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New Moon in Cancer Horoscope: What to Expect

new moon in cancer

The new moon in Cancer arrives on June 28. This lunation will bring a fresh start to matters related to home, family, and emotional security. Cancer is a Water sign, so this new moon will drown us in feelings. We may find ourselves more sentimental than usual, and our powers of intuition will be heightened. This is a great time to connect with our loved ones, and to set intentions related to domestic life. However, we should be careful not to get too carried away by our emotions. The Cancer new moon can make us extra sensitive, and we may find it harder than usual to keep our cool.

Multiple Planets in Retrograde

If you’re feeling like the world is spiraling out of control, you’re not alone. It seems like everything is going wrong lately. The economy is tanking, natural disasters are wreaking havoc, and political upheavals are stirring civic unrest. Is it any wonder that people are looking for someone to blame? And what better target than the planets? In astrology, the planets Neptune, Pluto and Saturn are currently in retrograde, which could explain why there seems to be so much chaos at the moment.

Retrograde periods are associated with confusion and upheaval, and they can often magnify existing problems. So if you’ve been feeling lost or unsettled lately, it might be because the cosmos is aligning against you. However, there is some silver lining to this cosmic storm. Retrograde periods can also be a time of introspection and growth, so use this time to reflect on your life and make some positive changes. With a little effort, you can weather this retrograde period and come out stronger on the other side.

This new moon is a time to set your intentions for the month ahead and plant the seeds of your dreams. If you have been feeling lost or adrift, the New Moon in Cancer will help you to find your way back home. This is a time to nurture your relationships, and to create a sense of security and safety in your life. The New Moon is also a good time to start a new project or venture, or to take the first steps towards making a change in your life. Whether you are looking to move house, start a new job, or begin a new relationship, the New Moon in Cancer will help you to make it happen. Here is a look at what the New moon in Cancer horoscope holds for each zodiac sign.

Aries ♈

At this time Aries, you may feel the urge to withdraw from the outside world a bit and take the time to collect yourself, relax and pay attention to your inner needs. You may feel a desire to return to your roots and spend time with family, perhaps reconnecting with those you haven’t spoken with in a while. This is a good time to reestablish or reaffirm your commitment to the things and people you hold most dear. It is a good idea to take it easy and avoid doing anything too ambitious or overzealous. There is volatility at the moment that can be disastrous to any risky or high stakes enterprise you try to undertake.

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Taurus ♉

For you Taurus, this time indicates a greater capacity for understanding and connecting with the people around you. You may find that you are more receptive and able to relate with others on an empathetic level. With this new moon in cancer, there is a special opportunity to express what you really feel and establish a deeper understanding between yourself and others. You have a greater capacity to act as a mediating force that can use your powers of communication and empathy to resolve conflict and disputes among other people. You can be a special light to others at this time, able to magnify a message of love and intolerance in a time where there is a lot of contention and unrest.

Gemini ♊

Who says money can’t buy happiness? You may be tempted to invest in yourself and buy things that can bolster your mood or enhance your self worth. Although you may want to spend money, you are likely to do so in a smart and prudent manner. Emotionally, your concerns and attention are likely to center around the security of your finances and also the state of your values and priorities. This is a good time for you to reassess and reorganize your resources and also explore better ways to manage your money. You are in a favorable state of mind for making solid financial or business decisions.

Cancer ♋

Under the current circumstances dear Cancer, your outward demeanor may come across as more receptive, impressionable but also moody. There may have been some things that you’ve been desiring to do but have been procrastinating about. At this time, your mind and heart are in alignment, giving you a greater sense of direction and conviction to act on your desires. You seem to know what you want right and can move forward in a productive and confident manner. Although you may feel charitable and magnanimous toward others right now, be careful not give more than you can afford to.

Leo ♌

Right now Leo, you may feel a deeper connection to your spiritual life. You are likely to feel more amenable and willing to give others the benefit of the doubt and to promote a general Spirit of Goodwill. Emotionally, you are more peaceful and accommodating. Being a bit more selfless and of service to others can feel very gratifying and rewarding to you at this time. At the same time you may have a propensity for overdoing things. You are painting with a broad brush but be careful not to overlook important details.

