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Mercury in the 4th House – Home is where the Mind Is

Mercury in House Four Mercury in the 4th House Overview: Mercury in the 4th house is a placement that may yield a preoccupation with family matters and home life. People with this Mercury position may have a predilection for spending their time at home engaging in reading and mentally satisfying activities. Mercury in the 4th…
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Saturn in the 4th House – Loyal & Stoic Provider

Saturn in House Four Saturn in the 4th House Overview: Saturn in the 4th house is a placement that indicates a very private and reserved disposition with strong attachments to the home and family roots. In the 4th house, Saturn can bestow a special appreciation for architecture and construction. People with this placement may be…
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Mars in the 4th House – Passionate Defender

MARS IN HOUSE FOUR Mars in the 4th house cultivates strong protective instincts and passion surrounding homelife and the domestic side of our existence. In astrology, the planet Mars embodies passion, energy, forcefulness, and aggression. When Mars occupies or passes through the 4th house, it promotes a more active interest in protecting and defending the…
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