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The Fire Element in Astrology

fire element

The Zodiac Fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The fire element in astrology symbolizes enthusiasm, excitability, radiant energy and high spirit. Inspiration is their driving force and they are compelled to get the most out of what life has to offer. People who have significant planets in fire signs display a joy of living and vitality to spare.

Fire Element Meaning 🔥

Fire signs tend to be passionate, creative and forceful. Fire represents both creative energy and destruction. Fire benefits others by the light and warmth it provides. But fire can be hard to control or tame and has the power to destroy and burn down everything it touches. Such is the nature of Fire Signs and their emotions. They are known for their tempers which can quickly escalate and also dissipate. Their feelings are impulsive and strong in their intensity. Jealousy, competitiveness and displays of egotism are common traits with Fire signs. They can be intimidating and dangerous. It is not wise to toy with the emotions of a fire sign because you’ll likely get burned in the end. They are highly willful and apt to take action sometimes with a response that is extreme. They can lavish people with intense love and affection, but also tear them down physically and verbally.

Marc Edmund Jones equates fire with “experience centered in personal identity,” and this would explain why people with the fire signs dominant in their charts are so egocentric and typically impersonal. They fancy themselves to be the life of the party and the spice that flavors the world. It is not easy for them to conceal their exuberance and dynamic spirit but they are inclined to be direct and better than other signs at focusing their energy towards the fulfillment of their goals and objectives. Self restraint can be an issue for them and the intensity and strength of their desires can often override their better judgment.

The fire signs display great faith in themselves and a candid nature. They require a lot of freedom and latitude for expressing themselves the way they’d like to. They are not inclined to march in lockstep with the majority or embrace restrictions on their behavior imposed by politically correct attitudes. They prefer to be true to themselves and more raw and authentic in their style of communication. The simplicity of their candor can be childlike and naive. This can create problems with more cautious and sensitive types of people. Although the intentions behind a fire sign are generally without malice, there are some who tend to perceive their ways as such and feel easily affronted by the way they operate.

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The fire element denotes a strong opinionated nature and sometimes subversive nature. Their sensitivity to others is often overshadowed by their highly willful nature and lack of impulse control. They can be thoughtlessly rude and brusque and generally impatient with overly shy or hypersensitive types. Fire signs also have a strong distaste for people who do them wrong or cross them in some way. Insulting their ego through disrespect or shortchanging them in some way is a surefire way to invoke their wraith. Under such circumstances, they can become highly vindictive and spiteful.

Fire Element Imbalance

At their best, Zodiac signs of the Fire Element are highly driven and productive individuals who can excel as promoters and entrepreneurs. On the negative side, they can be subject to self-aggrandizement and pompous behavior. Vanity and self indulgence are among their vices as well as a penchant for coming on too strong.

People with birth charts lacking an emphasis in the fire signs will likely suffer from weak digestion and exhibit low energy. Furthermore, without enough fire emphasis, individuals are bound to be more tentative, repressive, and un-spontaneous. A joy of living and zest for life, will also be missing and there will be a tendency toward pessimism, low self esteem, and negative thinking.

Such individuals may lack faith in their ability to confront and overcome life’s challenges head on. They may be prone to experiencing depression and a fear of what tomorrow brings. Charts without enough planetary energy directed in the fire element will signify a susceptibility and vulnerability to ailments. Paying attention to their diet and engaging in vigorous exercise is vital for such people and can stimulate the fire element qualities in their character.

Alternately, too much emphasis on fire can manifest in self destructive and fool-hardy behaviors. Such individuals may often burn themselves out and overextend themselves in pursuit of their objectives. Substance abuse and over indulgence in sumptuous lifestyles and vainglorious power trips can be among the problematic aspects of their character.

They tend to scatter their energy, with an excessive concern with making something happen in the world. Too much fire can also lead to interpersonal problems and antisocial behavior. They can be reckless and highly self centered and display an extremely insensitive, crude way of approaching other people. If there is a good deal of water or air in the chart, this may be mitigated to some extent.

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Fire Sign Compatibility

The fire signs tend to lack patience with more emotionally sensitive elements like Earth and Water. The fire signs feel that water will extinguish it and that earth will smother it, and they often despise the heaviness and sappy sentimentality of these signs. On the other hand, Air signs tend to fan the flames of fire by providing new ideas that the fire sign person can run with. Fire is typically regarded as a compatible match with air, but it should be acknowledged that the fire signs are often too wild and impetuous for the sensitive nervous system of the air signs to endure for long. Even though the fire signs will often be stimulated by the air signs, they can eventually lose interest and tire of intellectual musings and theory for which there is no application to be made.


Aries is a fire sign that rules the head and face. They are spontaneous, impulsive, ardent and are inclined to make split-second decisions on a whim. They tend to have a high opinion of themselves and a strong fighting spirit. They enjoy attention and desire recognition for their abilities and special qualities. Aries wants to be the best but they often give credit where credit is due. They enjoy competition and any opportunity to prove themselves and test their skills. Aries can be mean, petty and very disrespectful toward people they don’t like. But as for the people in their trusted inner circle, they can be fierce and loyal allies. They respect competitors who show the same grit and drive as they but will work hard to be as good or better than them.


Leo is a fire sign that rules the heart. They are dignified individuals whose love burns brightly and is big enough to include a wide circle of people. Leo is magnanimous and giving and also highly creative. They have a creative spark that is often channeled through performance arts and entertainment. They crave love, attention and admiration from people and what Leo gives in return is an abundance of warm affection and devotion. Leos have a flair for drama and display a sunny disposition that others are drawn to. They are also prideful and sometimes bossy. Leo likes wielding control but at their best, they are noble and highly capable leaders. So long as they are getting what they need emotionally, Leos are a strong yet compassionate caregivers.

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Sagittarius is a fire sign that is symbolized by the archer and rules the hips and thighs. Sagittarius people tend to be verbally expressive, with a desire for mental activity and a passion for expanding their knowledge and experience. To satisfy this, many Sags are compelled to pursue higher education and philosophy studies. They tend to be very ponderous critical thinkers with a knack for satire and insightful humor. Sagittarius is compelled to explore and travel both mentally and physically. They have a broad open mind to wisdom and knowledge from many sources. They love new and interesting ideas, and care about the problems that affect society and humanity at large.

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