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The MBTI Types As Iconic Space Aliens

mbti aliens


We all have a little bit of Mulder in us. Whether we want to believe or not, only one question has roamed our minds since immemorial times. 

No, we don’t wonder if aliens exist, or if they will come in peace. Our concern is concise and more substantial to humanity’s wellbeing.

Which fictional alien shares my Myers-Briggs personality type?  Worry not, curious human. We have the answer to your doubts. From the friendly to the unrelenting, discover what you have in common with these iconic fictional aliens.

marvin the martian

INTJ: Marvin the Martian (Looney Tunes). 

We certainly hope this doesn’t make you very angry.  

Marvin the Martian displays the rationality and strategic thinking associated with INTJs, as well as the hard-working commitment to a goal, which is destroying Earth.  To achieve this, he created a routine that he follows with perfectionistic precision. 

Similarly, Marvin is over-confident and determined—if Earth is blocking his view of Venus, why shouldn’t he blow it up? He analyzed the situation and, according to his culture, it’s the most logical solution to a practical problem.

See also: Piccolo (Dragon Ball Z)


INTP: Garnet (Steven Universe)

The leader of the Crystal Gems is nothing short of an ideal INTP—analytical, withdrawn, straightforward, and very enthusiastic about her interests.

While the average INTP is often absent-minded and lost in thoughts, Garnet takes it to the logical extreme. Being a fusion of two gems, she is regularly engaged in perpetual conversations between her two halves. 

However, this does not make her an unreliable leader—she is objective and pragmatic when needed. Similarly, her ability to foresee potential future outcomes allows her to remain an open-minded, abstract thinker.

See Also: Yoda (Star Wars)


ENTJ: Thanos (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Confident and strong-willed, Thanos rightfully believes in his efficiency to achieve his goals. Similarly, his authority, charisma, and rationality make him seem like the perfect leader to follow.

ENTJs tend to favor pragmatism and efficiency, but Thanos takes it to Machiavellian extremes. His plan to restore balance in the universe is amoral and ruthless, yet can be seen as rational from his angle. 

Naturally, this mastery of logic comes hand-in-hand with his poor handling of emotions. Perfectly balanced.

See also: Kang and Kodos (The Simpsons) 

terezi pyrope

ENTP: Terezi Pyrope (Homestuck)

Let me tell you about Homestuck. The webcomic isn’t only one of the lengthiest works of fiction ever written, but also provided us one of the most straightforward ENTPs.

Terezi is intuitive, witty, and completely unpredictable. Like every dominant Ne, she always thinks outside the box. She has a fixation with law and justice, often putting her mind to work to solve crimes simply because she enjoys the thrill of it.

Much like ENTPs, she’s happy scheming for her amusement and only gets serious when needed.

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See also: Lotor (Voltron: Legendary Defender)


ISTJ: Spock (Star Trek Franchise)

Dutifully committed to facts and rules, Spock is a Si dominant. Despite rebelling against his people, he still upholds and respects plenty of their customs and traditions, and remains calm and collected in the face of danger. 

Similarly, his auxiliary Te manifests itself through his blunt logic, making him come across as insensitive. Despite this, he has an intensely emotional inner side that manifests itself through his unyielding commitment to what he cares about.

See also: Nebula (Marvel Cinematic Universe)


ISFJ: Superman (DC Franchise)

Upstanding in every way, except superhero fashion choices, Superman is a perfect ISFJ. 

At his core, Clark Kent is a protector. More than anything, he wants to preserve life and human customs on Earth—a clear Si dominant function. Superman is at his happiest while supporting others through his selfless and reliable hard work. 

Despite his mighty powers, Superman’s personality remains shy and polite. However, he also shares ISFJs biggest flaw—he puts hard standards on himself, judges his failures harshly, and tends to overload himself for others

See also: Krif Kroker (Futurama)

invader zim

ESTJ: Zim (Invader Zim)

Have you ever wondered how an ESTJ would be if utterly incompetent? Then look no further than Invader Zim’s titular character.

Dedicated, strong-willed, and blunt, he embodies the perfect ESTJ traits—for incompetent evil. Despite his constant failures, Zim is dedicated to complete his plan of conquering Earth thanks to his utter focus.

His ultimate goal? To achieve a power position and be recognized by the system he praises—a very ESTJ trait. Zim is, then, a defender of his culture’s tradition, in the worst way possible

See also: Vegeta (Dragon Ball series)

starfire teen titans

ESFJ: Starfire (Teen Titans Cartoon)

The Teen Titans have had many adaptations across the years, but the mid-00s cartoon became the gateway of the most popular version of the characters. In it, we saw Starfire in all her ESFJ glory.

