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33 Things Only Thinkers Will Relate To

signs you are a thinker

“Soothing moments” by adrianismyname

I Think Therefore I am… a “thinker”?

Every conscious man and woman thinks, but true thinkers are cerebral to a fault. Logic is favored over sentiment; rationality over feeling. For those uncertain over what side of the fence they fall on, here are 33 things only thinkers will relate to.

  1. You’ve gotten in trouble more often for accusing your parents of being senseless than for anything you’ve actually *done*.

  2. When someone is talking, you think of a clever response of what to say but by the time you say it, it comes out differently then what you expected.

  3. When you look forward to trips because you want to think during the long ride there. And you HAVE to pick the window seat.

  4. When you feel depressed for no reason and conclude that it’s because you didn’t have enough for breakfast.

  5. When people are always asking you why you’re never happy but in reality you’re perfectly content.

  6. When you wish that all people would give away a computer-like “error” message every time something is wrong with them because you’re just. so. bad. at reading their signals.

  7. You take pleasure in making lists and classifying things.

  8. When your first response to emotion is to sit down and think about what it means.

  9. When you hear a joke about someone doing something rather irrational, you want to know why the person did such thing before laughing at the joke. “Why did he do that? That doesn’t make sense.” “Will you stop with the questions and just laugh instead?”

  10. When having an illogical argument with someone causes intense frustration and much mental anguish.

  11. When speaking with a feeler, you find the safest ground is to say the exact opposite of what you want to say.

  12. When someone tells you to examine your feelings and you suddenly remember you have those.

  13. When you correct your own grammar, logic, cliched thinking, etc. before someone else has a chance to do so, or even realize that you were in error.

  14. When you find yourself rationalizing an emotion and coming to the consensus that experiencing it is not effective towards your goal. Then you toss it into your subconscious.

  15. You argue for sport. Arguments are fun.

  16. When you talk about your brain like it’s a computer. (It’s shutting down. It’s multitasking. It’s running a bit slow today.

  17. You know you’re a thinker when you read and study posts by F-types simply to try and make some sort of sense out of it all, yet you still don’t understand.

  18. You’re a pro at weighing the pros and cons of any decision.

  19. You have considered at least once, how nice it would be to feel nothing but the urge to have sex, adrenaline rushes and hunger for more resources.

  20. When you think “The Silmarillion” will put you to sleep … and instead you get caught up in the appendices reading the linguistic definitions.

  21. You know your a thinker when you spend more time watching documentaries than any other form of television genre.

  22. When you think Sheldon Cooper does not act strangely at all.

  23. When the simple prospect of “cuddling” overwhelms you.

  24. When you have to consciously translate your internal dialogue into average human language before you speak.

  25. You can treat everything as though it were a game for you to beat.

  26. You can describe your feelings in terms of percentages and scales of 1 to 100.

  27. When you’re more curious about something than scared of it.

  28. When you thoroughly analyse whether you are a thinker or a feeler, quantifying the instances in which you were a thinker and then quantifying the instances in which you were a feeler.

  29. It drives you crazy when your Feeling mother asks you “how are you feeling?” because you have a hard time even identifying your feelings in the first place.

  30. When your coworker gives you a 15-minute monologue on why they can’t make a meeting and you sit there nodding your head and thinking, “who cares? Just tell me you can’t make it and that’s all I need to hear.”

  31. When you’re watching a Sci-Fi show or movie and you realize that it’s awfully convenient for everyone to know English.

  32. All of your relationships seem to end because you aren’t affectionate enough.

  33. When you have to remind yourself that expecting people to act rationally is in and of itself an irrational expectation.

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2 thoughts on “33 Things Only Thinkers Will Relate To

  1. Yes, relate to most of these, especially number 5. But with number 11, I can’t on principle say the exact opposite of what I wanted to say when talking with a Feeler because that would be insincere if not downright lying, so I usually say nothing and that gets me into trouble. Always.

    And as for number 15, “You argue for sport”…I wish! There are too many people who get personally offended when I disagree with them. Perhaps because they’re emotionally invested in being right.

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