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Saturn in the 6th House – Strong Work Ethic

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Saturn in House Six

Saturn in the 6th House Overview:

Saturn in the 6th house is a placement that can teach us to work hard and to develop our self reliance and ability to work independently. On the other hand, it reveals that the realm of work and everyday tasks pose an area of difficulty for individuals with this placement. With Saturn in the 6th house, relations with coworkers and employees can be strained by irritability and demandingness. Lateness, negligence, lack of self discipline are some of the things and ways in which such individuals may sabotage themselves. The good news is that through applied effort and determination, these weaknesses can become strengths and areas of expertise and proficiency learned through life experience.

In house 6, Saturn can teach us through karma and consequences, why we should take our responsibilities seriously and why we shouldn’t rely on others to help us all the time. This placement urges us to develop our competence and ability to perform well in our own capacity. Through self determination, discipline and practice, we can develop great work ethic and workmanship that can earn us respect in both the eyes of others and ourselves. Saturn in the 6th house promotes the idea of taking pride in your work but it can also bring about a degree of egotism and taking one’s job and responsibilities too seriously. Here is a look at Saturn in the 6th house in both the natal chart and as a transit. 

Saturn in the 6th House key Traits: difficulties in the workplace, challenging work and work conditions, either lazy or very hard working, serious about their craft, reserved, cautious and patient, persistent and strong willed, very particular about how they want things done, worries about health, nagging and critical of other’s work or other’s interference in their work.

The 6th House:

The 6th house in astrology is the house of work and chores. It corresponds with the sign of Virgo and its rulers Mercury/Saturn. This house governs the realm of everyday living and the tasks we perform on a routine basis. Additionally, it concerns our work life, our health and self care, our hobbies and our pets. Acts of service are also highlighted here and the nature of how we take care of ourselves and other people especially those who depend on us like elderly family members and pets. The 6th house can indicate how conscientious and helpful we are and the ways in which we are so to others. The 6th house also covers our dietary habits and illnesses. It represents our methodology and craftsmanship and the way in which we handle our responsibilities and obligations. 

The Planet Saturn:

The planet Saturn in astrology represents limitation, restraint, discipline, hard work, ego development, authority and consequences.. Its influence fosters a desire to conserve resources, pull back and exercise caution. Saturn is regarded as a malefic planet meaning that its presence often carries negative effects on an individual. It can manifest an overly serious demeanor and a tendency to miss out on some of the joy and pleasure of living life. Saturn is also connected with karma, especially negative karma that comes back to bite us when we’ve made stupid or foolish decisions. Furthermore, Saturn engenders a respect and reverence for authority and hierarchical structures. Its focus is to restore order and minimize chaos. Additionally, Saturn is associated with isolation and self reliance. 

Saturn in the 6th House Natal:

With Saturn in the 6th house of the birth chart, it is suggested that there is negative karma carried over from the prior life where the individual may have suffered a lack of steady employment or suffered health problems that limited their ability to work. In this life, the individual has an opportunity to transcend this if they are willing to learn from and embrace the hard lessons that Saturn brings in the realm of work, errands and health. People with this placement in their birth charts may face challenges created by either not working hard enough or working too hard. Such persons may display a willingness to take on tasks that others would find too arduous and unappealing. Employers may often give them more work than they ought to bear because they know the Saturn in the 6th house person will do whatever it takes to get things done.

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They themselves can be harsh and hypercritical of other people they perceive as lazy and time-wasting. They can be resentful of others who sit on their laurels while they are busy with their nose to the grindstone. With Saturn in house 6, there may be a need to learn to take it easy and not push yourself to the brink of exhaustion and to not be so judgemental of what others are or aren’t doing especially in comparison to yourself. Furthermore, Saturn in the 6th house can potentially bring about health problems that are directly or indirectly caused by work stress. Indirect problems may include the development of unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking that help take the edge off after a stressful day at work. Such coping mechanisms can become a crutch and create a vicious cycle that eventually can undermine the ability to perform well in your job and also handle personal responsibilities.

Saturn in the 6th House Transit:

Saturn transits last for about 2.5 years in each sign and house and so they can constitute a significant period in our lives. In each house and each sign it passes through, Saturn will serve to repress us psychologically and existentially. In the 6th house, Saturn urges us to be a better or more reliable worker and to take on the yoke of our responsibilities and bear our burdens noblely. It is a time to grow in our craft and performance but it can also bring about a time of increased tension and conflict within the workplace. We may also experience a string of negative and unfortunate circumstances surrounding our work. Such events may also precipitate a need to shift into survival mode and tighten up our skills and abilities, perhaps for the purpose of finding a new job or staying a float during hard economic times. 

Our health may become a focus and we may be motivated to take better control over what we eat and the general quality of our lifestyle. At this time, fear and anxiety related to our mortality and longevity can drive us to form healthier habits and routines that promote better wellbeing. Work stress and problems in and around our professions can become an ever present problem. It can seem that there are a number of obstacles and hurdles standing in your way. We may find that our personal resolve and determination may be tested when it comes to work ethic and skill development. Saturn will urge you to develop greater self reliance and capacity to get things done to a higher standard. Hopefully with the expectation that it will earn you greater recognition and credit you deserve, but it possibly may not. 

Saturn in the 6th House in Each Zodiac Sign:

Saturn in the 6th House in Aries – Saturn in the 6th house in Aries is a placement that can foster more powers of concentration directed towards the completion of tasks and projects. Aries energy can normally burn itself out or lose interest well before everything is done. People with this placement have a strong but persistent work ethic and a positive attitude with regard to what they are capable of handling and their ability to get things done well. 

