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Many murderers are reviled for their depravity and brutality. Such individuals are often incapable of feeling compassion or empathy for their victims and so then it may seem paradoxical that some killers would be opposed to the consumption of meat. Whether for ethical or health reasons these 10 killers abstained from eating dead animals yet had no reservations about slaughtering humans.

10. William MacDonald

MacDonald was a vegetarian who loved classical music and is credited as Australia’s first true serial killer. During the 1960s he terrorized the city of Sydney and was dubbed the “Sydney Mutilator” drawing comparisons to Jack the Ripper due to the gruesome manner in which he killed his victims. He targeted riffraffs and wastrels who he would lure with alcohol and then subsequently slaughtered them. He murdered and mutilated 4 men with a hunting knife, taking one victim’s genitals home in a paper bag before throwing them off the Harbor Bridge. He was eventually caught, convicted and sentenced to life. It was later found that MacDonald was raped by a corporal while he was in the military and as a teen had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. He became eligible for release from jail but declined. He expressed no desire to leave, saying he “wouldn’t last five minutes”


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