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The Most Horrible People in History of Each Zodiac Sign

horrible figures zodiac

Our world has seen tragedy come in many different forms: from wars and genocides to riots, killing sprees, famines, serial killers, etc. Unfortunately, throughout history some criminal minds got so corrupted that they advocated crime to levels we can’t even fathom, causing wreaked havoc on humanity and redefining the meaning of word evil.

It is no secret that evil comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes, but apparently, it comes in every horoscope sign as well! Although the FBI shook us with the revelation that most criminals are Cancers, if we speak on a global scale, other horoscope signs like Sagittarius, Taurus, and Aries are here to actually write entire novels on dictatorship and mass destruction.

And if we add finance, mafia and money laundering to this equation, then Capricorns get their five minutes of glory. Scorpios lead in using their charm to create a fertile ground for cults, and Leo’s and Pisces are here to show us how evil, intoxicating and delirious feeding off people’s emotions and admiration can become. If you wonder what horoscope sign were some of the most horrible people in the world, then keep on reading:

kim il sung and pol pot aries

1. Aries: Kim II – Sung, Pol Pot

Aries are famous for taking charge and leading on fiercely, but what happens when their fire burns too bright and sets on fire everything they are supposed to protect? Birth of dictatorship is the correct answer! That happened with Kim II –Sung – a dictator of North Korea (from 1948-1972) who started the Korean War and brainwashed his people into idolizing him and executed not only his enemies but also exiled or executed 90% of his generals that fought in the war.

Sending over 200 000 prisoners in concentration camps, killing children and starving, torturing and working to death his people, as well as causing over 3 million people to die in a famine, – all of this is clearly noted on the resume of this Aries. A thousand miles to the south, Pol Pot – the Prime Minister of Cambodia (from 1976-1979) is another example of Aries dictator who went even a step further and turned Cambodia into a killing field as he ordered the official genocide against his whole country!

saddam and hitler taurus

2. Taurus: Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

Speaking on the subject of notorious vicious dictators, Taurus can really go head to head with their fair share of dictators! After all, the father of all dictators – Hitler is born on the first day of the Taurus period! Adolf Hitler’s resume is no joke, being the leader of Nazi Germany he had orchestrated the Holocaust and World War II which lead to deaths of 40 million people in most gruesome, horrific, vicious ways, just to satisfy Hitler’s own big ego. Taurus’s pride is something that costed many people’s lives in the case with Saddam Hussein as well. Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti who used to be President of Iraq (from 1979-2003) is known for being the Middle-Eastern dictator who used nationalism and religion to justify his horrific torturing and killing of Kurds (almost quarter of a million people), in the name of ‘cleansing’ Northern Iraq.

And in the near proximity, another dictator who around the same period, 1979-1989 ruled with Iran and used the same tactic – religion to oppress and kill people is Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. He ran the Iran revolution which killed over 60 000 people, started war with Iraq, and he enforced some of the most sadistic, evil harsh punishments over his people. He forced Islam upon people by all means, taking their basic human rights, asserting upon them strict dress codes and rules for behavior and brutally punishing everyone who dared to even slightly disobey him. Listening to music or even kissing in public could have resulted in torture and imprisonment. He shot, hanged, blinded, stabbed, gassed, burned and stoned people; he even used acid to punish women. Talking about bull’s horns!

david berkowitz and peter kurten gemini

3. Gemini: David Berkowitz, Peter Kürten

Double-faced Geminis are famous for having contradiction as their main character trait, alongside heavy mood swings and stepping closely on the line between madness and geniuses. Knowing that it is no wonder that some of the most gruesome serial killers are Gemini. David Berkowitz, also known as the Son of Sam or the 44 Caliber Killer is an evil American serial killer who devoured New York City in the summer of 1976. He was responsible for 8 separate shooting attacks that terrorized New York City; he killed 6 people in these attacks and wounded 7 others.

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On the other side of the world, couple of decades ago, another evil Gemini – Peter Kürten also known as the Vampire of Düsseldorf terrorized Germany as he committed various sadistic attacks: from torture kill and bestiality with local farm animals, to drinking blood from the children he killed, sexually assaulting women and eventually evolving into demonic serial killer this guy embodied the devil persona entirely and rightfully earned his title “the king of the sexual perverts’.

elisabeth wiese carl panzram cancer

4. Cancer: Carl Panzram, Elisabeth Wiese

Cancers are known to be the ‘cute, fluffy’ zodiac sign, one that thrives on emotions and love. Yet, precisely this site of their character, their emotions are the reason why so many Cancers become criminals. One thing that Cancer can’t take criticism well, and if we add to this their moody swings as well as tenacious character, actually it becomes quite easy to see why they jump into criminal waters. Carl Panzram is one of the many Cancer serial killers; from petty thefts, burglary, and robbery, to more vicious crimes like arson, rape, sodomy of boys, and killing, he had his fingers into all crimes he could think off.