Virgo ♍

Now is a time to establish and strengthen your social network and circle of contacts. For you, this new moon ushers in a heightened awareness of your role and status within a group context. This is a favorable time to create or nurture closer bonds with others. At the same time, your powers of concentration may be hindered by distracting thoughts and daydreaming. Mental restlessness may leave you prone to boredom and seeking after things that inspire and stimulate your imagination. Although it may be tempting, avoid stretching the truth and engaging in acts of deception to get what you want.

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Libra ♎

This is a time to focus on your career and public image, Libra. The circumstances are favorable to launch a new business or project, or to promote yourself and your work. With the new moon in Cancer, you have the opportunity to start fresh and make a good impression professionally. If you have been feeling lost or directionless in the area of your career, the new moon in Cancer can be a powerful time to get back on track. may also be called upon to take on a more leadership role within our family or community. If you’re looking for love, this is an ideal time to put yourself out there. And if you’ve already got a partner, this is a great time to enjoy some fun and romance.

Scorpio ♏

For you Scorpio, this is a great time to start planning a trip. Whether you’re going on a short adventure or a long journey, this is the time to start making your plans. So get out there and have some fun. If you’re single, you could meet someone special. If you’re in a relationship, things could heat up. Whatever you do during this phase, make sure you’re pushing your boundaries. It’s time to come out of your comfort zone and explore all that life has to offer! This is a chance to break old patterns, embrace change, and forge a new path forward. But it won’t be easy. If you’re feeling particularly volatile these days, it might be because Mars is currently squared off with Pluto. So try to take some deep breaths and calm yourself down.

Sagittarius ♐

You can expect to experience major shifts in your life, Sagittarius. This may be a time of endings and beginnings, when old patterns are broken and new ones are established. It can be a time of upheaval and rebirth, when everything feels like it’s up in the air. But for those who are open to it, this can also be a time of great transformation and growth. This is a powerful time to set intentions, especially around emotional healing. If you’re feeling lost or adrift, this new moon can help you to find your way again. Trust your intuition and let go of what’s no longer serving you. The universe is conspiring to help you create the life you deserve.

Capricorn ♑

If you are single dear Capricorn, you may attract a new love interest. If you are in a relationship, it can be a good time to get engaged or married. If you want to strengthen your existing relationships, this is a good time to start. You may also want to focus on your own needs and make sure you are taking care of yourself emotionally and physically. Taking care of yourself will help you be a better partner to others. Progress and growth in general may feel lacking in many aspects of your life. Don’t give up or lose patience, Saturn retrograde is slowing everything down right now. It’s a good idea to rein in spending and be very calculated and prudent in the moves you make.

Aquarius ♒

It’s time to get organized Aquarius! This is the perfect time to clear out the clutter and get your life in order. Declutter your home, your desk, your closet, and your mind. This is also a great time to start or renew a fitness routine. Now is the time to focus on your health and wellness so get moving and get healthy! There is an opportunity to break free from outdated patterns and make some much-needed changes. So if you’re feeling like your life is in a rut, this might just be the push you need to get things moving again. Just be prepared for some bumps along the way. With Saturn square Uranus at the moment, there is a tension between conservative and progressive ideals in the world that may affect you directly or indirectly.

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Pisces ♓

it’s a time to let your inner child out to play dear Pisces. This is a time to enjoy life, try new things, and express yourself without worrying about what other people think. It’s also a good time to focus on your hobbies and interests. Whether you’re an artist, musician, athlete, or just love to play games, this is the time to pursue your passions. Let the new moon inspire you to follow your heart and have some fun. Expressing yourself creatively can be therapeutic and can even help you to connect with others on a deeper level. So go ahead and pick up that paintbrush, dust off your old guitar, or sit down at your laptop and start typing away. The world is waiting to see what you create!

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