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Who You Should Date Based on Your MBTI Type

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Ultimately, your MBTI type will not dictate who you will or will not be compatible with. That will have to be determined on an individual and person by person basis. However, on the basis of MBTI type, certain personality type pairings may hold a better chance of hitting it off than others. Not only that, these matches may provide a symbiotic balance of strengths and weaknesses in one another. Here is a look at who to date based on your MBTI type.


INTPs can be rather passive on the dating scene, often going for the first person of decent quality who shows interest in them. The prospect of dating another introvert can on the surface seem very appealing, comfortable, and accessible to them. However, their recommended ideal type match is the ENFJ extrovert. ENFJs can be great for INTPs because despite being extroverted, they have the emotional intelligence to handle and accommodate INTPs’ more cerebral and reserved temperament. INTPs may be delighted by ENFJ’s willingness to indulge them in their abstract, and thoughtful ramblings. ENFJs have thoughtful ideas and perspectives of their own and it is this intellectual chemistry that can form the foundations of a beautiful and enduring relationship. ENFJs can be especially helpful in nudging the INTP to reach their human potential.


When it comes to seeking a mate, INTJs are very selective and discriminating. They tend to have a firm idea of what they want in a partner and can be rather quick to assess who is and isn’t up to their standards. ENFP is a type that can often meet those standards and also fulfill additional criteria that INTJs didn’t realize they wanted or needed. As a type, ENFPs nicely complement the INTJ in ways that can enrich their lives. Both types speak a common language of abstraction and fantasy that isn’t limited by the confines and concerns of concrete reality. They share a mutual interest in exploring abstract concepts and speculating about meanings and possibilities. Furthermore, ENFPs bring an effervescent energy and enthusiasm to a relationship that INTJs may find charming and endearing.


The harmony-seeking INFJ can seem like an odd fit for the ENTP. ENTPs can be irreverent and contrarian with a penchant for pushing buttons and sometimes offending others. Ego can sometimes be very strong with these types which can be a turnoff for INFJs. However, these two types share a mutual desire to improve and make things better than how they found them. It just so happens that where INFJs focus on improving relations and personal worth, ENTPs focus on improving ideas, tools and concepts. INFJ’s humane and prudent sensibilities can have a very beneficial influence on the ENTP. An INFJ mate has the type of wisdom and foresight that can pull ENTP back from the brink of destruction or steer them away from foolish, short-sighted decisions.


When it comes to ENTJ, INFP is the ideal type to pair up with. INFPs appeal to ENTJs in part because they seem receptive and malleable. ENTJs may find that their assertive presence and enthusiasm will often be well received by the INFP so long as they don’t come across as too arrogant or ego-centric. INFPs can occupy a more heartfelt and humane space within a relationship with an ENTJ. Moral and ethical matters can often be a blind spot where INFP can come in and offer advice and insight. ENTJs are wired to take action quickly and be decisive, but they appreciate the softer and more thoughtful energy of the INFP. INFP exhibits an inner harmony that ENTJs secretly desire for themselves.

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It is said that the INFP may have the most difficult time establishing relationships. Not due to emotional repression as that of the iNTP but more due to indecision and the emotional vacillation between what is right or wrong. INFPs may feel torn and conflicted about what they want and by feelings that simply over complicate matters and create confusion in themselves. ENTJs are an antidote to this which is part of why they are recommended for the INFP as an ideal romantic prospect. ENTJs offer a dose of clarity and long range direction that can assuage some of INFP’s fears and worries. ENTJs bring external perspective and context that can cut through a lot of the subjective ambiguity and relativity that stalls INFP in their tracks. INFPs may feel a sense of security and strength from ENTJ’s decisive and technical mindset.


ENTP is recommended for the INFJ. The reason being that this personality type can help pull iNFJ out of themselves. INFJs can get really wrapped up with their inner voice and perceptions and end up overthinking things. This is especially the case with regards to moral and ethical questions and issues. ENTPs can engage the INFJ in ways that encourage them to lighten up and be more free and candid with their thoughts and ideas. Moreover, the ENTPs outgoing, non-conformist spark can be very exciting to the more introspective and conscientious INFJ. Conversations with the ENTP can be very amusing as their mind can spin off in a lot of different directions and tangents. INFJs may also enjoy the project of psychoanalyzing the ENTP and figuring them out, which can be tricky.


ENFPs are high-spirited, heartfelt and sincere crusaders of moral truth and human insight. They are rather open minded and willing to give almost anyone a chance to win their heart. One of the things they may struggle with is an element of structure in their lives. INTJs are recommended for them because they, for one, are pretty orderly, authentic and candid. With INTJs, what you see is what you get. They don’t put on pretenses or perform a charade, and that is something that ENFPs can appreciate. ENFPs can count on INTJs to give them their honest take as well as a dose of objective criticism that can be helpful. As a mate, INTJs can provide a reliable and challenging critic for testing the quality and soundness of ENFP’s ideas and perspectives and let them know when they are being too naive, unfocused or unrealistic.