He even bragged about all his horrific crimes into his autobiography.
And we can’t go without mentioning another evil cancer – Elisabeth Wiese. Straight from the fairytales about evil witches, Elisabeth Wise was also known as the “Angel Maker of St. Pauli” since she committed one of the most gruesome, cold-blooded killings in human history: she poisoned and drugged with morphine 5 children, one of which was her own grandson, and burned their bodies in a stove. Turns out, some witches do exist!

mussolini elizabeth bathory leo

5. Leo: Mussolini, Elizabeth Bathory

One should never underestimate the lengths to which Leo is willing to go to keep the attention of the masses. Benito Mussolini is the perfect example of Leo gone wild. Mussolini, also known as “Il Duce” (“the Leader”), was an Italian dictator and the creator of Fascist Party, who had promised his people the ultimate Roman glory but only brought them war, misery, and destruction, as his megalomania took over his common sense. It is no wonder that he was overthrown and killed by his own people who proudly celebrated his death.

Another evil Leo, who ironically is a member of a noble family from Hungary, is Elizabeth Bathory. She was labeled as the most prolific female murderer by Guinness World Records. Imagine how evil you need to be to be one of the inspirations of Dracula and actually get the name Countless Dracula! In the search of eternal youth, Bathory allegedly killed 650 girls after she tortured them in the most gruesome ways, forcing them to eat their own flesh, stabbing them with needles, burning parts of their bodies, starving and eventually killing them so she can bathe into their blood!

genghis khan virgo

6. Virgo: Genghis khan

The perfectionist side of Virgo can help them raise above the others and achieve their goals, but when you sip madness into the mixture, you get the ultimate, ruthless, vengeful villain. Genghis Khan is the perfect example of this: he killed his own brother at the age of 13 because he stole a fish from him, and after that, he became incredibly bloodthirsty which resulted in some of the most ruthless, cruel and gruesome crimes against humanity.

Genghis Khan is responsible for torturing and killing 20-60 million people, and he enjoyed every second of it: from enslaving them, to daily tortures, rapes in front of their families, pouring molten metal and silver into their eyes and ears, to devouring entire cities, villages and killing 700 000 people in just one massacre. This ‘God of Destruction’ claimed that his “greatest happiness is to see cities reduced to ashes”.

richard III libra

7. Libra: Richard the III

The masters of balance, or better said, the illusion of balance, Libras are ones who can throw the ultimate tantrum if you don’t follow their ‘gracious, generous, advice’. Insisting to keep the peace at all cost, Libras are not afraid to sneak around, control, deny and dramatize to get what they wanted, while still maintaining positive image; for them, if peace can’t behead with grace, it will be with silence and secrets. They have great image in public, and commit terrors behind closed door, so it is no wonder that people are oftentimes confused whether they should classify a Libra as evil, even though they show all the sings.

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That is the case with one of the most famous evil Libras – Richard III. Although he is clearly a villain, and it is obvious both from his words and actions that he is a sociopath drunk on power and death, willing to do anything, including killing his cousins to prevent them from getting to the throne, still, because of some of the positive things he had done, like incorporating the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ laws, some people look over the crimes he had committed. Libra at its finest, indeed!

charles manson scorpio

8. Scorpio: Charles Manson

The seductive, luring, mysterious character of the Scorpio is really the main reason why they can effortlessly win over their victims. If you see a victim defending their captivator/attacker, you can bet that their attacker is Scorpio. It’s no wonder that so many cult leaders are Scorpios. They know how to lure and brainwash their victims, and make them feel comfortable, even lure them to do crimes in their name. This most certainly is the case with Charles Milles Manson – the most famous, evil cult leader in America. The leader of “Manson Family” created an entire cult in the late60s and early 70 in California. His followers were co captivated by his character that completely followed his unconventional lifestyle, took hallucinogenic drugs with him and blindly followed his radicalized teachings; they even took a step further and helped him perform various assaults, crimes, and murders.

ted bundy and joseph stalin sagittarius

9. Sagittarius: Ted Bundy, Joseph Stalin

Sagittarius is the wild spirit of the zodiac and as such it simply can’t be tamed. Their wild, adventurous spirit which often gets them in trouble is also one of the traits that others find attractive and luring. They have their way with words and can easily get under people’s skin, so it is not a surprise that some of the most notorious dictators, criminals, and serial killers are Sagittarius.

