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Aries Sun Leo Moon Personality

sun in aries moon in leo

Aries Sun Leo Moon: “The Clout Chaser”

The Aries Sun Leo moon man or woman is an enthusiastic or exuberant individual. Pioneering, creative, and fun-loving, these people are often the life of the party. Wherever they go, they share their vitality and spread positive energy like butter on toast. They are colorful characters who enjoy expressing themselves in creative and artistic ways.

Emotionally, they have strong feelings both positive and negative. For the most part, however, they dwell on the positive side and display a very warm and generous nature. Their strong egos compel them to seek the spotlight and exercise control over others. Being such a generous and giving person, tend to make for very benevolent and well-liked leaders. These individuals are often highly capable and trustworthy with noble qualities.

Inwardly, the Aries Sun Leo moon man or woman may have a strong desire to receive admiration and adulation for others. They can be very histrionic and attention-seeking and can often become victims of their own vanity. Their bold and passionate energy allows them to really take the bull by the horns and seize the day. Competitive, self-indulgent, and magnetic, there is rarely a dull moment around them.

Stirring up excitement and creating good energy is their specialty. People with their sun in Aries and moon in Leo are both self-centered selfless. Although they can often display pomposity and grandiosity, they also possess big hearts and are deeply moved by the injustices and sufferings of others. They’re willing to share their resources and invest their time and energy towards charitable and heartwarming causes that promote goodwill and philanthropy.

Dramatic and impulsive, the Aries sun Leo moon personality is dynamic and charismatic. The express themselves with unabashed and unabated charm. They know how to dress well and present themselves in the most flattering light thanks to their image-conscious and socially astute awareness.

When they see someone feeling down, the Aries Sun Leo moon person is motivated to cheer them up and try to make them laugh. Additionally, they promote an idealistic sense of togetherness and mutual support. Life for them is often a performance and they are almost always “on”. They enjoy and thrive on attention and fortunately, they are often super talented entertaining in their ability to command people’s attention.

Consciously and subconsciously, there is a deep desire for social interaction. They are often very extroverted, outgoing and highly sociable. Their wonderful sense of humor often lights up a room along with their high-spirited and enthusiastic personability. Courageous, honest, and noble, the Aries Sun Leo moon man or woman displays great leadership qualities.

They have a capacity for managing other people with flair and also inspire them to do more and be more. At times, they can also be short-tempered and impatient with frustrating situations. They can also be overbearing and very bossy. People with this sun-moon combo are suckers for compliments and flattery. They are highly motivated by materialistic goals and a desire to live the high life replete with luxury and decadent pleasures.

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Aries Sun Leo Moon Compatibility

In love and friendship, the Aries sun Leo moon man or woman is a playful and exciting partner. They love to Lavish and spoil their mates with gifts, prizes, physical displays of affection. It is likely they enjoy spending quality time with their partners by going out and sharing fun experiences together. They are romantic and enjoy fancy dinners, nights at the theater, and amusement parks among other things. Even in their later years, they are something like a big kid.

The Aries Sun Leo moon person is very generous and devoted to their relationships. They are fairly good with long-term commitments once they’ve settled their mind. They are inspired by love in a powerful way and can be extremely self-sacrificing in chivalrous in their expression of their passion. At the same time is very important for them to feel desired, appreciated, and even admired. They will give their partners the world so long as they know that they have their lover’s undivided attention and exclusive affections.

Aries Sun Leo Moon + Ascendant Combinations

Aries Sun Leo Moon Aries Rising – You move fast and get straight to the point. You have an egocentric personality that can’t help but make almost everything about you. You are also creative and very affectionate but are also very competitive and prone to jealousy.

Aries Sun Leo Moon Taurus Rising – You are a physically appealing and sensuous individual who likes to indulge in sumptuous pleasures and thrill-seeking. You have a forceful nature but often present yourself as down to earth and reasonable.

Aries Sun Leo Moon Gemini Rising – You come across as someone likes to talk and is not very shy at all. You can be very witty and entertaining in how you express yourself. You have a very creative and artistic side that draws toward pursuits that allow you to channel these energies.

Aries Sun Leo Moon Cancer Rising – You come off as someone who is both sensitive and bold. You have a lot of heart and compassion and you like to help others and cheer them up when they are sad or struggling.

Aries Sun Leo Moon Leo Rising – You are something of a performer. You like to show off and tend to be very pompous dramatic in your self-expression. You after what you want without much hesitation or second thought.

Aries Sun Leo Moon Virgo Rising – You present yourself as someone with a reserved and sensible attitude. Appear modest but can be quite full of yourself. You try to rein it in most of the time and present yourself as likable and smart.

Aries Sun Leo Moon Libra Rising – You present yourself as a friendly and convivial person who enjoy socializing and engaging with others. You express yourself well and have a tendency to show off and market yourself almost shamelessly.

