field of interest. Here now is a look at Uranus in the 2nd house and what it means as both a natal chart prospect and as a transit.

Uranus in the 2nd House key Traits:

  • non-materialistic
  • inventive money-maker
  • financial freedom
  • unique possessions
  • unexpected financial changes
  • financial independence
  • revenue through technology

The 2nd House:

The 2nd house in astrology is known as the house of possessions. This house corresponds to the sign of Taurus and its ruler Venus. This is the house of our values and material possessions. It represents our finances and economic status. It is about the things we own and value in this world. Having the sun in the 2nd house for example, may indicate a person who takes pride in their possessions and maybe uses money and material resources as a source of validation and self worth. The planets and signs that occupy this house can indicate something about what we need or desire to feel comfortable and happy. It also shows in what ways we are likely able to attract money, good luck and prosperity.

The Planet Uranus:

In astrology, Uranus is the planet of technology, originality and revolution. It is linked to upheavals and mutiny and the power of the people against the powers of authoritarians. Uranus represents freedom and liberty and other enlightenment ideals. It is cold and emotionally detached yet idealistic and impassioned. This is the planet of intellectual genius as opposed to the artistic and abstract genius of Neptune. Moreover, Uranus represents independence of the mind and free thought. It resists oppression of all sorts and is willing to take action on behalf of others who experience it. Uranus is altruistic in an intellectual sort of way. It values the sovereignty of the individual apart from the group yet supports solidarity and group cohesion.

Uranus in the 2nd House Natal:

With Uranus in the 2nd house of the birth chart, there will be a penchant for personal values and possessions that differ from normal conventions. Such individuals are inclined to spend much of their money on technology as opposed to fashion or entertainment. Moreover, they are bound to harbor interests that may be considered geeky or nerdy. They enjoy keeping up with the latest technological innovations and products. In the 2nd house, Uranus engenders a keen interest in objects valued for their rarity or uniqueness. These individuals also derive pride in the uniqueness and rarity of the things they own and collect. Part of their self expression of individuality may be through the things they possess and consume.

Under this placement however, the relationship with objects may be more for their utility than their aesthetic or subjective value. Many of the objects they take interest in may be in the form of components that are essential to a larger device or contraption. Additionally, having Uranus in the 2nd house can stimulate genius in their ability to utilize objects. They can be very clever in making the most of resources available without having to rely on conventional means. By the same extension, they may take interest in exploring alternative forms of manufacturing that are better for the planet and more energy and cost efficient.

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Those who have Uranus in the 2nd house of their natal chart are inclined to think differently about things like consumerism and the cost of commercial enterprise. Additionally, they may have a knack for understanding something about the mass psychology that drives the consumption of goods. In the 2nd house, Uranus fosters a capacity for revolutionizing the way in which we use or view everyday objects in our lives. People with this placement may be very inventive and able to envision or discover by virtue of experimentation, new and better tools for performing everyday tasks. Because of the future-orientation of Uranus, this placement can cultivate an awareness and desire to avert long term problems as a result of harmful consumeristic practices.

They can be environmentally aware to the extent that they take up causes and proactive enterprises that work to mitigate and reverse the detrimental effects of pollution and consumer-based harm. Furthermore, their sense of self worth may be highly influenced by how effective they are in achieving such aims. Their originality and unorthodox approaches to such problems can become a fruitful source of income for them. They may be driven to invent products that provide a solution to various everyday problems. They may also venture into industries that are unorthodox or outside the margins of what is considered acceptable by polite society.

Those who have Uranus in the 2nd house of their natal chart have the potential for making discoveries that lead to innovative products. Their attachment to objects themselves tends to be unsentimental and impersonal. They value things for their intellectual significance and utility. Furthermore, they are compelled to explore the relationship between the objects they use and what it says about them as an individual. They dislike feeling as though they are just another lemming being roped and dubbed into consuming products like just another culture zombie.

When it comes to their financial viability, the 3rd house Uranus person may be apt to make money through conventional means. They particularly may do so through technical fields and industries but often as an individual or private contractor. People who have this in their chart have the capacity to make money on their own through independent enterprise rather than service oriented or employee-based forms of occupation. Under this placement however, there may be a penchant for sudden and unforeseen financial circumstances that may not be in their favor. Although they can be ingenious at generating business ideas, they may require the help of a capable business partner to avoid financial problems.

Uranus in the 2nd House Transit:

When Uranus transits the 2nd house, it will represent a period in which finances may undergo some abrupt and sudden changes, hopefully for the better. Financial gains may be had through the help and benefit of technological innovations and advancements. At this time, we may discover a newfound interest in things that are unusual in some way. This may be a time in which a lot of tantalizing technologies are being introduced that can dramatically alter and excite your world. You may discover a new thing you love, or break out of a comfort zone or habit that you’ve been clinging to for too long.

Uranus in the 2nd house in Each Zodiac Sign:

Uranus in the 2nd house in Aries – In the sign of Aries, Uranus in the second house and eagerness to be the first to possess the latest and greatest products. These individuals are not necessarily materialistic but can be competitive consumers and fanatical about innovative technologies that are exciting and cutting edge. They can be somewhat impulsive and imprudent with regards to finances, trusting that they would be able to cover the cost somehow or somehow.

