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The Air Element in Astrology

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The zodiac air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. In astrology, the air element is associated with an intellectual and communicative temperament. These signs are noted for their cerebral nature. They are idea person’s who enjoy mental activity and social interaction.

Air Signs Meaning

The Air elements live in the lofty realm of ideas and rational thought. Air is of an ethereal nature and mentally detached from the Mondial strictures of reality. Air signs thoroughly enjoy the mental exercise of discourse. Conversation and the exchange of information is their bread and butter. The Air elements are masculine or “Yang”. They are information collectors who love to work with their intellect and intuition. Verbalization, visualization and aspiration are some of the keynotes that describe the essence of this element.

The air signs have an inherent need to distance themselves from the immediate experiences of daily life and orient themselves with a more objective perspective and rational approach to everything they do. The air signs concentrate their energy on conceptualizing and bringing to fruition the machinations and conceptions their mind produces. They are both dreamers and doers but they are happy even playing with ideas and theories without any necessary application.

Gemini is the mutable air sign symbolized by the light, breezy weather of late spring. Libra in contrast, is a cardinal air sign that is representative of strong winds followed by periods of calm during hurricane season. Aquarius is fixed air that is symbolized by the still, frigid air of winter. The detached quality of air signs allow them to move in and out of various social circles easily. They are able to mix and mingle with people without feeling the need to form deep emotional connections. They instead prefer to operate in a very casual, carefree impersonal way of interaction. They tend not to get tied up with emotional baggage or over-involve themselves with other people’s worries and emotions.

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Nevertheless, they are the most social of all the zodiac signs and the most objective and indiscriminate. At times, Air signs can become so preoccupied with the world of ideas and Concepts that they become imbalanced and fanatical. The lofty ideals of air signs can often lead them to Harbor or entertain quixotic and unrealistic ideations. Their thoughts are unbounded and they can often overlook the lack of pragmatism in their conceptions. Air signs are great at generating ideas but can easily run into difficulty when it comes time to implement and bring them to life.

Sometimes air signs need to stop talking and thinking and just start doing. Air signs may place over-importance on intellectual fortitude and feel easily affronted by attacks on their intelligence or the legitimacy of their opinions. Earth and water signs are most likely to be critical of the ideas air signs propose due to lack of practicality and emotional considerations. The Air element signs do not often see eye-to-eye with earth and can often feel put limited are constrained by their conventional sensibilities.

With the Fire signs, Air will find a companion who shares a mutual appreciation for freedom and expression. On a symbolic level, air fuels fire’s combustion and is necessary because without oxygen, fire would die out. Air signs will feel emboldened to explore and generate ideas that can be embraced and run with by the fire element sign. Air meshes well with fire and although the two can form a fairly fruitful symbiosis, fire element signs can sometimes grow impatience with the air signs need for careful deliberation before acting or committing themselves.


Communication, intelligent, cerebral, innovative, fast learner, writing ability, rational, objective, non-judgmental, charisma, sociable, talkative, inventive, analytical, thoughtful

Air Sign Imbalances

In a birth chart, a lack of emphasis in the Air elements can signify a deficit in an individual’s perceptions and the ability to reflect and analyze matters objectively. Such individuals may be too engrossed with taking action, and feelings or material considerations without exercising rational judgment and objectivity. Relationships may suffer from a lack of conciliatory attitude and cooperate. The air element has a unifying effect and fosters the ability to easily adjust and adapt to do the ideas and differences of other people.

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When there is a deficit of air in the chart, such individuals can exhibit an inability or unwillingness to accommodate or embrace external input from other people. There may be a dislike for intellectual types and people who theorize and speculate too much. With a sufficient presence of air element in the chart, there is an easier ability to understand and see things from other people’s perspective. Those who don’t have a strong Air emphasis may have a violent reaction to ideas that clash with their emotions. They may even experience physical illness it response have difficulty in exercising objectivity and avoid letting their subjective biases from influencing their judgment.

Furthermore, people who have a lack of emphasis in the Air elements of the chart may exhibit a hyperactive mind that needs guidance and to develop focus. They may be preoccupied with their thoughts at the exclusion of the concerns of everyday life. They may often have their head in the clouds and neglect responsibilities. Their attention span maybe lacking and prevent them from concentration on tasks for extended lengths of time. There may be a proclivity for flitting from one thing to the next. The range of their interests may exceed what they are realistically able to achieve or develop sufficiently.

An overemphasis of air in the chart would also suggest a person who often lives in their head. They may also have a tendency to overthink and procrastinate. Analysis paralysis and psychological problems are some of the issues that may plague them. They may lose touch with reality and their imaginations can run away with them. A disconnect between their mind and body can lead them to push their physical abilities past the limit and over-exhaust themselves. They may be subject to nervous breakdowns and a high strung nature so are you going to are you going to do some petty and I don’t like you either so what you going to do and do some petty shirts. Taking time to relax and recuperate is essential to their Mental Health.

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