One of the most famous is definitely Ted Bundy – the vicious, notorious serial killer who kidnapped, raped and murdered over 30 girls all over USA, and still managed to create an entire line of worshipers who not only were justifying his madness but also tried to stay in touch with him, and continued writing to him, despite knowing the terror he caused.

Another example of evil Sagittarius who knows his way with words is Joseph Stalin. His witty, cunning personality enabled him to go from poor peasant to industrial and military superpower. He became the dictator of the USSR who forced rapid industrialization and ruled with an iron fist, causing famine, terror, and death to millions of his citizens. His reign was marked as one of the most brutal regimes in history.

idi amin mao zedong al capone capricorn

10. Capricorn: Mao Zedong, Idi Amin, Al Capone

Capricorns are the realists who crave power and typically get it by patiently climbing their way to the top, making stable, conscious, oftentimes boring decisions. But their cold surface often times can hide a deep, emotional, eruptive character; if they ever feel betrayed by someone of something, their loyal, honest and calm character can vanish in a second as they turn their brutality switch on and, in a matter of seconds, they evolve into the most brutal, vicious person who does not spare any means to destroy those who did them wrong and gain the power they desire.

We can see that in the character of many famous Capricorn dictators and mafia bosses. Al Capone, the famous notorious gangster and the crime boss who ruled Chicago’s underground for years is one of the most vicious Capricorns. Mao Zedong, the dictator of China is another, even bigger example: in his desire to gain the ultimate power and make China one of the biggest world forces he turned China into living hell: he was responsible for creating series of economic disasters and political terrorism which furthermore resulted in one of the world’s greatest famine, in every corner people died from starvation, committing suicide or they were executed or sent into labor camps; he turned people against their own families, caused mass destructions and brought to life one of the most notorious genocides in human history!

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Not far behind is Idi Amin – dictator of Uganda who also started with ‘good’ intentions and promises of better tomorrow and ended up creating one of the most brutal, merciless, sadistic citatory regimes of all time. He had police patrol his own people, and created amusement out of his sadistic killings; he would have people burned alive, fed to crocodiles or cut parts of their bodies and force them to eat it until they die. He was a proud cannibal who drank human blood! It really can’t get any more brutal than that!

gary ridgway aquarius

11. Aquarius: Gary Ridgway

The definition of an eccentric, outcast and free spirit, Aquariuses are considered the ‘misunderstood’ geniuses of our society. But when their eccentric character and creativity go in the wrong direction, they do become some of the evilest people on the planet. That is the case with Gary Ridgeway – the second most prolific serial killer in the USA who killed over 49 girls and women, and sexually assaulted them after their death. He targeted the vulnerable, neglected people, typically underage runaways and sex workers. He got the nickname the Green River Killer as the first 5 bodies of his victims were found in the Green River.

osama bin laden pisces3

12. Pisces: Osama Bin Laden

The emotional Pisces are the daydreamers of this world, who effortlessly adapt to their surroundings. Their visionary character and emotions often times make them incredible artists and creatives; however, when their emotions get poisoned, their daydream character turns into a complete nightmare! Just take a look at Osama Bin Laden! The USA’s public enemy number one is a Pisces; he was a Saudi Arabian-born Stateless Muslim jihadist who founded the evilest organization al-Qaeda; blaming America for the issues in his own country, clouded by his wrongful emotions and extremist mind, he carried out numerous attacks: he bombed U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania killing and injuring almost 5 000 people, and he orchestrated the deadliest attack of terrorism on American soil – the 911 attack.

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  2. oh yes let’s put in Kim Il Sung and Saddam but not people like… oh I don’t know… maybe like George Bush? Great American propaganda right here.

  3. I agree that Hitler is on the cusp of Aries and Taurus. A lot of Astrologies start Taurus on April 21st-May 21. So there you go. He shouldn’t have done what he did. I don’t like him. He iwas horrible I am a Taurus ♉️ and would never ever be like him. I am very peaceful and loving.. So please get it right when he was born. That make us seem horrible. Most Taurus are loving and calm.

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