For the ENFJ, INTPs may be an interesting, if not ideal, romantic prospect for them. ENFJs are likely to recognize the INTP as a diamond in the rough. Someone in whom they see value and potential that may be overlooked or underappreciated by others. ENFJs appreciate the substance and knowledgeability that INTPs seem to have. They may enjoy picking their brain or engaging in thoughtful discussions where they can test and sharpen their own ideas. Here, each party can often learn from the other or otherwise agree to disagree without turning it into a contentious dispute. Furthermore, ENFJs may enjoy the role of helping INTP develop as a person emotionally and socially. Due to their mutual intuition preference, ENFJs have a greater understanding of how to approach and communicate with INTP in ways they will be receptive to.


The ideal match mate for the ISTJ inspector is the ESFP performer. On paper, these two are as opposite as can be, which is part of what may draw them together. Their mutual sensing preference will be the special ingredient to their chemistry. Despite being a type regarded as something of a working stiff, the ISTJ has an underlying desire to get outside of themselves and put on a bit of a show. ISTJs may secretly admire the ESFPs ability to project and express themselves in a more extemporaneously manner. The ESFP can be a source of fun and laughter that reminds the ISTJ to loosen up and enjoy life more.

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For the ISFJ, it is recommended that they give the ESTP a try. Although ESTPs are a type that can give the ISFJ a lot of heartaches and sometimes a heart attack or two, they can also delight them with their bold and brash antics. ISFJs are likely to secretly admire and appreciate the confidence and social prowess that the ESTP is known to display. They are likely to find them exciting and are often willing to tag along on many of ESTP’s escapades. ISFJs can be homebodies but may find that the ESTP adds a dose of excitement, adventure and flavor to their existence that they find enriching.


The ESTJ and ISFP are very different on the surface but share a common thread when it comes to their appreciation for the world of the tangible and sensual. The orderly and objective-oriented ESTJ can benefit from the ISFP’s more free-spirited perspective, reminding them to relax and enjoy life more. ISFPs can add color and soul to the ESTJ’s sometimes black-and-white and work-aholic world. ISFPs can often put an aesthetic touch and spirit to the tasks that the ESTJ may need help with. Moreover, ESTJs may appreciate the ISFP’s craftiness, passion and sensuality. ISFP may also have a calming influence on them as someone who can ease their mind, body and soul.


The ideal type recommended for the ESFJ provider is the ISTP crafter. The careful and conscientious ESFJ has an underlying admiration for the more daring and handy ISTP. They are very different but are united by an understated desire to share engaging experiences and use their talents in ways that are practical and helpful to others. The ISTP can be very helpful to the ESFJ when it comes to handling a lot of the more technical and specialized tasks that they may not be willing or able to handle. ISTP’s problem solving skills are an asset and a point of admiration that the ESFJ will no doubt appreciate.


According to type theory, the ISFP pairs well with the ESTJ like a fine wine and cheese. Naturally, ESTJ can bring a lot of structure to the ISFP’s life which is generally a good thing so long as it doesn’t suffocate or stifle their ability to roam and explore. ESTJs may often take on the role of a manager in the relationship, willingly taking control over the coordination of affairs especially where money and resources are concerned. The ESTJ mate is happy to take the lead and make a lot of decisions on their partners behalf. Being a bit capricious and indecisive themselves, the ISFP can often appreciate this quality of the ESTJ as it can relieve them of some of the irksome responsibilities that drain their soul. .


The ESFJ is the ideal type match for the ISTP when it comes to love and romance. The ESFJ is someone who would no doubt appreciate the ISTP for their technical know-how and capacity for troubleshooting and fixing problems that the ESFJ will inevitably struggle with. ISTP will likely enjoy feeling needed and derive a lot of gratitude and admiration from the ESFJ for helping them out in a pinch. Additionally, despite their independent nature, ISTPs are bound to feel taken care of and looked after with regards to food and many of their more domestic needs and human comforts. ISTPs can be prone to having a cavalier attitude about health and ESFJ may be more proactive and vigilant about keeping them healthy and well.

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The ISFJ is the type recommended for the ESTP. ESTPs may enjoy the challenge of winning over the often sweet and demure ISFJ protector. They may have to overcome some hurdles and defenses that ISFJs naturally put up to protect themselves from slick-talking heartbreakers. ESTPs are bound to appreciate the ISFJs wholesome and caring disposition. ISFJs may provide a calm, safe harbor that ESTP can retire to after a long and battle-worn day. ESTPs may also appreciate the fact that the ISFJ is likely to give them the freedom to be themselves. ISFJs don’t really try to shape or control their mates into their own image. they are rather inclined to be more accepting of them and all their faults and flaws.


For ESFP, ISTJ is recommended as a potential mate. Aided by a shared appreciation for physical details and experiences, these two also complement each others strengths and weaknesses. The ISTJ will often provide a more responsible element to the relationship, sometimes acting like a parental figure to their ESFP mate. ESFPs can benefit from the structure and attention to details that ISTJ is known for which can in many cases avoid bad impulsive decisions. Additionally, ISTJs are apt to happily handle a lot of the tasks that ESFPs find tedious and difficult and make ESFP’s life overall more smooth and orderly.

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