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Cancer Sun Taurus Moon Personality

sun in cancer moon in taurus

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon – “Calm and Compassionate”

The Cancer Sun Taurus moon man or woman is a compassionate, sensitive and sensual individual. They are likely to be more introverted in nature and cautious in their dealings with others. They don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves but nonetheless possess a deep well of sensitivity and feeling that colors their perceptions and sense of judgment. Despite their sensitive nature, the Cancer sun Taurus moon personality displays a calm and level-headed attitude in response to most situations. They rarely lose their composure and maintain a sense of self-control and decorum throughout their lives. Security and stability are paramount to their happiness and they strive to build solid foundations upon which they can create a legacy for their posterity and family in general. They exercise caution and prudence in almost all aspects of their lives.

Creating a safe haven for themselves where they can relax and enjoy life is of great importance to them. They are likely to have artistic and creative talents that they like to spend their time developing. The Cancer sun Taurus Moon man or woman is not a big risk taker. They are often very shy and emotionally reserved. They are deeply responsive to sensory stimulation and are keen evaluators of beauty and the quality of everything they experience through the senses. It is likely that they have strong memories especially those linked to smell and have strong reactions to them. Cancer Sun Taurus Moon people are hard-working and devote much time and energy into they’re work and livelihood. They also work hard to become self-sufficient and self-reliant with their own resources and their own property. They avoid doing things that jeopardize their sense of security and well-being.

Private and introspective, the Cancer sun Taurus Moon personality tends to be a homebody who’s fond of creature comforts. They also love their food and know how to enjoy themselves. They may occasionally overindulge and go overboard in their consumption and general appetite for pleasure. However, they also have the capacity to be highly disciplined and able to reign in their carnal desires and sumptuous predilections. They are creatures of habit and can sometimes fall into a rut or stagnate due to their preference for sticking to the familiar rather than venture outside their comfort zones to try something new. They are more purpose-driven and will deviate from there routines when they feel it is necessary to do so. They possess great initiative when it comes to advancing themselves especially in the realm of career and financial gain.

Goes with their sun in cancer and moon in Taurus are capable of being highly organized and methodical and also rational in their approach to getting things done. They spend a lot of time deep in thought pondering and mulling over what they should do and how they should do it. They sometimes hesitate and procrastinate when it comes to making decisions because they want to weigh their options and avoid making mistakes due to rash or ill-thought-out reasoning. They tend to take their time unless they have their rising sign in Aries which can predispose them to get most things done quickly. But when it comes to their most important decisions, they are loathed to rush and well exhaust all the time they can afford to in order to ensure that they make the best decision possible.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon compatibility

The cancer Sun Taurus moon man or woman is at their heart, a very sensual and affectionate person. But because of their sensitive ends self-protecting nature, there are ever cautious and hesitant in matters of love and romance. They are not very flirty or lascivious and instead are more committed and conservative in their approach to relationships. Loyalty is very important to them as they can be very territorial and prone to jealousy. Cancer Sun Taurus Moon people are very visual and responsive to physical beauty. They can be a bit superficial and particular about appearances both that of their own and their partners. Being in a loving and committed relationship is a great source of happiness to them but they may have to overcome some emotional barriers before they are able to fully experience the joy of being in love.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon + Ascendant Combinations

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon Aries Rising – your approach to life is pretty straightforward and self-driven. You will spare no expense when it comes to fulfilling your objectives and possess tremendous tenacity and will power.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon Taurus Rising – On the surface, you display a great sense of style and likely possess wonderful and attractive features. You likely have a pleasant or beautiful speaking and singing voice. People appreciate you down to earth and sensible attitude.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon Gemini Rising – you come across is Mercurial and mentally active. You like to challenge yourself intellectually and enjoy communicating and sharing your thoughts and observations. You absorb information quickly and are able to implement and act on your ideas in short order.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon Cancer Rising – you come across as a very caring and sensible individual. You care deeply about family and loved ones and express your love through the acts of service and protection you provide to them.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon Leo Rising – from the outside you appear attention-seeking flamboyant. Emotionally you are very grounded and rational and do not exaggerate what you feel or think. You possess a lot of warmth and sensual passion that you seek to express in romance and relationships.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon Virgo Rising – you come across as modest and down to earth with a very sensible and practical attitude. You analyze and break things down logically but also exercise humanizing compassion and consideration in your decisions.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon Libra Rising – you come across as very friendly and engaging, and people enjoy your positive energy. You have great style and your attractive personality is underscored by genuine concern and care for other people.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon Scorpio Rising – You come across as mystery highly perceptive about people and situations. You have an excellent poker face and people have a way more difficulty understanding you did you have understanding them.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon Sagittarius Rising – You display a jovial and optimistic outlook. You choose not to fret about problems when they arise and often maintain your composure and self-control as you consider the solutions and possible options available to you.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon Capricorn Rising – You tend to come across as mature and responsible in the way you carry yourself. You maintain a calm disposition even in the face of conflict in problems and try to approach them with rational and objective solutions.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon Aquarius Rising – On the outside, you have a distinctive appearance and you pride yourself on being different. You’re not a follower of the herd and you are a critical thinker who analyzes things for yourself.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon Pisces Rising – On the outside, you display fluid and dreamy disposition that often as your head in the clouds. You maintain a calm attitude in the face of most situations and react with reason and practicality.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon Celebrities

