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The First Impression Others Have of You Based on MBTI Type

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They say you only have one chance to make a first impression. First impressions can have a lasting and powerful influence in shaping our perception of others. If you make a terrible first impression, it can leave a stain that will long after impact how you are perceived no matter what you do afterwards. Here is a look at the type of first impression others may often have of you based on your MBTI personality type.



Upon first impression, many people may immediately perceive the INFP as sincere and deeply thoughtful. INFPs tend to choose their words carefully and are not apt to ever come across as glib or perfunctory in their speech. People will often view the INFP as a gentle soul, and may feel unthreatened by their friendly and easygoing energy. From afar, INFPs can appear standoffish and even gloomy or boring. INFPs tend to be more reserved in groups and among people they don’t know well. INFPs are generally very polite and shy unless they are in an excitable and frivolous mood.


INFJs may come across as a bit mysterious and weird but in an often attractive and alluring way. They may seem very phlegmatic, aloof and unemotive despite the depth of feeling we all know INFJs experience according to type descriptions. INFJs are less likely to be perceived as self-indulgent as other introverted types and manage to convey a spirit of goodwill and attentiveness to others. People may easily recognize them as empathetic and sensitive yet self-contained and stoic. INFJs care a good deal about how they are perceived and valued by others and this may often drive them to put effort into fostering a positive social image and being liked by others.

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Right off the bat, ENFPs come across as someone who is cultured, creative and candid. They seem like interesting and caring people with a good head on their shoulders. They naturally attract people with their warmth and positive energy. Whoever encounters them will likely perceive them as smart, insightful and emotionally dynamic. ENFPs are very expressive and engaging and their strong values and personal sense of integrity is likely to come through even when meeting them for the first time.


ENFJs love people and the opportunity to make a good impression on them. They are very conscious of —and concerned with —how and what other people think of them. Unsurprisingly, ENFJs often come across as very charming, personable and engaging and they are highly motivated to put their best foot forward when meeting new people. ENFJs are good at building rapport with others and making them feel understood and appreciated. People appreciate this, and are inclined to perceive the ENFJ as someone who is fun, sensitive and popular.

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