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Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon Personality

pisces sun aquarius moon personality

Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon Personality

Those with their sun in Pisces and moon in Aquarius are likely to have a personality that is at once humanitarian and emotionally detached. Their ideals are powerful and wide in scope. They have an ability and desire to associate with a wide array of people and yet in their personal relationships may display a certain lack of intimacy and emotional closeness. The Pisces sun Aquarius moon person exercises their independence unapologetically and is loathe to subordinate themselves to the auspices and dictates of another. At the same time, they enjoy interacting with all types of people and they are kind to anyone that is kind to them.

Pisces sun Aquarius moon people prize their autonomy and freedom and they have a desire to differentiate themselves. They deliberately pursue unconventional paths as an expression of their individuality and self-determined will. They march to their own rhythm and they would encourage others to do the same. They would much rather be themselves rather than try and emulate somebody else. Furthermore, sun in Pisces moon in Aquarius people are bound to cultivate a unique life for themselves that allows them to channel their creativity and be a part of something they find meaningful. There is a desire to explore taboos and unusual lifestyles as part of their artistic and scientific curiosities.

The Pisces sun Aquarius moon personality is likely to be a very bright individual with a sensitive and perceptive mind. They tend to be very rational in their thinking and thus avoid some of the emotional ups and downs and perplexing mood swings characteristic of the emotional Pisces sign. They apply their clear thinking towards altruistic endeavors for which they may be passionate about. Their temperament is fairly stable and phlegmatic. They observe with a scientific mind and seek to understand things from a human perspective. The Pisces sun Aquarius moon man or woman may also possess a wonderful gift for expression and an ability to charm others with their engaging and sociable demeanor.

They can also be a bit haughty and snarky. Their desire to assert themselves as individuals can make them rebellious and defiant at times or even spiteful. Ideas and concepts are their playgrounds and they enjoy a wide variety of interests and topics. The Pisces sun Aquarius moon male or female can sometimes promise more than they can realistically deliver. Although they are good at talking a good game and generating a panoply of leads to explore, they can be lacking when it comes time to take any action of those wonderful ideations they’ve come up with.

They are always in pursuit of new and interesting projects but can also be very fixed in their opinions or at least the ones to which they’ve become attached to. It can be almost impossible to dissuade them from a course of action once they’ve set their heart and mind on it. One way or another they are going to do what they want and are willing to pay the price. They would like to fancy themselves as trendsetters and thought leaders rather than just another follower of the herd. They try to think ahead of the curve and can often become the earliest adopters of new technologies or products well before they take off and become popular.

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Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon Compatibility

In love and relationships, Pisces sun Aquarius moon individuals dislike suffocating and clingy partners. They are subconsciously attracted to people who tend to be emotionally unavailable. The less interested someone is in you, the more attractive they become. Nevertheless, people with this sun and moon combination resist relinquishing their sense of independence and try to maintain a life outside the relationship. The number of friends and associations they have can potentially create a problem if their partners feel it is depriving them of affection and attention from the Pisces sun Aquarius moon person.

Pisces with their moon in Aquarius may find compatibility with fire and air signs depending on the other aspects of their chart. With the Aquarius moon sign, there is less of an emotional need but rather a stronger need for mental stimulation from their partners. They desire a mind mate who is not possessive, controlling or smothering in the relationship. They truly view relationships as an equal partnership and as such may not adhere to some traditional gender-based roles upheld by society. The desire for their marriages to operate much like their friendships.

Pisces sun Aquarius Moon Ascendant combinations

Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon with Aries Rising – With this combination, you approach life with courage and directness but your way of thinking can sometimes baffle and bewilder others. You instinctively do things differently and can sometimes offend others with your non-conforming ways.

Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon with Taurus Rising – Those with this combo of placements approach life with patience and prudence. They like to enjoy themselves and take a particular interest in things that are exotic and off the beaten path. They make sound decisions and likely possess good business money management sense.

Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon with Gemini Rising – With this sun moon and rising sign combo, you are likely clever with your tongue and possess a talent for language. You are good lying and making things up when it serves your purposes. You are amusing to be around but sometimes people may come to question the veracity of what comes out your mouth…

Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon with Cancer Rising – You come off as a bit shy and sensitive and hard to pin down. You are sociable and enjoy people but can often withdraw into your private realm where you can think and concentrate. You vacillate between being clingy and emotionally unavailable. People perceive you to be very kind may often confide in you.

Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon with Leo Rising – With this combination, you present yourself to be a warm and giving person with a penchant for attracting attention. You are very creative and dramatic in your expression and are likely to be something of a performer. People are drawn to your positive that energy lights up the room.

Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon with Virgo Rising – With this sun moon combination you have a modest and self-deprecating attitude about yourself. You have understated confidence and congenial but sometimes obstinate nature. You like to have things your way and can get fussy and difficult to be around when things are not to your liking.

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Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon with Libra Rising – You’re polite and tend to get along with just about everyone. You present yourself as a bipartisan force who can understand and appreciate different perspectives without taking sides. You are a lover and not a fighter and share a concern for justice and fairness. You try to see the best in people and tend to be well liked by everyone.

Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon with Scorpio Rising – You are someone who digs beneath the surface and possesses uncanny instincts. Mysteries capture your imagination and you yourself can often appear like an enigma. You have the capacity to lead and inspire others with your unique vision and passion.

Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon with Sagittarius Rising – With this combination, you have a candid and light-hearted demeanor. You display a restless nature that is in constant search of knowledge and higher truths. Travel and spiritual wisdom are your cups of tea. You can be very snarky and wield sarcasm like a poisonous blade.

Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon with Capricorn Rising – You display a reserved demeanor and a trustworthy and responsible nature. Hardworking and sensible, you do what is needed to accomplish your ends. You possess leadership ability that is inspiring and humanitarian.

Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon with Aquarius Rising – You are something of a maverick and can be irreverent towards authority figures. You follow your own path even when the terrain is treacherous but your intentions are often noble. Humanitarian and idealistic, you desire to empower yourself to make a difference in the world.

Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon with Pisces Rising – Your disposition is impressionable and seemed receptive but you are in fact intent of doing things according to your vision. You are highly imaginative and compassionate and most people find you to be pleasant company.

Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon Celebrities

Bruce Willis – Born: March 19, 1955
Sun: 28°20′ Pisces
Moon: 2°31′ Aquarius
Virgo Ascendant

Monica Cruz – Born: March 16, 1977
Sun: 25°45′ Pisces
Moon: 16°13′ Aquarius

Carrie Underwood – Born: March 10, 1983
Sun: 19°44′ Pisces
Moon: 6°44′ Aquarius
Leo Ascendant

Sasha Grey – Born: March 14, 1988
Sun: 24°27′ Pisces
Moon: 9°05′ Aquarius

Victoria Justice – Born: February 19, 1993
Sun: 0°34′ Pisces
Moon: 5°00′ Aquarius
Scorpio Rising

Miriam Makeba – Born: March 4, 1932
Sun: 13°38′ Pisces
Moon: 10°37′ Aquarius

John Frusciante – Born: March 5, 1970
Sun: 14°43′ Pisces
Moon: 16°23′ Aquarius

Stephen Curry (basketball) – Born: March 14, 1988
Sun: 24°25′ Pisces
Moon: 8°23′ Aquarius
Leo Rising

Ophélie Winter – Born: February 20, 1974
Sun: 1°36′ Pisces
Moon: 13°47′ Aquarius
Leo Rising

Glenn Close – Born: March 19, 1947
Sun: 28°21′ Pisces
Moon: 23°50′ Aquarius
Leo Rising

Diane Arbus – Born: March 14, 1923
Sun: 22°40′ Pisces
Moon: 16°24′ Aquarius
Sagittarius Rising

José Garcia – Born: March 17, 1966
Sun: 26°41′ Pisces
Moon: 7°58′ Aquarius
Virgo Rising

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Joanne Woodward – Born: February 27, 1930
Sun: 8°06′ Pisces
Moon: 25°22′ Aquarius
Capricorn Rising

Robert Pelletier – Born: February 28, 1927
Sun: 9°35′ Pisces
Moon: 3°03′ Aquarius
Scorpio Rising

Piet Mondrian – Born: March 7, 1872
Sun: 17°00′ Pisces
Moon: 16°00′ Aquarius
Aquarius Rising

Giovanni Trapattoni – Born: March 17, 1939
Sun: 25°30′ Pisces
Moon: 10°14′ Aquarius
Sagittarius Rising

Sarah Poniatowski – Born: March 3, 1973
Sun: 12°44′ Pisces
Moon: 23°42′ Aquarius

Ali Larter – Born: February 28, 1976
Sun: 9°08′ Pisces
Moon: 23°39′ Aquarius
Taurus Rising

Karolina Kurkova – Born: February 28, 1984
Sun: 9°03′ Pisces
Moon: 2°59′ Aquarius

Ron Jeremy – Born: March 12, 1953
Sun: 21°30′ Pisces
Moon: 8°07′ Aquarius
Aquarius Rising

Kelsey Grammer – Born: February 21, 1955
Sun: 2°15′ Pisces
Moon: 19°50′ Aquarius

Vida Guerra – Born: March 19, 1974
Sun: 28°33′ Pisces
Moon: 9°07′ Aquarius
Aries Rising

Patrick McGoohan – Born: March 19, 1928
Sun: 28°32′ Pisces
Moon: 25°25′ Aquarius
Aquarius Ascendant

Robert Kardashian – Born: February 22, 1944
Sun: 2°43′ Pisces
Moon: 9°46′ Aquarius
Capricorn Ascendant

Harry Belafonte – Born: March 1, 1927
Sun: 10°03′ Pisces
Moon: 9°48′ Aquarius
Gemini Rising

Marisol Touraine – Born: March 7, 1959
Sun: 16°22′ Pisces
Moon: 25°49′ Aquarius
Virgo Rising

Manly Palmer Hall – Born: March 18, 1901
Sun: 27°07′ Pisces
Moon: 27°37′ Aquarius
Aquarius Rising

William Baldwin – Born: February 21, 1963
Sun: 2°21′ Pisces
Moon: 0°55′ Aquarius

Millie Bobby Brown – Born: February 19, 2004
Sun: 0°08′ Pisces
Moon: 18°05′ Aquarius

Tom Arnold – Born: March 6, 1959
Sun: 14°57′ Pisces
Moon: 7°29′ Aquarius
Sagittarius Rising

Other Pisces sun/moon combinations

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