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There is psychological balance between the subconscious needs and conscious needs. Childhood trauma, if any, is reconciled and does not hamper the individual from developing into a well integrated human being. There exists a sense of harmony between the inner emotional world and that of the external. In relationships the individual is in touch with how they feel, expressing themselves with honesty and authenticity. At times they may wear their heart on their sleeves and their emotional strength allows them to act as a rock of support to others. The individual likely comes from a good household and there is probably a strong bond with the parents. The core identity is deeply tied to and in sync with the perceptions and sentiments formed throughout life. There is little need to disservice themselves with self censorship or disguise their true feelings because honest communication for them is paramount. What they feel must line up with what they do, otherwise the sense of cognitive dissonance that would ensue would disrupt their emotional equilibrium. They are not hypocrites; they are individuals who practice what they preach even if what they believe is contemptible to others. If they hold deep-seated racial prejudices, these sentiments will be expressed uninhibited in their core persona regardless of social condemnation or ostracization. In this regard, they have strength of conviction to be true to their beliefs. This is an admirable trait when their moral values are strong with an unwillingness to go against or betray their principles. Others will always know where they stand with these people because they say what they mean and there is little ambiguity or inconsistency in how they express their opinions. In the same way, it is important to be honest with them because they can sense disingenuous behavior easily. They are heartfelt and sincere in all their dealings and want above all to be true to themselves expecting the same from others. Self-denial and self-deception does not apply to these people as it would be self defeating to them.

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