Uranus in the 2nd house in Taurus – In the sign of Taurus, Uranus in the second house represents a very subjective and unconventional emphasis on aesthetics and quality. These individuals are strongly opinionated about what they perceive as good or bad. Morally, they are progressive in their values and embrace practices such as recycling and environmentalism. They can be hipsterish and ironic about the types of things they own and enjoy.

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Uranus in the 2nd house in Gemini – Under this placement, there is less interest in material consumption and more interest in the moral significance of consumption. These individuals think about the implications of ownership and are likely to be more preoccupied with principles of what is fair or unfair with regards to intellectual property and copyright. They are likely to be concerned about idea theft and any form of violation of another person’s originality and ownership rights.

Uranus in the 2nd house in Cancer – In the sign of Cancer, Uranus in the second house constitutes an emphasis on protecting the security of the property owned by an individual. People with this placement are likely to invest in technology and products that enhance security and deter theft. They may be paranoid about the threat of losing something valuable to them. Some of their concerns may be neurotic and unfounded but they can be very inventive and crafty in devising defense mechanisms to protect their property.

Uranus in the 2nd house in Leo – In the sign of Leo, Uranus in the second house emphasizes a penchant for materialistic indulgences and effrontery with regards to possessions. People with this placement are willing to spend money and spare no expense on purchases that enhance or accentuate their individuality. They are likely to rely on a lot of materialistic objects to help convey their personality and how they are different from other people.

Uranus in the 2nd house in Virgo – In the sign of Virgo, Uranus in the second house signifies a more modest and understated appetite for materialism. Their personal values are attached to higher causes and principles that they wish to live by. Furthermore, individuals with this placement in their chart are likely to possess an altruistic spirit and desire to share resources for the benefit of others who are in need. Personally, they mostly invest in products that promote good health and well-being.

Uranus in the 2nd house in Libra – In the sign of the Libra, Uranus in house 2 emphasizes the quality and taste of the things they own and spend money on. These individuals can be somewhat superficial and focused on acquiring things that enhance their social significance. They however can be very generous and magnanimous in their own way. They display a sense of humanity and a desire to be a good person with regards to how they manage and use the resources available to them.

Uranus in the 2nd house in Scorpio – Under this placement, there is a focus on having things that last well into the future. Individuals with this placement are generally very cognizant of the life cycle and time value of things. They shun what they regard as old fashioned and antiquated. They are intuitive about the future and can be very keen on spotting potential Investments. People with this placement rely primarily on their own insights developed from personal assessment.

Uranus in the 2nd house in Sagittarius – In the sign of sagittarius, Uranus in the second house constitutes a more philosophical regard for material possessions. These individuals prefer to focus on things that benefit their life spiritually and stimulate their mind as opposed to their body. They gravitate towards things of a more exotic nature and especially appreciate trinkets and tokens from foreign places that represent a piece of the greater world.

Uranus in the 2nd house in Capricorn – In the sign of Capricorn, Uranus in the second house encompasses a strong drive to acquire the fruits of their labor and hard work. These individuals may feel a sense of prestige and status from the things that they possess. The things they value may be unconventional or eccentric in nature. The means by which they’re able to acquire finances and resources may often come through invention and entrepreneurial enterprises.

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Uranus in the 2nd house in Aquarius – In the sign of Aquarius, Uranus in the second house deemphasizes materialistic preoccupations. Under this placement there is an emphasis on technology and gadgets. These individuals are concerned with the ownership of the things that are an expression of individuality and their personal freedom. They’re likely to be advocates for certain constitutional rights to own and possess things that they believe are entitled to the individual.

Uranus in the 2nd house in Pisces – In the sign of Pisces, Uranus in house 2 signifies a susceptibility to marketing and radicalization. The personal values of these individuals can be influenced by perceptions that may often be delusional or disconnected from reality. They may develop sometimes harmful addictions to substances that may have started out as an act of rebellion or idealism that later leads to their own self undoing.

Uranus in the 2nd House Celebrities:

Taylor Swift (December 13th, 1989) Uranus in the 2nd house in Capricorn
Beyoncé Knowles (September 4th, 1981) Uranus in the 2nd house in Scorpio
Justin Bieber (March 1st, 1994) Uranus in the 2nd house in Capricorn
Katy Perry (October 25th, 1984) Uranus in the 2nd house in Sagittarius
Lana Del Rey (June 21st, 1985) Uranus in the 2nd house in Sagittarius
Uma Thurman (April 29th, 1970) Uranus in the 2nd house in Libra
Jennifer Lawrence (August 15th, 1990) Uranus in the 2nd house in Capricorn
Marion Cotillard (September 30th, 1975) Uranus in the 2nd house in Scorpio
Valérie Trierweiler (February 16th, 1965) Uranus in the second house in Virgo
V (entertainer) (December 30th, 1995) Uranus in the second house in
Joaquin Phoenix (October 28th, 1974) Uranus in the 2nd house in Libra
Elizabeth II (April 21st, 1926) Uranus in the second house in Pisces
Benedict Cumberbatch (July 19th, 1976) Uranus in the 2nd house in Scorpio
Soeur Emmanuelle (November 16th, 1908) Uranus in the second house in Capricorn
Charlize Theron (August 7th, 1975) Uranus in the second house in Libra
Robert Downey Jr. (April 4th, 1965) Uranus in the second house in Virgo
Emmanuelle Béart (August 14th, 1963) Uranus in the second house in Virgo
Julie Gayet (June 3rd, 1972) Uranus in the second house in Libra

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