Meryl Streep – Born: June 22, 1949
In: Summit (NJ) (United States)
Sun: 0°43′ Cancer AS: 2°44′ Leo
Moon: 14°24′ Taurus MC: 18°40′ Aries

Lindsay Lohan – Born: July 2, 1986
In: New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 10°11′ Cancer AS: 28°10′ Gemini
Moon: 17°16′ Taurus MC: 4°13′ Pisces

Nicole Scherzinger – Born: June 29, 1978
In: Honolulu (Hawaii) (United States)
Sun: 7°45′ Cancer AS: 16°59′ Virgo
Moon: 6°08′ Taurus MC: 17°08′ Gemini

Frida Kahlo – Born: July 6, 1907
In: Coyoacan (Mexico)
Sun: 13°23′ Cancer AS: 23°36′ Leo
Moon: 29°43′ Taurus MC: 23°25′ Taurus

Natalie Wood – Born: July 20, 1938
In: San Francisco (CA) (United States)
Sun: 27°23′ Cancer AS: 11°49′ Libra
Moon: 0°59′ Taurus MC: 13°20′ Cancer

Mireille Mathieu – Born: July 22, 1946
In: Avignon (France)
Sun: 29°25′ Cancer AS: 11°11′ Pisces
Moon: 13°08′ Taurus MC: 20°38′ Sagittarius

Marcel Proust – Born: July 10, 1871
In: Paris 16e (France)
Sun: 18°11′ Cancer AS: 23°10′ Aries
Moon: 4°17′ Taurus MC: 10°05′ Capricorn

Brigitte Nielsen – Born: July 15, 1963
In: Copenhagen (Denmark)
Sun: 22°01′ Cancer AS: 16°54′ Leo
Moon: 7°12′ Taurus MC: 26°51′ Aries

Jean-Jacques Rousseau – Born: June 28, 1712
In: Geneva (Switzerland)
Sun: 6°36′ Cancer AS: 12°21′ Virgo
Moon: 6°06′ Taurus MC: 8°13′ Gemini

Isabelle Boulay – Born: July 6, 1972
In: Sainte-Félicité Gaspésie (Canada)
Sun: 14°39′ Cancer AS: 5°23′ Libra
Moon: 18°25′ Taurus MC: 6°47′ Cancer

Yul Brynner – Born: July 11, 1920
In: Vladivostok (Russia)
Sun: 18°16′ Cancer AS: 7°48′ Leo
Moon: 9°38′ Taurus MC: 23°55′ Aries

Vincent d’Onofrio – Born: June 30, 1959
In: Brooklyn (NY) (United States)
Sun: 8°07′ Cancer
Moon: 8°17′ Taurus

Lee Min Ho – Born: June 22, 1987
In: Seoul (Korea, South)
Sun: 0°09′ Cancer
Moon: 13°34′ Taurus

Elizabeth Warren – Born: June 22, 1949
In: Oklahoma City (OK) (United States)
Sun: 0°57′ Cancer
Moon: 17°25′ Taurus

Ana Torrent – Born: July 12, 1966
In: Madrid (Spain)
Sun: 19°39′ Cancer
Moon: 7°11′ Taurus

Jennette McCurdy – Born: June 26, 1992
In: Garden Grove (CA) (United States)
Sun: 5°49′ Cancer AS: 18°44′ Aquarius
Moon: 22°12′ Taurus MC: 3°39′ Sagittarius

Stewart Copeland – Born: July 16, 1952
In: Alexandria (VA) (United States)
Sun: 24°04′ Cancer
Moon: 24°56′ Taurus

Gérard Miller – Born: July 3, 1948
In: Neuilly-sur-Seine (92) (France)
Sun: 11°39′ Cancer AS: 10°25′ Sagittarius
Moon: 29°50′ Taurus MC: 6°59′ Libra

Corey Feldman – Born: July 16, 1971
In: Encino (CA) (United States)
Sun: 23°26′ Cancer AS: 18°20′ Leo
Moon: 11°36′ Taurus MC: 12°29′ Taurus

Frances McDormand – Born: June 23, 1957
In: Gibson City (IL) (United States)
Sun: 1°58′ Cancer
Moon: 9°42′ Taurus

Markiplier – Born: June 28, 1989
In: O’ahu (HI) (United States)
Sun: 7°09′ Cancer
Moon: 10°52′ Taurus

Jeremy Amelin (Star Academy) – Born: July 1, 1986
In: Montcresson (45) (France)
Sun: 9°23′ Cancer AS: 15°19′ Libra
Moon: 7°20′ Taurus MC: 19°14′ Cancer

Bob Crane – Born: July 13, 1928
In: Waterbury (CT) (United States)
Sun: 20°37′ Cancer AS: 15°50′ Gemini
Moon: 27°35′ Taurus MC: 20°28′ Aquarius

Danny Glover – Born: July 22, 1946
In: San Francisco (CA) (United States)
Sun: 29°23′ Cancer
Moon: 12°33′ Taurus

Charlamagne Tha God – Born: June 29, 1978
In: Charleston (SC) (United States)
Sun: 7°33′ Cancer
Moon: 3°29′ Taurus

Jon Jones (fighter) – Born: July 19, 1987
In: Rochester (NY) (United States)
Sun: 26°27′ Cancer
Moon: 17°53′ Taurus

Michelle Kwan – Born: July 7, 1980
In: Los Angeles (CA) (United States)
Sun: 15°42′ Cancer AS: 8°00′ Virgo
Moon: 17°26′ Taurus MC: 5°43′ Gemini

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