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Aries Negative Traits: 7 Worst Qualities of Aries

aries negative traits

Aries is one of the coolest zodiac signs. They are bold, heroic, exciting and energetic. People count on Aries for their unflappable optimism and spiritedness. They are endowed with strong leadership qualities that other people admire and respect. But for all their great qualities, much like the other 11 zodiac signs, they also have their negative aspects. Here are 7 negative traits of the Aries zodiac sign.

1. Aries Arrogance

With the Aries personality, confidence and pride can sometimes give way to arrogance and narcissistic egocentrism. Overconfidence can be a problem and lead the Aries person to undertake more than they can actually handle. Aries can get in over their heads when they overestimate their capabilities.

When things fail to pan out as they expect, the subsequent shock and disappointment can turn to rage and domineering bully behavior. Because they are so strong-willed and independent, Aries can often ignore the advice and counsel of others. They can be know-it-alls who are unwilling to let anyone tell them what to do or how to do it. For this reason, Aries will have to learn many lessons the hard way before they come to realize they don’t have all the answers.

2. Impulsivity

Aries is known for their brash and rash nature. They have a penchant for leaping before they look and failing to carefully consider the negative consequences of their actions beforehand. Furthermore, many Aries may have difficulty exercising restraint and impulse control..When they see something they really want, they often just go for it directly without much forethought or careful deliberation.

This tendency can also contribute to irresponsible behavior and reckless endangerment of others. Their energy and enthusiasm can sometimes get the best of them and land them in all sorts of trouble and mischief. Aries people tend to live in the moment and they sometimes display an over-reliance on their instincts and gut reactions which can often be short-sighted and inaccurate.

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3. Lack of follow-through

Another negative trait of Aries, is their tendency to scatter their energy and lose interest. While Aries is often noted for their strong initiative, they are notorious for starting a lot of things that never get finished. Aries People tend to have a lot of ideas and they enjoy the process of starting something new and exciting. However, they can often lose interest after a certain point, sometimes before anything even gets done. Aries likes to have a lot of irons in the fire but they may often leave it up to others to finish what they’ve started.

4. Impatience

Aries people tend to run short on patience. They tend to be hasty and will push to expedite and make things happen when progress is slow coming. This can lead them to sometimes cut corners or skip important steps which can result in careless mistakes, unscrupulous tactics, and substandard work performance.

Aries gets bored very quickly and will grow impatient with anything that takes up more time than they believe is justified. Furthermore, the nature of Aries’ strong will and expectations makes them unwilling to put up with many delays and obstructions. They can become easily frustrated with slow people and people who can’t seem to make up their minds. in these situations, Aries can be fairly unkind and/or rude to other people.

5. Bad temper

In addition to their short patience, Aries also has a short temper. This stands in contrast to Aries’ opposite sign, Libra who is renowned for their diplomacy and harmony-seeking nature. Aries can be a jerk who is quick to blow their fuse, especially when under stress. The intensity of an Aries temper can be scary and often carries the threat of violence. Although their outbursts are quick to come and quick to go, Aries can do a lot of damage when they lose their cool.

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Afterwards, Aries will often feel remorseful and compelled to apologize and make amends what the people they’ve hurt or offended. Aries can get very confrontational especially with people who try to oppose them or challenge their sense of authority or respect. Furthermore Aries can get heated in arguments and disputes on topics they are passionate about. Confrontations with an Aries tend to escalate quickly. Their fury can go from zero to 60 seemingly out of nowhere and catch people by surprise.

6. Insensitivity

As a very self-involved and self-focused individual, Aries often suffers a lack of empathy and understanding for what other people are feeling. Aries is known to run roughshod over the feelings of others, often unintentionally. They can be sorely inconsiderate of how their actions impact others. Aries can be devastatingly blunt and frank in the way they express themselves. They often don’t give enough thought or concern for the feelings and emotions of others and will just state things plainly as they see it.

Aries can come off as very rude and impolite to others. It is often their attitude that it is not their concern how people feel about what they say so long as it is true and right to them. Aries is unafraid to be the voice of dissent and will happily defend what they think is right even if it means standing against the popular opinion. Furthermore, Aries is often reluctant to bother worrying about the hurt feelings of others or dwell on or even admit to the offenses they’ve caused them in the past.

7. Double standards

in most ways, Aries is very fair and honorable. Their sense of pride and self-sufficiency ensures that they are willing to work hard and earn their keep and less inclined to demand from others what they are not entitled to. Despite this, Aries can sometimes find themselves trying to justify their misbehavior in ways that they would not tolerate from others. They are susceptible to hypocrisy, especially in the domain of fidelity to their partners. Aries can somehow expect others to give them a pass or forgive them for things that in all likelihood would be a deal-breaker if the shoe were on the other foot. Aries can become very jealous, but their jealousy stems not from insecurities but from possessiveness and the fact that they want to be number one.

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