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10 Bizarre Standards of Beauty From Around the World

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Western standards of beauty clearly have the most influence and prestige around the world. Aspects like leaness, well-proportioned bone structure, healthy hair, and physical fitness are some of the features coveted in western culture. The pinnacles of beauty are often personified in Hollywood’s leading actors and actresses, haute couture fashion models, and even certain high profile athletes. In other parts of the world however, there are other standards of beauty that exist that would seem bizarre or unthinkable to westerners. Here are 10 ideas of beauty valued in certain parts of the world.


1.Crooked teeth – Japan

crooked teeth japan
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In the west, people pay good money to have their teeth straightened. In Japan however, many Japanese pay hundreds to undergo surgical procedures to have their teeth made crooked. The look is known as “yaeba” and is meant to resemble the awkward teeth of young girls whose chompers haven’t fully developed yet. Yaeba features teeth that look crowded with vampire-like elongations of the canines. It is said that Japanese men find the yaeba smile attractive because it makes women look impish and endearingly child-like. Women inspired by national pop stars and celebrities flock to have the cosmetic dental procedure done which involves attaching permanent or non-permanent adhesive fang caps to their canines. “Yaeba” literally means ‘multilayered’ or ‘double’ tooth. Physicians have admitted that some clients return to have their procedure reversed, however. Fortunately the removable-type of “tsuke-yaeba” is also available so that clients don’t have to live with their decision should they change their minds later.

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