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The Truth about Virgo Women

virgo woman

The Virgo woman, just like the Scorpio woman is one of the signs that most people find rather mysterious and intriguing. Nothing is ever clearly displayed on the surface with these women and just like an iceberg, there is much more going on deep down inside them. What are these virgo women all about? What makes them so beautiful, pure, hardworking, but yet incomprehensible at the same time?

Virgo Woman Traits

Virgo women possess a high level of strength and perseverance. Being ruled by earth, they have spines made out of steel and they are able to push through most challenges that many others would shy away from. They are extremely well organized, and have a tendency to overthink things. This overthinking does count in their favor though, as they are so tedious nothing ever gets overlooked and they are incredibly hyper alert, aware and have a knack for noticing details. Virgo women don’t usually get in trouble, because they are too careful.

These women are not your housewifey type, and do not try to make them one. It is common for virgo females to suffer infertility problems, or to prolong having children and starting a family until much later in life, if they do start one at all. Their main focus is usually on personal growth and development, and these women prefer growing and expanding a career over raising a family. They can tend to overwork themselves and hardly ever make time for their loved ones.

When people imagine a Virgo, they imagine a pure, innocent virginal maiden. Virgo’s do come across this way, but do not let the innocent facade fool you! These women are the most capable out of all the signs to hide their flaws and their bad sides, and to disguise it with sweet innocence. Complete and utter devotion is a trait they do possess, however they also do have a deep yearning to be fulfilled on an emotional and physical level, and when a virgo is not fulfilled, she can leave her husband or lover for somebody who answers every call and fulfills every need she might have.

Virgo Woman Physical Features

Virgo women are usually endowed with tall and lean bodies. Their arms and legs are usually longer than normal, and their skin is also rather fair and sensitive. You do find the odd short Virgo, but that is more the exception than the rule. Their eyes always sparkle like there are stars shining in them due to their crystal clear vision and ability to see everything through hyper observant eyes. The young females will usually have a freckles to mark their youth and innocence, and many virgo women do not lose their freckles as they age.

Most virgo women tend to be more introverted, reserved and shy. There are the odd Virgo’s with a lot of fire element in their charts that exhibit more social, extroverted tendencies, but your average virgo girl will prefer to stay in on a Saturday night, and spend some time with a really valued loved one or just her alone and her thoughts. A virgo woman will live a big portion of her life trying to satisfy the demands of society, and she will even put on a fake smile and facade on for a while. Virgo is foster ruled by Mercury, and until virgo’s true ruling planet is discovered, all virgo’s will reach a point in their life where they cannot put up with facades anymore, and they pursue a journey to find their true selves. At this point, no restraints any person or society puts on her can hold her back, and she will follow her heart no matter what.


Being in a friendship with a virgo woman can be challenging. She expects the utmost best and nothing less from herself and everyone in her life. If you befriend one of these pure souls, be sure to be subjected to her purification process! She will point out all your flaws, and let you know when she disagrees with you, but this is all because she cares for you, and sees you worth her time. Virgo’s will not waste their time helping people they do not see worthy!

Signs A Virgo Woman is Falling For You

It will be clear that a virgo woman likes you when she acts more shy and reserved around you than she does with anyone else. These women are more quiet and introverted, however they do not shy away from good conversations, and they know how to wear the mask of ‘hostess’ or ‘socialite’ for a while. When you can see a Virgo woman clearly avoiding you, it does mean that she either likes or dislikes you. When she feels an extreme emotion around someone, it is difficult for her to keep her cool so she will avoid or remove herself from the situation. Virgo woman love socializing with those they care about, and if she spends a lot of her time talking to you, and doing things for you, count yourself lucky because she will not do this for someone she doesnt love and care for. If your virgo woman is continuously ignoring you, avoiding conversation and just couldn’t be bothered with helping you, then I’m sorry to say it, but she is not interested in you.

How To Charm a Virgo Woman

A virgo woman wants a perfect love. We all know this does not exist, but to a virgo woman, it does. The best way to get virgo woman’s attention is to radiate a natural sense of competency. These women always want to fix everything and everyone, and if you can show her there is nothing about you she needs to fix, she will be interested. Do not display any vulgarity or rudeness, and be sure not to swear too much, or blow cigarette smoke in her face! (Infact, It would be best if you don’t smoke at all). The world really needs virgo women, and sometimes the demands and neediness of the world can get to them. The last thing they want is another needy person on their list that they need to fix, that is a surefire way to kill the flames of passion anyone might of ignited in a virgo. If you want a virgo woman to be interested in you, even though it might be tempting to take advantage of her helpfulness, dont. Tell her to stop everything she is doing, relax, and you will take care of it. You will have her falling into your arms in a matter of seconds.

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