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Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Personality

sun in cancer moon in pisces

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon – “The Psychic Dreamer”

The Cancer sun Pisces moon man or woman is a deeply sensitive and impressionable individual. They have a tender and sometimes naive heart that is easily moved by sob stories and suffering. Because of this, they may often become targets of people who prey on empaths. The Cancer sun Pisces moon personality is a sucker for cute and adorable things.

They are likely to find solace in their pets and possibly form bonds with them that are even stronger than their connection with other humans. As a Cancer sun, this sun-moon combo has a strong inclination to nurture and heal others, especially on an emotional level. Because of their deeply sensitive nature, sun in Cancer moon in Pisces people are extremely intuitive and able to sense and understand what other people are going through. They are able to put themselves in other people’s shoes and imagine things from their perspective.

People with this sun-moon combination, are wildly creative and imaginative. Their thinking is often very abstract and their reasoning may not follow a strong line of logic. Objectivity and rationality is not their strong suit but they are excellent when it comes to making free associations and improvised silliness. These individuals are disposed to soaking up a lot of the emotional energy around them both good and bad.

They have a private side to them and often need to withdraw so they can process their thoughts and feelings and sort themselves out. Music, art and writing are therapeutic for them and provide channels and outlets through which they can vent and express what’s inside. The Cancer sun Pisces moon person is likely to be more introverted than extroverted and inclined to spend their time working on artistic projects or reading. The real world can often be too harsh or unexciting for them and so consequently, their minds are often in the clouds ruminating on strange and interesting fantasies.

The Cancer sun Pisces moon man or woman can be difficult to pin down. They may often be coquettish and indecisive about what they want and desire. They also dislike nosey people poking around their business and asking invasive questions. In many cases, the Cancer sun Pisces moon man or woman is not above engaging in deceptive tactics to throw people off their trail. At the same time, they can also be gullible and susceptible to the wiles and manipulations that others may use on them. Their perceptions tend to be highly skewed and lacking in objectivity. It is often the case that their ideals and moods heavily bias them and prevent the Cancer sun Pisces moon man or woman from assessing reality for what it really is.

As compassionate and sensitive individuals, the Cancer sun Pisces moon person is someone who tends to think with their heart rather than their head. They are often lenient and casual in their dealings with others. They aren’t uptight or anal retentive about much of anything and they dislike confrontation. Their lax attitude is likely to allow them to get along well with others especially in team situations.

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They can get easily wounded by the insensitive words of others and it can take them some time to get over it. When they are upset, it is often the case that they may wallow in their sorrow and also indulge in some self-destructive behaviors like alcohol use and other mind-altering recreational substances to distract them. For the Cancer sun Pisces moon person, their idea of a wholesome fun time is chilling at home binge-watching Netflix.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Compatibility

People with their sun in Cancer and moon in Pisces are often attracted to people with strong personalities. Virgo sun and Virgo moon people are likely to provide a sense of structure and order to their lives but can also make them feel judged and annoyed by the unsolicited advice and criticisms they give.

A confident and affectionate partner who makes them feel understood and appreciated unconditionally is what the Cancer sun Pisces moon man or woman deeply desires. In their relationships, it is not uncommon for them to seek space from their partners so that they can be alone with their thoughts. They aspire to be a loving and supportive parent and to their children, they are amusing and non-strict. The Cancer sun pisces moon person keeps everyone on their toes with their spontaneous antics and imaginative thoughts and ideas.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon + Ascendant Combinations

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Aries Rising – You come across as impatient and headstrong but you are highly capable and clever. You have a soft side that is not always apparent until people get to know you better. You like to put a creative spin on everything you do.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Taurus Rising – You come across as resourceful and patient and are likely to enjoy great success thanks to your combination of creativity and diligence. You believe in hard work and take a practical and well-planned approach to reach your goals.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Gemini Rising – You are a motor mouth and a great ball of nervous energy. You try to connect with people and their interests and tend to be indiscriminate in your associations. You can often blend in with almost any group and get along well.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Cancer Rising – You present yourself as someone who is receptive and compassionate and you possess strong intuitions about people. Furthermore, you are creative and imaginative and likely enjoy artistic pursuits such as story writing, music composition and graphic design.

