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The Worst Fears of Each Myers Briggs Type

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The only to thing to fear is fear itself… or so they say. Whether it’s creepy clowns or haunted houses everybody gets freaked out by something. Depending on the type of person you are, you may find some things scarier than others might. Here are some of the worst fears likely to terrify each Myers Briggs type.

INTP worst fears:

  1. Being doomed to a mediocre and insignificant existence
  2. Public speaking / public humiliation
  3. Discovering that they may actually be an idiot
  4. Sustaining severe brain damage or developing a neurological disorder like dementia or Parkinson’s disease
  5. Dying before they’ve achieved anything
  6. Being taken advantage of because they didn’t know something
  7. No internet
  8. Losing someone precious to them
  9. Losing their memory
  10. Failure and Rejection
  11. Getting locked into a commitment they can’t back out of
  12. Finding out that they’re actually more of a sappy feeler than a thinker
  13. Having perfect and complete knowledge of everything in the universe and having nothing worthwhile left to understand or figure out
  14. Being unable to create anything new because every possible thing that could be created already exists
  15. Dying and finding out God exists and realizing that the lame sensors were right
  16. Being reincarnated as a retarded person  or as an animal at the bottom of the food chain


ISTP worst fears:

  1. Losing their hands and feet and never being able to jag off or walk in the woods again
  2. Hands-off learning
  3. Being buried alive while fully paralyzed
  4. Being locked in a small empty room with nothing  to do
  5. Getting sentenced 25-to-life for a crime they didn’t commit
  6. Zombie apocalypse
  7. Getting their life savings stolen
  8. Being hunted and killed by a hired hitman
  9. Getting caught in a volcanic eruption while paragliding over Mauna Loa.
  10. Advanced calculus
  11. Being bound to a wheelchair
  12. Finding their gf/bf in bed with their best friend
  13. Dying from marijuana overdose
  14. Going into cardiac arrest while jagging off
  15. Living in a world with no video games or smart phones



ISFP worst fears:

  1. Being taken hostage or prisoner
  2. Being forced to kill someone they love
  3. Advanced calculus
  4. Losing all their money from their gambling habit
  5. Being hunted by the mob for a debt they owe
  6. Standing trial for anything
  7. Getting caught in a massive lie
  8. Losing their best friend
  9. Office jobs
  10. Having their work rejected and deemed worthless
  11. S.W.A.T. team storming their house while they’re jagging off
  12. Running out of gas in the middle of a Chi-raq neighborhood
  13. Finding out they are a direct descendant of Osama Bin Laden
  14. Upsetting someone they care about with their decisions


INFP worst fears:

  1. Being abandoned by someone precious to them
  2. Being homeless
  3. Dropping their phone in the toilet
  4. Being abducted and trafficked as a sex slave
  5. Spiders crawling into their mouth while they’re sleeping
  6. Living under a dictatorship where all books are banned
  7. Being joined at the hip to a twin who is ESFJ
  8. Planning a party. Two things they dislike: “planning” and “party”
  9. Having their bf/gf stolen by one of their parents
  10. Being forced into an arranged marriage
  11. Being forced to eat bear poo
  12. Becoming a spinster (or the male equivalent of that)
  13. Having to have their pet put down
  14. Having to live in the wild and kill animals for food
  15. Meeting their childhood hero and finding out they are nothing like what they imagined them to be (in a disappointing way)
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INTJ worst fears:

  1. Intellectual humiliation and failure
  2. Losing their independence and having to rely on others to do everything for them
  3. Shitting their pants just seconds before reaching the bathroom
  4. Shitting themselves while fast asleep
  5. Being stranded on a dilapidated raft in the middle of the Indian ocean
  6. The biblical apocalypse
  7. Flunking their final exams or not graduating
  8. Being completely defeated by a problem they can’t solve
  9. Having to work for an incompetent boss-hole
  10. Being reincarnated as a cow or pig that is bred for slaughter
  11. Getting betrayed by someone they trusted or loved deeply
  12. Being spied on by the FBI or getting audited by the IRS
  13. Having their life’s work stolen or destroyed
  14. Having their reputation smeared by false allegations
  15. Payback from a disgruntled, bitter feeler they’ve offended (intentionally or unintentionally)


ISTJ worst fears:

  1. Failing to meet their responsibilities
  2. Being belittled and degraded in front of others
  3. Having to work in a disorderly environment
  4. Doing improv in front of a packed audience
  5. Having a two-headed baby
  6. Being humiliated by someone they admire and respect
  7. Professional failure
  8. Receiving no support or backing from their subordinates or friends + family
  9. Having their deeply held beliefs proven false
  10. Making a fatal error in judgement from overlooking a critical detail
  11. Having to come up with creative solutions instead of relying on proven methods
  12. Risky ventures
  13. Fear of the unknown


INFJ worst fears:

