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The Emotional Damage Each Zodiac Sign Inflicts Upon Others

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There are many different types of emotional damage that can be inflicted upon others, and each zodiac sign specializes in their own style of emotional pain. Depending on your sign, you may be more likely to damage someone’s self-esteem, make them feel insecure, or even drive them to the brink of insanity. Here is a breakdown of the type of emotional damage each zodiac sign is capable of inflicting.

Aries: Bullying

When it comes to Aries’ way of expressing opinions, too often, they can come across as a bully, lashing out with hurtful comments or actions in an effort to prove their point. While Aries may simply see this as being honest and straightforward, it often causes unnecessary conflict and can damage relationships. Furthermore, once Aries has taken a stance on an issue, they can be very reluctant to back down or agree to disagree. This inflexibility can make them difficult to work with and alienate those who don’t share their perspective. Ultimately, Aries need to learn to temper their fiery nature with compassion and empathy for others. Otherwise, they risk burning bridges instead of building them.

Taurus: Quality Assessment

As connoisseurs of life’s pleasures, Taureans are the honorary tastemakers of the zodiac. They can be astute judges of quality and value and thus can be very discriminating of the things that other people create or offer to them. Although they are typically polite and kind towards others, they may have strong opinions about anything that offends their senses. When they don’t like something, they will not hesitate to voice their displeasure. They can be honest critics in this regard and the matter of factness with which they articulate their criticisms can sometimes feel like a gentle disembowelment of the soul.

Gemini: Gaslighting

Geminis are master manipulators especially when it comes to words. Therefore, the most devastating emotional damage they inflict on others will often come in the form of gaslighting and verbal abuse. Geminis have a penchant for twisting words and playing semantic games with people. No one is better able at casting doubt or calling into question your own thoughts and beliefs. Geminis may do this when they are losing an argument but also when they seek to discredit and disavow their critics. Arguing with a Gemini can be tough and tricky to say the least. They have an edge when it comes to playing dirty. Engaging with a manipulative Gemini is like dealing with smoke and mirrors, you may be left questioning your grip on reality and feel the need to justify basic truths you otherwise took for granted.

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Cancer: Abandonment

No one can make you feel more disposable than a Cancer. These individuals are apt to leave the same people they once nurtured and adored in a heartbeat once they’ve been crossed. At heart, Cancers are self protective which means they are never completely willing to sacrifice their own wellbeing for the sake of another person. If you betray their trust, they are fully capable of withdrawing their feelings for you and giving you the cold shoulder. With Cancer it can be especially emotionally damaging to know that someone who could love you so much could also be so cold and unloving. Depriving you of their love and support can be a brutal wake up call especially if you took it for granted.

Leo: Belittlement

Leos generally give off a vibe that is larger than life. They are vibrant and loving and people typically love and appreciate them for the vibrance they bring. For this reason, they generally command a lot of respect and attention that earns them success and status in the world. Regardless of what status they occupy, Leos who put down or diminish others for the sake of their own ego can be devastating. People often look up to Leos and admire them for one reason or another. Arrogant Leos who fail to be gracious to the “little people” are bound to inflict deep and devastating effects on those who think the world of them. It is important for Leos to recognize the impact they have on others and to use their powers to empower people rather than tear them down.

Virgo: Ego Deflation

As a sign associated with modesty, Virgos are compelled to take some of the air out of other people’s inflated egos. Whether out of jealousy or moral principle, Virgos can really cut people down by pointing out their flaws or mocking them in a humbling or humiliating way. Around Virgo, people who think too highly of themselves will likely get burned at some point and typically when they’re not expecting it. When Virgo weaponizes their critical eye against others, it can really cause disillusionment to those living in a vainglorious narcissistic bubble. It will give them a little taste of the harsh scrutiny that Virgos subject themselves to on a regular basis.

Libra: Social Humiliation

For Libra, being unpopular, ostracized or alienated by others can be devastating for them. Because these are things particularly painful for them to bear, it also happens to be their weapon of choice against others. Libras tend to attack others on the basis of their social currency and how well liked they are. They can be very effective at making you feel insecure through social comparison and scandal-mongering propaganda. Turning people against you and making you out to be some kind of loser is something for which they can be very skilled at. The aftermath of a Libra smear campaign can leave you feeling like a blacklisted social pariah.

Scorpio: Exposing or exploiting Insecurities

Of all the zodiac signs, Scorpios are probably the most emotionally injurious. Their attacks really sting because they get you where it hurts most. Their powers of perception allow them to spot weaknesses and chinks in your armor to exploit. Scorpios have a sixth sense for sniffing out your Achilles heel and will often keep that piece of information close to the vest until they are ready to use it against you. Furthermore, Scorpios can be especially cold and cruel in the extent to which they are willing to destroy your feelings especially if it stems from a personal vendetta they have towards you.

Sagittarius: Intellectual Humiliation

Sagittarius is sometimes known to be condescending know-it-alls. They like to show off how enlightened they are and can get a bit preachy especially when explaining something they consider to be deep and profound. In a disagreement, they have a capacity for making a mockery of their opposition and cause everyone in the room to erupt with laughter at their expense. Sagittarians can be very good at dismantling your opinions with humor and making you and your ideas sound stupid or ridiculous in the process.

Capricorn: Disposability

Capricorns are utilitarians and this extends even to their handling of people. For Capricorn much of their relationships and associations with others are just a means to an end. However, this doesn’t mean that Capricorns don’t care about other people. They are often very ambitious, and they can be very driven in their pursuit of success. They may see someone as valuable if they can help them achieve their goals, but once that person is no longer useful, they may be cast aside. This can sometimes make Capricorns seem heartless, but it’s just their way of looking at the world.

Aquarius: Infidelity & Non-Exclusivity

As one of the most unfaithful signs in the zodiac, Aquarius can be something of a heartbreaker and a snake. It can be extremely upsetting to learn that someone in whom you trusted deeply has been sneaking around behind your back doing whatever they thought they could get away with. With Aquarius, friends and lovers may often discover to their dismay that Aquarius’ loyalty to them does not run as deeply as they thought.

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Pisces: Ghosting

When you get to know a Pisces, things in the beginning can seem perfectly great between you. But suddenly Pisces stops returning your calls and messages. It’s as if without warning they’ve decided to shut off all communication leaving you to only guess what you did wrong. It’s never easy to be rejected, but it can be especially confusing when the rejection seems to come out of nowhere. If you’ve been left wondering what happened after a promising start with a Pisces, it’s important to remember that this sign is notoriously shy and sensitive.

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image credit: Joshua Rawson-Harris

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