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Cancer Sun Virgo Moon Personality

sun in cancer moon in virgo

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon – “The Intuitive Analyst”

Sensitive yet meticulous, the Cancer sun Virgo moon man or woman is a blend of emotional depth and cerebral exactitude. People with this sun-moon combination are very cautious and reluctant to take unnecessary risks. They are conservative and careful with finances and resources and not inclined to spend loads of money on frivolous and self-indulgent purchases. Security and stability are of great importance to them and they tend to focus on long-term game plans. They have a skeptical attitude toward many things and tend to question and analyze what they observe. They are quick to pick up on flaws, errors and mistakes made by others. Furthermore, they can be a bit shrill and seemingly negative in their tendency to focus on everything wrong rather acknowledge what’s right.

They are inclined to be pessimistic and cynical and sometimes fail to see the bright side or the bigger picture. It is not that they intend to be killjoys and Debbie Downers who rain on everyone’s parade. It is just that they are acutely aware of all the potential things that can go wrong. They also hate it when things fail to meet their expectations which can often ruin their mood and make them fussy. They have a very specific idea about what they want and how they want it and oftentimes they rely on themselves to ensure that everything is done according to their requirements. The cancer Sun Virgo Moon personality is highly nurturing and concerned about the well-being of their loved ones. They often take it upon themselves to make sure that they are well taken care of.

The cancer Sun Virgo moon man or woman is high-strung oftentimes and susceptible to excessive or undue worry. He may have a neurotic preoccupation with negative outcomes or negative perceptions about themselves and or others. They often place great demands on themselves to be better and do better and strive to meet a standard proximal to their idea of perfection. People with the Cancer Sun Virgo Moon combination are not likely to be very outgoing and tend to be low-key and modest in how they deal with others. They’re very thoughtful and pensive likely to display strong critical thinking skills and a rational perspective. Although they are very inclined you give their opinions assessments of others, the Cancer Sun Virgo moon man or woman is often highly sensitive to criticism.

They tend to be highly self-aware of their flaws and imperfections and so they don’t really appreciate others pointing them out. They can form strong attachments to things and people that provide a sense of comfort and security to them. When their self-esteem is running low, they can be very clingy and too dependent on others for support and encouragement. Their neuroticism and anal retentiveness can sometimes drive other people crazy. At their best, they are very helpful individuals who are service-oriented. They take pleasure in doing nice things for people and being appreciated for it. At the same time it can be difficult to please them and make them happy. The cancer Sun Virgo Moon person is wired to almost never feel satisfied or completely contented.

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Cancer Sun Virgo Moon compatibility

In love and romance, the Cancer Sun Virgo moon man or woman is often shy and cautious. They do not wear their hearts on their sleeves and are very careful to protect their feelings from getting hurt. They can place a lot of stress on themselves in their effort to hide their perceived flaws and make themselves as perfect as possible. It can take them a while to come out of their shell and open up on an emotional level. They like to analyze other people and will often notice all kinds of things and details about the person they are interested in.

This can sometimes disconcert others who don’t like being so closely observed but at the same time, it is their way of showing they care. The Cancer sun Virgo moon man or woman is often attracted to people that are not too perfect and show some type of need for what they can provide. They tend to view themselves as fixer-uppers and like to think themselves an asset to their partners who can bring a strong dose of organization and nourishment to their lives.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon + Ascendant Combinations

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon Aries Rising – You move with haste and like to get things done quickly before you lose interest. You have great initiative and planning ability which serves you well in your career and ability to cultivate the financial security you desire.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon Taurus Rising – You likely possess attractive and sensual physical features. You enjoy pleasure and luxury but can be very picky and exacting in selections. Errors or low-quality service can deeply upset you ruin your day like no other.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon Gemini Rising – You come across as a someone who is very verbal and mentally bright. You think a lot and likely enjoy close ties with your family especially your siblings. You have a great mind for absorbing facts and memorizing information.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon Cancer Rising – You are modest and self-effacing. You are also very observant and intuitive and have the capacity to read and understand people with the adeptness of a psychotherapist.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon Leo Rising – You have a heart but you primarily use your brain. You desire attention but often downplay yourself or may engage in humble brags. You are very generous and are compelled to be conscientious and diligent.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon Virgo Rising – You tend to come across as a killjoy who is always poking holes in other people’s balloons and pointing out all the negatives. You are a strong critical thinker and can be very difficult to please. You hate criticism and try to make yourself above reproach.