  1. Donald Trump becoming president
  2. Global warming
  3. Losing their credibility and having their reputation ruined
  4. Being exiled or ostracized
  5. Running into their ex and seeing them with a partner that is more attractive and more successful than them
  6. Having their vehicle break down in the middle of a crip neighborhood
  7. Catching a flesh-eating disease while vacationing in Machu Picchu or somewhere
  8. Unknowingly eating a dish at a restaurant that was made from human remains or something revolting
  9. Having no one come to their wedding or birthday party
  10. Getting mauled by a bear while taking the trash out at night
  11. WW3
  12. Their freaky secrets getting leaked to the public
  13. Having to flee home due to warfare and military invasion
  14. Seeking help in a medical emergency while in a foreign country where no one speaks their language


ISFJ worst fears:

  1. Not being missed by colleagues after they leave a job or group
  2. Finding out God doesn’t exist and that life has no purpose
  3. Eternal damnation in Hell
  4. Dropping their wedding ring in the toilet
  5. Having their children confiscated by child protective services
  6. Becoming old and forgotten in a retirement home
  7. Having all their baby pictures and family photos destroyed in a fire
  8. Getting stood up on their wedding day
  9. Going bald or going gray
  10. Being responsible for someone else’s failure or death
  11. Getting cheated on
  12. Becoming obsolete or useless to others
  13. Bed bugs
  14. Their children running off to join ISIL
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ESFP worst fears:

  1. Being ignored by everyone and seen as undesirable/unattractive
  2. Being castaway on a lonely island
  3. Losing their talent or personality
  4. Being a nun or priest
  5. Getting permanently disfigured by a botched surgery
  6. Becoming a has-been
  7. Being blacklisted professionally and socially
  8. identity fraud
  9. Getting upstaged by their adversaries
  10. Having no money
  11. Being trapped in a life of anonymity and redundancy
  12. Astrophysics


ESTP worst fears:

  1. Being humiliated and disgraced as a coward
  2. Being reigned in and controlled by someone
  3. Getting cucked by their spouse
  4. Never amounting to anything and being branded as a loser
  5. Getting into the ring with Mike Tyson
  6. Debating theoretical physics with Stephen Hawking
  7. Adversaries getting the best of them or having more success than them
  8. Being powerless to do anything or get anything done
  9. Being debilitated and physically handicapped
  10. Being made a fool of or taken advantage of
  11. Getting defeated and dominated by a competitor
  12. Missing out on big opportunities
  13. Having their insecurities exposed


ENTP worst fears:

  1. Repeal of the first amendment in the American constitution
  2. Getting crushed in a debate
  3. Losing their memory and having to relearn everything
  4. Getting alzheimer’s disease
  5. Creative block
  6. Losing their voice
  7. Getting swallowed up by a massive sink hole
  8. Being hated
  9. Never fulfilling their potential
  10. Never settling down and building a solid lifestyle
  11. Never actually accomplishing anything because they don’t stick with it long enough
  12. Never maturing and acting like a normal adult
  13. Having to wear adult diapers when they become old


ENFP worst fears:

  1. Being viewed as a bad or immoral person
  2. Never fulfilling their potential or achieving their goals
  3. Losing their loved ones
  4. Getting old
  5. Missing out on better opportunities
  6. Being unable to help a loved one as they spiral downwards
  7. Losing more and more loved ones as they age
  8. Not fitting in
  9. Becoming an evil person and not knowing it
  10. Receiving negative karma they’ve caused against someone else


ESTJ worst fears:

  1. Submitting to another person
  2. suffering irreparable damage to their reputation
  3. facing bankruptcy
  4. Being stuck in poverty and dire straits
  5. Being humiliated by a subordinate who is smarter than they are
  6. Burning bridges with important people
  7. Missing a flight
  8. Getting rejected and blocked from advancement
  9. Fear of the unknown
  10. Experimenting with high-risk, edgy, outside-the-box ideas


ESFJ worst fears:

  1. Not having any friends or companions to go places with them
  2. Becoming old
  3. Being villified and ostracized by their community
  4. Being publicly shamed and criticized
  5. Being stranded alone on an island
  6. Having to do everything solo
  7. Being unable to keep up with their peers
  8. Being seen as useless or unnecessary to the team
  9. Having no moral or emotional support from others
  10. solitary confinement
  11. Having no good food to eat
  12. Finding out they are a direct descendant of Hitler
  13. Being left out by their friends
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ENFJ worst fears:

  1. Being betrayed by their loved ones
  2. Being demoralized by crippling failure
  3. Stagnating and making no progress towards goals
  4. Losing their optimism and giving up on life
  5. Having to leave intimate relationships they are unable to salvage
  6. Getting ostracized by their peers
  7. Losing their faith in humanity
  8. Being forced to adhere to old fashioned methods of doing things
  9. living in a backwards, close-minded society


ENTJ worst fears:

  1. Never being anything more than an underclass peasant
  2. Being trapped in a dead end job working under someone they don’t respect
  3. Losing control over their lives and their financial freedom
  4. Lawsuits
  5. Baring their soul to someone and showing vulnerability
  6. Having their assets and the fruits of their hard work taken away unjustly
  7. bankruptcy
  8. Having their dirty laundry put on public display
  9. Getting caught cheating on their spouse
  10. Missing out on major opportunities
  11. PR nightmares
  12. Losing money in divorce
  13. Having their liberties stripped away or getting their ambitions crushed by excessive regulation and rules
  14. Letting their emotions sabotage their judgement

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