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Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Leo Rising – you come across as a ray of sunshine who is naive, dramatic and highly creative. People may not always realize how sensitive you are and become baffled when you suddenly withdraw into isolation where you like to gather your thoughts and sort your feelings out.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Virgo Rising – You come across as a bit high strung and prone to worry and fear. You likely experience nightmares about humiliating situations and failures. Because of this, you are very proactive and try to stay on top of your priorities.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Libra Rising – You display a natural charm and sensitivity that others find comforting. You avoid hurting people’s feelings and causing unnecessary offense. You try to put out positive energy but can sometimes be petty and too easily hurt.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Scorpio Rising – You have powerful emotions that make you very dynamic and expressive. You have great intuition and can read people well. Being around you can be an intense experience that is nothing short of mystifying.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Sagittarius Rising – You have wanderlust and often imagine fictional worlds that only exist in the sanctum of your mind. You are something of a drifter who is in search of your place in the world and where you belong. You have an interest in spirituality and may possess a transcendent wisdom.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Capricorn Rising – You prioritize your career and seek to cultivate prosperity and abundance in your life. You are deeply imaginative and can channel your creative mind into lucrative business ideas.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Aquarius Rising – You march to your own drum and are a fiercely independent thinker. You resist control and influence by others but you value social interaction and close friendship. You are inspired by love and humanitarian ideals.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Pisces Rising – You are a deeply sensitive and you guard that sensitivity behind a wall of detachment. You tend to live in the sea of your emotions and you find happiness through artistic outlets for your rich imagination.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Celebrities

Robin Williams – Born: July 21, 1951
In: Chicago (IL) (United States)
Sun: 28°13′ Cancer AS: 12°34′ Scorpio
Moon: 9°32′ Pisces MC: 22°15′ Leo

O.J. Simpson – Born: July 9, 1947
In: San Francisco (CA) (United States)
Sun: 16°36′ Cancer AS: 24°37′ Leo
Moon: 25°36′ Pisces MC: 18°48′ Taurus

Cheryl Cole – Born: June 30, 1983
In: Newcastle upon Tyne (United Kingdom)
Sun: 8°26′ Cancer AS: 21°46′ Sagittarius
Moon: 8°14′ Pisces MC: 0°51′ Scorpio

Diane Kruger – Born: July 15, 1976
In: Algermissen, Hildsheim (Germany)
Sun: 23°04′ Cancer AS: 12°50′ Libra
Moon: 10°44′ Pisces MC: 16°58′ Cancer

Debbie Harry – Born: July 1, 1945
In: Miami (FL) (United States)
Sun: 9°36′ Cancer AS: 21°26′ Scorpio
Moon: 27°42′ Pisces MC: 25°51′ Leo

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Helen Keller – Born: June 27, 1880
In: Tuscumbia (AL) (United States)
Sun: 6°32′ Cancer AS: 25°22′ Scorpio
Moon: 18°23′ Pisces MC: 5°05′ Virgo

Hermann Hesse – Born: July 2, 1877
In: Calw (Germany)
Sun: 10°52′ Cancer AS: 20°10′ Sagittarius
Moon: 28°12′ Pisces MC: 19°53′ Libra

Samy Naceri – Born: July 2, 1961
In: Paris 4e (France)
Sun: 10°28′ Cancer AS: 13°39′ Scorpio
Moon: 7°27′ Pisces MC: 28°06′ Leo

Kathy Bates – Born: June 28, 1948
In: Memphis (TN) (United States)
Sun: 6°52′ Cancer AS: 25°32′ Virgo
Moon: 26°39′ Pisces MC: 25°06′ Gemini

Olivia Munn – Born: July 3, 1980
In: Oklahoma City (OK) (United States)
Sun: 11°35′ Cancer AS: 15°05′ Gemini
Moon: 16°16′ Pisces MC: 24°14′ Aquarius

Eddy Mitchell – Born: July 3, 1942
In: Paris 9e (France)
Sun: 10°55′ Cancer AS: 9°37′ Libra
Moon: 18°22′ Pisces MC: 12°09′ Cancer

Gustav Klimt – Born: July 14, 1862
In: Baumgarten (Austria)
Sun: 21°41′ Cancer
Moon: 0°27′ Pisces

Drake Bell – Born: June 27, 1986
In: Orange Country (CA) (United States)
Sun: 5°49′ Cancer
Moon: 21°06′ Pisces

Lisa Rinna – Born: July 11, 1963
In: Newport Beach (CA) (United States)
Sun: 18°25′ Cancer AS: 15°32′ Gemini
Moon: 13°59′ Pisces MC: 25°56′ Aquarius

Other Cancer Sun-Moon Combinations:

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