Saturn in the 6th House in Taurus – With Saturn in the 6th house in Taurus, there is a strong and stable quality to the way they work. They are systematic and pace themselves as needed and are very dependable. These individuals are likely to be favored by their employers and as bosses, they are bound to be stern yet fair and reasonable. With their strong work ethic they seek to be worth their salt and show themselves to be highly competent in their performance. Additionally, people with this placement often bring good taste and elegance to their work environment..

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Saturn in the 6th House in Gemini – Saturn in the 6th house in Gemini is a placement that brings about a deeper intellectual mind and methodical nature with regards to work and performance of duties. Such individuals may be well suited as teachers and trainers able to communicate effectively the nuances and technical aspects of procedures and techniques. People with this placement may have pulmonary sensitivity and should avoid bad habits that especially affect the lungs such as smoking.

Saturn in the 6th House in Cancer – With Saturn in the 6th house in Cancer, a certain hardness or toughness will likely be developed to compensate for fears relating to their ability to perform especially in the work environment. At work, they may be shy and difficult to get to know personally. Coworkers and colleagues will be generally kept at a distance although treated kindly and with a good deal of conscientiousness. They tend to form habits both good and bad that can make them quite predictable.

Saturn in the 6th House in Leo – Saturn in the 6th house in Leo is a placement that brings about a strong ego driven work ethic. People with this placement take pride in their skills and abilities. They can be very efficient and somewhat of a showoff. They would fancy themselves the star employees of their workplace. Being under recognized or underappreciated for the amazing work they do would be disheartening and unacceptable to them. In such a case, their sense of pride would compel them to quit and take their talents elsewhere.

Saturn in the 6th House in Virgo – With Saturn in the 6th house in Virgo, there will be a strong focus on duty and responsibility. Such a person may display great modesty and discipline in how they go about performing their jobs and duties. Additionally, they may be perfectionistic with an eye for details that ensure their work is always good quality and a positive reflection of themselves. People with this placement are driven to serve and strive not to let down those who depend on them. 

Saturn in the 6th House in Libra – Saturn in the 6th house in Libra may foster a penchant for politeness and decorum in the workplace. They are personable in a slightly detached and glib way. They understand how to get along well in a team environment when needed but may function even better as a team leader or manager. With this placement, there is greater concern and consideration shown for managing interpersonal conflicts and cultivating positive relations and harmony between coworkers and colleagues.

Saturn in the 6th House in Scorpio – Saturn in the 6th house in Scorpio is a placement that fosters a very shrewd but diligent worker. The workmanship and skill they display is likely to be impressive but they may exhibit some overbearing and controlling tendencies that affect relations with coworkers. Furthermore, communication may be lacking and others may feel they are not enough of a team player at times. People with this placement can be stubborn in the way they work. They may often opt to do things the hard way as a means of shoring up their weak points. 

Saturn in the 6th House in Sagittarius – With Saturn in the 6th house in Sagittarius, work that provides an element of travel and diversity of tasks and roles are likely to be of greatest interest to them. There is a sense of wanting to accomplish a lot while having limited time to do so. They work hard and display a scientific mind and frankness that can sometimes be insensitive or inconsiderate of how other people might feel. 

Saturn in the 6th House in Capricorn – With Saturn in the 6th house in Capricorn, there will be clarity and efficiency in the approach to work along with a pronounced ambition to move up the ladder. People with this placement perform well and are motivated by the reward of status and prestige. On the down side, loneliness and isolation can come along with their tireless work ethic. Incorporating a spirit of selflessness and service to others, can bridge the gap in their connection with others especially coworkers. 

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Saturn in the 6th House in Aquarius – Saturn in the 6th house in Aquarius is a placement that engenders a very charitable desire to do work in and around their community. They are interested in being a part of projects that are of social significance and have an element of humanitarianism. They show great competence and self reliance in the way they perform their jobs while at the same time, they take pleasure in helping and supporting others as part of a team dynamic.

Saturn in the 6th House in Pisces – Saturn in the 6th house in Pisces is a placement that fosters a tendency to sweat the small stuff with regards to work. Unrealistic attitudes about work and their abilities may be worsened by Saturnine fears and anxieties. These individuals display compassion and tolerance towards others but may be harder on themselves. They may need to avoid getting too wrapped up in other people’s troubles and avoid letting their sensitivity and emotional nature interfere with their ability to perform.

Saturn in the 6th House Celebrities

  • Lady Gaga (March 28, 1986) – Saturn in the 6th House Gemini Rising
  • Keanu Reeves (September 2, 1964) – Saturn in the 6th House Virgo Rising
  • Nicole Kidman (June 20, 1967) – Saturn in the 6th House Scorpio Rising
  • Jennifer Aniston (February 11, 1969) – Saturn in the 6th House Libra Rising
  • Amy Winehouse (September 14, 1983) – Saturn in the 6th House Gemini Rising
  • Adele (singer) (May 5, 1988) – Saturn in the 6th House Cancer Rising
  • Demi Lovato (August 20, 1992) – Saturn in the 6th House Leo Rising
  • Lindsay Lohan (July 2, 1986) – Saturn in the 6th House Gemini Rising
  • Alyssa Milano (December 19, 1972) – Saturn in the 6th House Sagittarius Rising
  • Orlando Bloom (January 13, 1977) – Saturn in the 6th House Aquarius Rising
  • Aishwarya Rai (November 1, 1973) – Saturn in the 6th House Capricorn Rising
  • Jimi Hendrix (November 27, 1942) – Saturn in the 6th House Sagittarius Rising
  • François Hollande (August 12, 1954) – Saturn in the 6th House Gemini Rising
  • Kourtney Kardashian (April 18, 1979) – Saturn in the 6th House Pisces Rising

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