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Aries Sun Leo Moon Scorpio Rising – You come across as a cunning and observant person. You read people well and can be razor sharp with your tongue. You are powerful and command respect and attention wherever you go.

Aries Sun Leo Moon Sagittarius Rising – You come across as humorous and good-natured in your temperament. You tend to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude even in the face of disappointment. You can also be egotistical and bossy.

Aries Sun Leo Moon Capricorn Rising – You are a responsible and mature person in appearance with a capacity for leadership and management. You have a courageous nature and an ability to lead and inspire people.

Aries Sun Leo Moon Aquarius Rising – You come across as an innovative thinker and someone who marches to a different beat. You are proud of your individuality and fancy yourself as someone who is not a follower of the herd.

Aries Sun Leo Moon Pisces Rising – You come across as someone who is dreamy and often preoccupied with pie in the sky thinking. You are deeply creative and inspired to pursue artistic and creatively satisfying avenues for your self-expression.

Aries Sun Leo Moon Celebrity

Thierry Cabot – Born: March 30, 1958
In: Toulouse (31) (France)
Sun: 9°15′ Aries AS: 18°47′ Cancer
Moon: 4°21′ Leo MC: 27°19′ Pisces

Jessie J – Born: March 27, 1988
In: London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 6°53′ Aries AS: 14°19′ Gemini
Moon: 0°46′ Leo MC: 9°08′ Aquarius

Mandy Moore – Born: April 10, 1984
In: Nashua (NH) (United States)
Sun: 20°51′ Aries AS: 21°48′ Gemini
Moon: 8°25′ Leo MC: 25°28′ Aquarius

Patricia Arquette – Born: April 8, 1968
In: Chicago (IL) (United States)
Sun: 18°57′ Aries AS: 4°05′ Leo
Moon: 19°47′ Leo MC: 19°41′ Aries

Jesse McCartney – Born: April 9, 1987
In: New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 19°16′ Aries
Moon: 26°10′ Leo

Sean Bean – Born: April 17, 1959
In: Sheffield (United Kingdom)
Sun: 26°44′ Aries
Moon: 10°48′ Leo

Rani Mukherjee – Born: March 21, 1978
In: Kolkata (India)
Sun: 0°17′ Aries
Moon: 19°58′ Leo

Marie-Claire Restoux – Born: April 9, 1968
In: La Rochefoucault (France)
Sun: 19°21′ Aries AS: 23°32′ Aquarius
Moon: 25°09′ Leo MC: 11°50′ Sagittarius

Paul Verlaine – Born: March 30, 1844
In: Metz (57) (France)
Sun: 10°15′ Aries AS: 8°28′ Scorpio
Moon: 23°52′ Leo MC: 20°51′ Leo

André Manoukian – Born: April 9, 1957
In: Lyon 4e (69) (France)
Sun: 19°30′ Aries AS: 12°59′ Virgo
Moon: 12°53′ Leo MC: 9°06′ Gemini

Frédérique Bel – Born: March 24, 1975
In: Annecy (France)
Sun: 3°38′ Aries AS: 20°47′ Scorpio
Moon: 27°54′ Leo MC: 6°06′ Virgo

Olivia Hussey – Born: April 17, 1951
In: Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Sun: 26°35′ Aries AS: 17°52′ Aries
Moon: 29°13′ Leo MC: 19°44′ Capricorn

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Vivienne Westwood – Born: April 8, 1941
In: Glossop (United Kingdom)
Sun: 17°46′ Aries AS: 11°57′ Sagittarius
Moon: 24°32′ Leo MC: 15°06′ Libra

William James Sidis – Born: April 1, 1898
In: New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 11°59′ Aries
Moon: 8°23′ Leo

Joseph Campbell – Born: March 26, 1904
In: New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 5°55′ Aries AS: 20°48′ Libra
Moon: 3°42′ Leo MC: 24°21′ Cancer

Krista Allen – Born: April 5, 1971
In: Ventura (CA) (United States)
Sun: 15°43′ Aries AS: 8°13′ Scorpio
Moon: 24°59′ Leo MC: 13°21′ Leo

Scott Eastwood – Born: March 21, 1986
In: Monterey (CA) (United States)
Sun: 0°45′ Aries AS: 17°40′ Taurus
Moon: 4°36′ Leo MC: 29°49′ Capricorn

Gloria Steinem – Born: March 25, 1934
In: Toledo (OH) (United States)
Sun: 4°46′ Aries AS: 12°25′ Scorpio
Moon: 7°55′ Leo MC: 21°57′ Leo

Nikita Khrushchev – Born: April 15, 1894
In: Kursk (Russia)
Sun: 25°25′ Aries AS: 18°54′ Leo
Moon: 26°47′ Leo MC: 3°29′ Taurus

Maria Bello – Born: April 18, 1967
In: Norristown (PA) (United States)
Sun: 27°58′ Aries
Moon: 8°33′ Leo

Other Aries Sun-Moon Combinations:

Jetta Moon

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