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Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon

aquarius sun virgo moon personality

Sun in Aquarius – Moon in Virgo

– The Modest Rebel –

The Aquarius Sun-Virgo Moon combination suggests a personality that is original and inventive but also fastidious and neurotic. Sun in Aquarius is characterized by a strong sense of individualism but also a concern for humanity at large. You are inspired to better the world and view yourself as a defender of the highest values of love and liberty. At the same time, you are a bird of a different feather and desire to distinguish yourself as an individual and be true to your sense of authenticity.

You may have some ambitions, but nothing grandiose and exaggerated. You only strive to organize all the elements of your everyday life, to find a place for each thing and to improve yourself. You can relax only if your habits are not disturbed by external events. You are selective in your intimate sphere and with your attachments, you are perfectly organized and in line with the self-set rules you establish as time goes by.

Emotionally, you may be sensitive to stress and prone to excessive worry and overthinking. An orderly and clean environment is vital to your peace of mind. For others, pleasing you can be a challenge because you tend to be very picky and specific about what you desire. When your expectations are not met, it can frustrate you significantly and cause you to fuss and have outbursts. You enjoy helping others though and can be very nurturing in your own way.

Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon people are very opinionated and inclined to argue when their convictions are challenged. They are generally modest in their temperament though and generally do not exhibit an over-inflated ego. Because they do not believe in promoting themselves as being better than others, they may have a particular distaste for arrogant people who sit on a pedestal. Aquarius sun-Virgo moon prefers to see everyone on an equal playing field and they have little interest in deigning themselves to the auspices of another. Concepts of rank and hierarchical orders mean very little to them.

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As a Virgo moon, healthy lifestyle and exercise is likely to be important to them. However, they may fall into some bad habits that undermine this such as smoking and alcohol use. Anxiety and stress may be some of what drives them to do this, perhaps to help take the edge off. On the other hand, they may enjoy being a bit of a rebel. For you, life is a puzzle composed of human pieces, a chessboard where you move according to an obvious logic.

Famous Aquarius Sun – Virgo Moon People

  • Sharon Tate – Born: January 24, 1943
  • Valérie Trierweiler – Born: February 16, 1965
  • John Travolta – Born: February 18, 1954
  • Bernard Tapie – Born: January 26, 1943
  • Lolo Ferrari – Born: February 9, 1963
  • Eva Braun – Born: February 6, 1912
  • Axelle Red – Born: February 15, 1968
  • Gertrude Stein – Born: February 3, 1874
  • Bobby Brown – Born: February 5, 1969
  • Anders Breivik – Born: February 13, 1979
  • Amber Valletta – Born: February 9, 1974
  • Johnny Rotten – Born: January 31, 1956
  • Louis XV of France – Born: February 15, 1710
  • Alessandro Volta – Born: February 18, 1745
  • Claes Oldenburg – Born: January 28, 1929
  • Seth Green – Born: February 8, 1974
  • Subhas Chandra Bose – Born: January 23, 1897
  • Gianluigi Buffon – Born: January 28, 1978
  • Mena Suvari – Born: February 13, 1979
  • André Dussolier – Born: February 17, 1946
  • Vanessa Redgrave – Born: January 30, 1937
  • Sara Gilbert – Born: January 29, 1975
  • Gul Mohammed – Born: February 15, 1957
  • Riya Sen – Born: January 24, 1981
  • Stendhal – Born: January 23, 1783
  • André-Marie Ampère – Born: January 20, 1775
  • Sheryfa Luna – Born: January 25, 1989
  • Martine Barbault – Born: February 5, 1950
  • Pierre Mondy – Born: February 10, 1925
  • Georges Simenon – Born: February 13, 1903
  • Witold Lutoslawski – Born: January 25, 1913
  • Joey Badass – Born: January 20, 1995
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