Sweet, caring, and friendly, Starfire finds joy in establishing new connections and is defined by her need to belong in Earth and with her friends. Subsequently, she does her best to understand their customs and merge them with her own. 

Her warm personality and high sensitivity make her the heart of the team, keeping them together.

See also: Miss Martian (Young Justice)


ESTP: Thor Odinson (Marvel Cinematic Universe) 

In his debut film, Thor exhibits the best and worst aspects of the dominant extraverted sensing (Se) that defines ESTPs. He’s impulsive, confident, quick to act, observant, and carefree. 

However, this does not make Thor thoughtless—through character development, he starts relying on his subjective logic. He justifies things his own way, and acts according to his rationality, even if he does not stop to think before each action.

See also: Zaphod Beeblebrox (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

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ESFP: Goku (Dragon Ball Series).

The savior of the universe from the Dragon Ball franchise could not be anything but ESFP. 

Bold, happy and courageous, for Goku fighting is both a way of living and a show of skills and strengths. Goku does not think about the future or the past—he goes with the flow and handles challenges as they come to him. 

Similarly, Goku has strong internal values, according to his auxiliary Fi. He remains loyal to his friends, his desire to grow stronger, and finding ways to avoid the rage of his wife.

See also: Amethyst (Steven Universe)


ISTP: Stitch (Lilo and Stitch) 

Disney’s most well-known and loved alien (at least before they bought half the galaxy) is, without a doubt, Stitch. Who also happens to be a particularly chaotic ISTP. 

Restless and energetic, Stitch was designed to destroy, yet became fascinated by Earth, its mechanics, and people. On the flipside, Stitch is chaotic, temperamental, rather insensitive and easily bored, causing him to engage in destruction fast. He grows out of this behavior, finding a better outlet for his curiosity in his new life with Lilo and Nani.

See also: Gamora (Marvel Cinematic Universe)


ISFP: Chewbacca (Star Wars Franchise)

Warm, kind, and incredibly loving to his friends, Chewie stands out due to his likable nature and relaxed attitude. Despite his general quiet behavior, he is prone to extreme emotions and is deeply passionate. Of course, this means that despite his laidback nature, he’s both easy to anger and extremely competitive. Like a good ISFP.

Independent and creative, Chewbacca enjoys exploring the universe and is not overly concerned by rules and traditions. However, that does not stop him from being incredibly friendly and committed to what he enjoys.

See also: Kira Nerys (Star Trek Franchise)

doctor who

ENFP: The Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who) 

There have been many versions of the Doctor, but David Tennant’s incarnation remains one of the most iconic. All thanks to his character’s captivating ENFP personality and all that wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. 

He’s the life of the party—fun, outgoing and charming. His dominant Ne makes him a creative thinker that remains open-minded and always considers the big picture. At the same time, his auxiliary Fi makes him a highly emotional yet withdrawn person that cares deeply about others and how they perceive him.

See also: Ahsoka Tano (Star Wars)


ENFJ: Neytiri (Avatar)

Neytiri, like a good ENFJ, is a natural-born leader selflessly devoted to her clan. Her charisma is only matched by her altruistic nature, to the point of posing a danger to her well-being if it benefits the greater good. 

Neytiri’s leadership skills, strong moral code, as well as tolerant and charismatic nature, lead her to see past the established rules and traditions that she cares about. Not because she does not respect them, but because she knows she can lead them into a positive change.

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See also: Optimus Prime (Transformers)


INFP: E.T. (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial)

Introspective, idealistic, and kind, E.T. is a clear INFP. He does not hesitate to trust Elliot and his siblings, developing a close bond with the former regardless of language limitations. Despite being a botanist, he displays creative thinking that allows him to communicate with the humans and back home, and remains peaceful through it all. 

His sensitivity and gentle demeanor make him vulnerable against human ambitions, but he remains altruistic through it all.

See also: Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe).


INFJ: Zoidberg (Futurama)

Alright, so Zoidberg might be kind of gross and incompetent, but his core personality is quite friendly and kind. Which is why him being an INFJ is a good thing.

 Kind of.

Zoidberg is perhaps the most moral crewmember of The Planet Express. Despite his lack of talents and unpleasantness, he is always willing to sacrifice himself for those he considers his friends, and will always do his best to achieve this goal.

On the flip side, his sensitivity to criticism and others’ opinions makes him seek validation and praise. But it also made him appear on Robot Santa’s good list, so all’s well!

See also: Loki (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

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