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Cancer Sun Virgo Moon Libra Rising – You have a charismatic persona and have a capacity to get along with almost anyone you encounter. You’re very nice and modest most of the time but can also be a bit vain and materialistic as well.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon Scorpio Rising – You have sharp insights and can drill straight to the heart of the matter right away. Your intuition and critical thinking skills may suit well as an investigator or detective of some sort.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius Rising – You act like a philosopher and like to share your point of view on many things. You tend to be more rational than emotional but can become very fussy when things don’t go well. You often analyze your feelings like a psychoanalyst.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon Capricorn Rising – You come across as reserved and competent. You like to exercise control and you tend to have a very particular idea about what you want and how you want it. You are very security conscious and love to be at home most of the time.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon Aquarius Rising – You have a forward-thinking mindset and model yourself after no one. You try to be sociable and cultivate friendships and connections but your shyness and prudence can be a barrier to your social life.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon Pisces Rising – You are highly intuitive but also analytical. You weigh your options carefully and rarely act on impulse. However, your attempts at allaying the pangs of boredom can lead you to engage in irresponsible behaviors especially where peer pressure is involved..

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon Celebrities

14th Dalai Lama – Born: July 6, 1935
In: Tengster Village, Tibet (China)
Sun: 12°56′ Cancer AS: 9°56′ Cancer
Moon: 9°45′ Virgo MC: 21°44′ Pisces

Elon Musk – Born: June 28, 1971
In: Pretoria (South Africa)
Sun: 6°04′ Cancer
Moon: 10°29′ Virgo

Richard Branson – Born: July 18, 1950
In: Blackheath (United Kingdom)
Sun: 25°03′ Cancer AS: 14°13′ Leo
Moon: 1°37′ Virgo MC: 26°54′ Aries

Bill Cosby – Born: July 12, 1937
In: Philadelphia (PA) (United States)
Sun: 19°24′ Cancer AS: 20°12′ Aries
Moon: 11°53′ Virgo MC: 11°01′ Capricorn

Willem Dafoe – Born: July 22, 1955
In: Appleton (WI) (United States)
Sun: 29°27′ Cancer AS: 1°14′ Aquarius
Moon: 16°51′ Virgo MC: 26°25′ Scorpio

Ingmar Bergman – Born: July 14, 1918
In: Uppsala (Sweden)
Sun: 20°43′ Cancer AS: 14°21′ Gemini
Moon: 25°35′ Virgo MC: 25°26′ Capricorn

Dorothée (TV host) – Born: July 14, 1953
In: Paris (France)
Sun: 22°07′ Cancer AS: 10°48′ Pisces
Moon: 5°07′ Virgo MC: 21°42′ Sagittarius

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Gina Lollobrigida – Born: July 4, 1927
In: Subiaco (Italy)
Sun: 11°07′ Cancer AS: 17°31′ Gemini
Moon: 8°29′ Virgo MC: 21°48′ Aquarius

Jean Cocteau – Born: July 5, 1889
In: Maisons-Laffite (France)
Sun: 13°08′ Cancer AS: 23°13′ Taurus
Moon: 28°17′ Virgo MC: 26°06′ Capricorn

Post Malone – Born: July 4, 1995
In: Syracuse (NY) (United States)
Sun: 12°13′ Cancer
Moon: 27°52′ Virgo

Richie Sambora – Born: July 11, 1959
In: Perth Amboy (NJ) (United States)
Sun: 18°26′ Cancer AS: 10°49′ Leo
Moon: 22°46′ Virgo MC: 29°43′ Aries

Anjelica Huston – Born: July 8, 1951
In: Santa Monica (CA) (United States)
Sun: 16°03′ Cancer AS: 23°38′ Sagittarius
Moon: 8°40′ Virgo MC: 10°50′ Libra

Suzanne Vega – Born: July 11, 1959
In: Santa Monica (CA) (United States)
Sun: 18°27′ Cancer AS: 10°26′ Cancer
Moon: 23°11′ Virgo MC: 24°12′ Pisces

Beck (musician) – Born: July 8, 1970
In: Los Angeles (CA) (United States)
Sun: 16°40′ Cancer AS: 5°05′ Aries
Moon: 18°34′ Virgo MC: 3°02′ Capricorn

Chris Cooper – Born: July 9, 1951
In: Kansas City (MO) (United States)
Sun: 16°43′ Cancer
Moon: 17°15′ Virgo

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