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6th House: The House of Work

sixth house

6th House: The House of Work

Mode: Cadent (Mutable) Earth
Planetary Dignity: Mercury + Saturn/Virgo

The 6th house in astrology governs the realm of work, and responsibility. It is also concerned with service to others, health and nutrition, exercise, routines and coworkers. Pets are also covered by this house. Virgo and it’s planetary rulers, Saturn/Mercury are the natural dignitaries of the 6th house. The 6th house encompasses our vocational calling and everyday mundane tasks and routines that we perform. 

It indicates something about how service oriented we are and how we tend to be helpful to others. We look to the 6th house to also ascertain matters regarding health and wellbeing. Ailments and maladous conditions are typically interpreted through this house. A person with Saturn in this house will likely be health conscious and prone to exercise moderation in their diet along with a generous dose of veggies and physical activity to keep themselves trim and svelte. 

Additionally, the 6th house is concerned with coworkers and how we relate to them. This house can indicate whether we tend to experience a contentious work environment or a harmonious one. It also describes how we approach work and tasks in general. Are we perfectionist and detail oriented or fast and loose? Do you like to improvise or plan things out in a methodical manner? 

This house is associated with everyday routines, and the planetary placements and aspects therein can give a clue as to how well you handle responsibilities. A Saturn in the 6th house will suggest a very diligent and dutiful worker. Such a person would be inclined to handle their responsibilities with earnestness and dedication. They would feel remiss if they skipped out on their responsibilities or didn’t perform them as well as they know they could.

The 6th house pertains to health and how well we take care of ourselves and others. An afflicted Saturn or Neptune in this house can indicate neurotic and paranoid ideations about contracting illnesses and diseases. They may develop obsessive compulsive rituals to soothe themselves and make them feel as though they’re doing something to keep their risk down and the danger at bay. 

The instinct for nurturing and taking care of others in need of assistance is also covered here. Afflicted planets in this house may indicate a diminished ability or willingness to take on the burden of others or conversely indicate a tendency to impose their help on others that is overbearing and interfering with others ability to be self reliant and independent. Jupiter in this house can indicate a cheerful worker but also suggest someone who may be relatively lax if not lazy about getting things done. 

The 6th house is where we take stock of what our priorities are and pull back from the self-indulgent exorbitance of the fifth house. Here is where responsibility and duty is highlighted as well as considerations surrounding cause and effect, consequences of our actions. What we eat, what we say, what we do, all have repercussions both good and bad. The 6th house is more mindful of the ramifications and outcomes resulting from our choices and behaviors. 

To this end the 6th house can signify something about the wisdom and prudence of our decisions and judgments. Furthermore, the 6th house is concerned with the down to earth and practical needs of everyday living. In contrast to the idealistic and pneumatic pursuits of the 12 house, it defines how we structure our lives and perform our errands that are essential to our physical existence.

The 6th house pertains to our boundaries and limitations but also our sense of purpose and Mission. We are all working towards something that we find meaningful and rewarding. Those who do not feel a sense of purpose and mission are bound to fall into a state of despair and hopelessness. The aspects of Our Lives that are routine and habitual are the domain of the 6th house. 

It pertains to our sense of direction and productive action. It can also entail the processes, procedures and methods involved with making a set of objectives tenable and achievable. An Afflicted 6th house can mean that an individual struggles to find ways to fulfill their obligations duties and responsibilities. Working out sustainable routines and procedures for carrying out tasks can pose an issue when they’re depended upon to perform on a regular and consistent basis.

People who have a prominent six house place a lot of importance on doing work that is meaningful and fulfilling to them. They are driven to serve others and be an asset to whatever organization or collective they are member of. Furthermore, they are no slouches and they are excellent team players who also generously help others when needed. There is ethics and principles involved with the 6th house that govern how business is conducted. It desires to keep it self busy with productivity and value of purpose.

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