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Sexual dreams are a natural part of our lives and can serve as an indication of sexual vitality and health. The dreams we experience often provide insight and clues into our subconscious selves and with sexual dreams it is no different.

Intercourse As Metaphor

Oftentimes, a dream about sex is actually about more than the act itself. It may be a metaphor for something else such as repressed sexual tension towards an adversary or reconciliation with a former enemy. Sexual dreams may occur  when growing closer to someone and developing new emotional bonds. It may also serve as a release for tension and stressors of all kinds accumulating throughout the day or for frustrations due to an inadequate sex life.

Dreaming of People Other Than Your Partner

People who are in a loving happy relationship with their partner may feel guilty when they experience sex dreams of a co worker or ex-lover. This does not necessarily signify a wandering heart but may instead point to something less scandalous. The sex is often a metaphor for connecting with a person and integrating them into your psychological white-list of allies. This often follows an intense conflict with someone from whom we are very different but respect or admire in some way.

Dreaming of an ex-lover or spouse might symbolize a coming to terms with that person or at least a desire to do so. It may also represent the process of integrating what you learned from that relationship or serve as a reminder of something to avoid while entering a new relationship. Sleeping with a stranger in your dreams could indicate you are open to new experiences and a willingness to trust and risk being vulnerable with someone you don’t fully know yet.

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Dreaming of Others Having Intercourse

Having voyeuristic dreams of other people engaging in coitus could indicate a sense of helplessness or a sense of inadequacy in the dreamer’s own sexual potency. It could indicate underlying insecurities and boredom with real life. Sex dreams of other people can reveal other things like the suspicion of infidelity or the paranoid fear of being cuckholded by a partner. Feeling left out or ostracized are also possible reasons.

Homosexual Dreams

If you are heterosexual, sexual dreams involving people of the same gender can cause alarm, but it does not necessarily mean you are gay or even a latent homosexual. The literal acts in dreams tend to operate as metaphors and a sex dream involving the same gender could be interpreted as loving or accepting yourself. It could also be a sign of narcissism or a desire to integrate aspects or qualities of someone else into yourself.

Coitus Itself

The type of sex featured in a dream can say a lot. A sado-masochistic dream may indicate an abusive situation where you are being harmed or doing harm to either yourself or others. Unprotected sex in a dream may indicate pregnancy or STD fears. Boring missionary sex dreams may be a tell-tale sign of a boring unsatisfying life. Sex in public may indicate humiliation or having one’s secrets exposed in some way. An inability to perform in a sex dream could point to a sense of powerlessness and incompetency in real life.

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Source: Sex Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Sex Interpretaion | DreamsCloud

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