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The Hypocrisy of Each MBTI Type

mbti hypocrisy


The hypocrisy of each Myers Briggs Type:

INFJ: Whines about the difficulties of extreme empathy. In reality, a bit smug while spending perhaps 10% of their time actually engaging people.

INTJ: Projects aura of extreme depth and decisiveness. Secretly an obsessive fangirl/boy.

ESTJ/ENTJ: “I get more shit done than anybody.” Actually: intimidates ISF types to do the majority of their grunt work.

ENTP: Takes logical shortcuts to jump to conclusions without fact checking

ENFJ: Almost always running a secret agenda


INTP: Can’t handle other people’s emotions because they’re secretly preoccupied with finding their own

INFP: Extremely tolerant…until they aren’t anymore. Then, they’ll violate every value they have to make their point.

ENFP: Constantly encouraging others to stretch, when they themselves have areas they stubbornly refuse to change

ESFP/ISFP: pretty on the level, actually

ESTP: Can dish it out but can’t take it well

ISTP: Scoffing at everyone else’s superstitious biases while blind to their own

ISTJ: What you see is what you get, pretty much.

ISFJ: Expecting others to be reliable/predictable (while excusing their own occasional wild hair)

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One thought on “The Hypocrisy of Each MBTI Type

  1. Here are some alternative examples of ENTP hypocrisy: 1. acting like they know better and are ‘smarter’ than the rest, but cannot bother to be logically consistent and intellectually honest (they are pompous, conceited, insufferable morons who just cannot shut up)
    2. pretending to be cool, funny and laid-back to people who are not personally close to them, but expose their true colors to those who are closely involved with them (i.e. tyrannical, bullying assholes obsessed with controlling and browbeating others; egotistical pricks who belittle, provoke and condescend without repenting and cannot appreciate different tastes and needs of others; neurotic freaks with a rotten sense of fun/humor)–they would claim they’re ‘speaking their minds’, whatever that means
    3. same hypocrisy of ESTP (they expect others to treat them as demi-gods on one hand and hapless, innocent babies on the other; either way they can act with a sense of entitlement and are beyond questioning, which is maddening)
    4. Want others to see them as pinnacles of knowledge and wisdom, but are nihilistic jackasses to the core

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