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What Each MBTI Type Will Do When The Robots Takeover

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The robots are coming and there’s nothing you can do about it. For a long time, it has been the stuff of science fiction, but now we are on the cusp of an automation revolution. More and more industries are turning to super smart and efficient A.I. machines to perform tasks once relegated to humans. What does this mean for the future of humanity? Here’s what happens to each MBTI type after the machines rise to power.


INFJ felt uneasy about the robots from the very beginning and what it could mean for humans in the future. When the robots began showing signs of sentience, it caused an existential crisis for the INFJ and forced them to reevaluate what it means to be human. At the same time, INFJ began to dread the power that humans now had to play god and create life. They were unsure what to make of it and wondered what might happen if a robot were abused. Would they seek vengeance against humanity? What if a good bot gets hacked and infected with malicious anti-human malware? In the meantime, INFJ tries to stay positive and avoid letting their persistent fears about the future steal their happiness.


Early on in the automation revolution, robots were mostly seen as a blessing but over time, humans began to resent how disposable and inferior the robots made them feel. Robot/human relations began to fall apart and INFP, in particular, has felt that the specialness of the human experience has been somehow cheapened by the robot’s existence. INFP views poetry and art as one of the sacred totems of the human soul but when A.I. advanced to the point where it could create gorgeous art and poetry indistinguishable from a gifted human, it pushed INFP to the brink of sanity. INFP now lives in an asylum managed by robot nurses.


ENFP appreciates the robots because, from their perspective, technology has liberated humanity from the shackles of meaningless tedium while also enhancing and extending human capabilities. On some level though, ENFPs can’t help feeling somewhat spoiled by the technology to the point that they feel the need to periodically go off the grid and live under the limitations that creative geniuses of the past had to live under. They likely pack a bag full of shrooms and retreat to a cabin in the woods where they can be alone with their thoughts and the serenity of nature..


As society became increasingly more streamlined, orderly and efficient, there emerged a spiritual renaissance where humans began to desperately crave deeper meaning to their existence. Weird cults began popping up that were a synthesis of concepts and values borrowed from many of the religions from all over the world and melded with science. Many of these cults are led by ENFJs who take pleasure in their role as a Sheppard and spiritual guru feeding the people’s spiritual needs.


The proliferation of advancements and applications for A.I. was all made possible by INTP’s groundbreaking theories. INTP marvels at what wondrous innovations humanity has made using their theories but also feels some guilt over the powerful weapons it has produced as well. INTP spends most of their time trying to work out solutions to some of the biggest existential and philosophical problems in society, namely that of robot civil rights and robot segregation.


INTJ falls into bouts of depression partly because they feel somewhat responsible for the robot’s rise to power. INTJ foresaw the perils of A.I. coming a mile away and tried to warn humanity but not enough people heeded. INTJ feels they could have done more but now spends most of their time plotting ways to pull the plug on the robot’s power. Sometimes the robot sentinels patrolling the streets mistake the INTJ for one of them (one of the realistic humanoid models) and unwittingly shares sensitive data that the INTJ will ultimately use against them in their plans.


ENTP was one of the people primarily responsible for the robots exponential advancement. ENTP’s intention was merely to create a robot butler who made them coffee, laughed at ENTP’s jokes, kept track of people’s names, did taxes, cooked and cleaned and did laundry. ENTP didn’t anticipate that the squadron of helper bots they created would turn into terminators who treat humans as a virus. ENTP is now busy inventing an anti-bot ironman suit to fight the robot-oppressors.


ENTJ is the most successful of humans in the age of robots. They are popular among humans and non-humans alike and are trusted with a lot of power and authority within the robot republic. ENTJ works with the robots in brokering deals and contracts with other humans. Most of the economy is communistic under robot rule, but there are still opportunities for those with an entrepreneurial spirit to acquire more than what is provided under government subsidy. ENTJ leverages the incredible data gathered by A.I. and implements real-world experiments and creative ideas that require an element of human charisma and ingenuity that the robots still don’t have.


ISFJ dreaded the robots at first, but then got used to them. Still, ISFJ looks back wistfully on the bygone days when there wasn’t all this automation. The days when you went to the market and could browse the isles and pick items off the shelf with your own hands and not hear the shelf suggest other items I might be interested in based on my purchase history. And back in the day, the clerks at checkout were real people, not these creepy, terminators wearing smocks that say “have a nice day!” written on it. If you pay attention to details like the ISFJ, you will notice the red laser sensors glowing in the robot clerk’s eyes and it scares the little ones.

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ESFJ will be the ambassador for human-robot relations. They will serve as the designated representative and spokesperson for the human race authorized to attend assembly and lobby for the people. ESFJ will help ensure that humanity’s interests and rights will be protected and preserved from robo-tyranny. ESFJ was required to learn several programming languages in order to communicate with the various robot-ethnic groups.


ESTJ will be the human enforcer of the laws and regulations of their mechanical overlords. Robots rely on the ESTJ to police the humans because a large percentage of the impoverished and underprivileged class of humans don’t trust the robots and feel they are too powerful and too cold. ESTJ is the human face of the law enforcement arm of the robot government. Other ESTJs oversee the museum of human history and the preservation of important artifacts from all our great homosapien forebears.


ISTJ has despised the robots ever since they rose to power and took their jobs. ISTJ was among the humans hardest hit by the automation revolution. Everything ISTJ does best, like tabulate spreadsheets, crunch numbers, proofread documents and process reams of paperwork, was no match for the superior speed, accuracy, and efficiency of the robots. Most ISTJs have fled to the outskirts of civilization and live off the land like 19th-century sharecroppers with only a bit of modern tech.


ISFP appreciates the convenience and leisure that the robots have afforded them. They have embraced the robots who have mostly liberated humans from living a life that renders them slaves to routine. ISFP ultimately lives for the pursuit of pleasure and meaningful channels for their creativity. ISFP is one of the preeminent designers in society who influence how everything will look, sound and taste. They are tastemakers and beacons of aesthetic style who add an element of humanity and beauty to how robots are designed and presented.


In the Robot Republic, ESFPs enjoy taking advantage of all the conveniences and entertainment that the machines provide to humans. However, they are somewhat disturbed and creeped out by the humanoid bots designed to look and act like real humans. ESFP refuses to believe that robots could ever match the authenticity of human feelings or provide the satisfaction of emotional connection. The expansion of A.I has pushed the ESFP further and further onto a spiritual path to experience the transcendence of the human mind-body and spirit.

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ISTP is one of the foremost engineers and technicians relied upon for tuning up, repairing and reprogramming dysfunctional bots. They are like doctors for the machines and are responsible for removing virus and malware that can compromise the robot’s meta-cognitive systems. In some cases, ISTP must also euthanize bots that cannot be fixed or pose a danger to society, especially ones who’ve committed a crime worthy of capital punishment.


ESTP is among the humans most excited by the exploratory endeavors enabled by the advancements in A.I. In a world where just about all human needs can be met with little effort, ESTP begins to cast their attention to space and exploration of worlds beyond our own to satisfy their appetite for adventure and glory. Working with the ENTJ, ESTP is eager to participate in spearheading ambitious plans engineered by the ENTJ. ESTP wants to be at the forefront of the bold enterprises that will take humanity into the next chapter of its evolution.

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