mbti blindspot

The Cognitive Blind Spots of Each MBTI Type

In the MBTI, blind-spots in your personality type are the areas you tend to overlook and fail to give adequate consideration for. Here's a look at what your blank spot is based on Myers-Briggs personality type.
INFP The General blind-spot associated with INFP, revolves around their lack of objectivity, attentiveness to details and…
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intj weaknesses

INTJ Weaknesses: 7 Struggles of Being INTJ

The INTJ personality is described as a strategic mastermind. Among their strengths is an ability to foresee complications and devise effective contingency plans that prevent disaster and avert crisis. INTJs live primarily in the world of their introverted intuition which makes their perspectives highly impressionistic in nature. They think in images and patterns and are…
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The Major Vice of Each Myers Briggs Type

"Pills And Threeways 2" by hakanphotography INTP Vice: Caffeine INTPs are susceptible to becoming amphetamine junkies. They love caffeine because it fuels and even amplifies their stamina and focus for reading writing thinking and creating. They lurk the inter-webs at all hours hopping from website to website sifting through endless pages to satisfy their never-ending scatterbrained appetite for…
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