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Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon Personality

sun in sagittarius moon in aquarius

Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon

The Sagittarius sun Aquarius moon man or woman is someone who definitely marches to their own drum and has a unique perspective. Although they are independent and self reliant, they value being a part of a team and working towards a collective goal. They are progressive and adventurous and enjoy going on escapades with friends and associates. It is likely that they maintain an active social life and have a significant circle of friends.

Friendly and sociable, the Sagittarius sun Aquarius moon person thinks about societal issues and injustices. Although they are often emotionally detached and stalwart, they have a big heart and the soul of a humanitarian. They are likely popular and enjoy being a part of the in crowd taking part in group activities and events. They are generally outgoing but there may also be a lot about them that they conceal from others.

Sagittarius sun Aquarius moon men and women are strong but may also put up a front or veneer of hardness to protect themselves from getting hurt. They are actually more emotionally vulnerable than they let on and avoid leaving their hearts exposed for others to take advantage of. As friends, they are fun and humorous and they enjoy teasing and playing pranks on the people they love.

In relationships, Sagittarius sun Aquarius moon individuals love to feel protected and adored. They dislike controlling or jealous partners and any attempts at bossing them around will only backfire. They ultimately do their own thing and so freedom and trust is paramount. A companion who is smart and engaging can keep them interested and help them stay committed for the long term. Sometimes, their restless nature can compel them to break off and start anew.

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They like to experiment and try different things, visit new places. They are very inquisitive and learning is a big part of their life, but their perceptions often deviate from the norm. They may hold a number of unconventional and questionable ideas and perhaps a proclivity for conspiracy theories. Sagittarius sun Aquarius moon men and women have a strong vision and once they’ve been convinced of something, they can cling to an idea with radical tenacity.

Sun in Sagittarius
Your nature is marked by a constant concern for elevation and evolution. You want to project the image of a moral person, inhabited by a natural sense of justice and fairness. Your desire for discoveries prompts you to appreciate changes of life settings, explorations of the world, spiritual and inner journeys. Your enthusiasm may conceal a form of shyness and reserve. But the will to broaden your horizon prevails over your modesty. Sagittarius gathers. He readily listens to all argumentations, even to those he is not familiar with, and he has the ability to synthesize different logics.

Sun in Aquarius
Your manner in your daily life highlights your unconditional confidence in life, whatever happens, in spite of the delusions and ordeals you underwent. You are confident because you are seldom destabilized by unforeseen events and, in a more subtle way, because you are blessed with the optimism of those who know that they always recover. Should your intimate life be upset and your private sphere disrupted, you search for another quietness with renewed serenity, elsewhere, differently… and tomorrow. You expect a lot from the future and this is probably why you accept the present moment as it comes. In the private sphere, you are sociable but independent. Give free rein to your whimsical imagination. You need to reinvent the elements of your life and to be fed with unexpected events.

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Famous People with Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon

Britney Spears – Born: December 2, 1981
Woody Allen – Born: December 1, 1935
Pope Francis – Born: December 17, 1936
Rajinikanth – Born: December 12, 1950
Brian Molko – Born: December 10, 1972
John F. Kennedy, Jr. – Born: November 25, 1960
John Malkovich – Born: December 9, 1953
Trey Songz – Born: November 28, 1984
Teri Hatcher – Born: December 8, 1964
Marina Abramovic – Born: November 30, 1946
JoJo (singer) – Born: December 20, 1990
Jennifer Beals – Born: December 19, 1963
Caroline Kennedy – Born: November 27, 1957
Govinda (actor) – Born: December 21, 1963
Andrew Carnegie – Born: November 25, 1835
Mazarine Pingeot – Born: December 18, 1974
Monica Seles – Born: December 2, 1973
Rainer Maria Rilke – Born: December 4, 1875
Mathieu Chedid – Born: December 21, 1971
Robin Gibb – Born: December 22, 1949
Philip K. Dick – Born: December 16, 1928
Bruno Gaccio – Born: December 14, 1958
Sarah Paulson – Born: December 17, 1974
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Philippe Bouvard – Born: December 6, 1929
Billie Eilish – Born: December 18, 2001
Larry Bird – Born: December 7, 1956

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