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The Type of Competitor You Are Based on Zodiac Sign

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Whether we like it or not, sometimes we have to compete to get what we want in life. When others are vying for the same prize we are after, we have to employ whatever advantage we have to come out the winner. The 12 Zodiac signs have 12 different approaches to the art of war. Each sign has their own way of getting the best of their opponents. Here is a look at the type of competitor you are according to Zodiac sign.


Of all the zodiac signs, Aries is by far the most competitive. Their very nature is to be number one and to distinguish themselves from the hoipolloi. Their strategy is typically to strike first and end their adversaries as quickly as possible. Stamina can be an Aries’ weak point as their energy and eagerness can lead them to burn out in the early stages of a competition. They tend to start out strong in energetic bursts but may fade quickly during struggles that drag out for much longer than they bargained for. With experience, Aries can eventually learn to pace themselves and plan more. Overconfidence is typically their greatest Achilles heel.


Taurus is not highly competitive by nature, at least not in an upfront or direct fashion. Their main advantage is their staying power and perseverance. They may not be the fastest or the most cunning but they have a lot of tenacity and patience to outlast their competitors. Taurus competitors can go the distance and achieve a lot just by being too stubborn to quit. Once they set their mind on a goal, they refuse to give up easily. Furthermore, Taurus would rather take the time to plan and strategize before rushing in to make a move. They however, can sometimes get thwarted by challengers who are better able to think outside of the box.


The Gemini competitor is someone who can be very cerebral and strategic in their approach to competition. Geminis have an advantage when it comes to playing psychological games and getting in their opponents heads. Geminis have a knack for spotting clever loopholes to exploit or using tricks to make their adversaries fumble. They shine in their ability to analyze opponents and take advantage of mental weaknesses. To the Geminis credit, they typically do not feel the need to humiliate or tear down their opponents. Their motivations are rarely personal or malicious. However, Geminis can fall short when it comes to the long term plan and bigger picture.


For the Cancer competitor, planning and subterfuge is everything. Cancers tend not to make the first move. They prefer to wait and observe their opponent and form a strategy around what they can gather. Cancers can be naive but are not highly gullible. They almost always have their guard up and are more immune to the mind games and psychological trickery that others might employ. They are not highly gullible in nature but among their shortfalls is their emotionality. Their emotions can be a double edged blade. It can be a source of strength but also make them prone to bad decisions or out of control behavior. They are inclined to follow their own instincts and to use their own means of getting things done on account of their shrewd ability to read people and manage risk.

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The Leo competitor can be quite fierce just like the king of the jungle after which this sign is based. Leos can bring a lot of showmanship, flair and charisma when they are supremely confident in their abilities. Their downfall however can be overconfidence and a penchant for underestimating their opponents. Their strongest asset is their will power and grit. They may show remarkable sportsmanship and grace in defeat despite how disappointing it may be for them. Leos take pride in the hard work they are willing to put in, in order to be victorious. Their motto may very well be to do whatever it takes and leave nothing on the table because at the end of the day, they would only feel like a loser if they fail to try or give up too easily.


The Virgo competitor is someone who avoids tooting their own horn or taunting their opponents. They focus on perfecting themselves and their techniques and maneuvers for victory. Their work ethic can be quite formidable and may often be the secret ingredient to their ability to overcome and thwart their opposition. Virgos tend to be humble in defeat and they will rarely have to eat crow for writing a check they could not cash, so to speak. They show themselves to be calm, cool and collected. They tend to be cerebral and calculating and rely on being smart and tactical. Virgos are not above espionage and intelligence gathering about their opponents in order to gain any advantage they can against them.


Libras are not the most competitive type of person. Although they may appear confident and self assured on the surface, they may be riddled with self doubt and uncertainty in themselves. Competition can often create a bit of dissonance within them where they may feel as though they must betray their personal values and nice image in order to win. Libras’ Achilles heel may be their reluctance to really embrace the eye of the tiger. They are wired to be polite and friendly and can find it difficult to switch into a more cutthroat mentality. Their best asset however, may lie in their ability to leverage social power to rally support around them or turn people against their opponent. They can further disarm their adversaries by being such a nice, charming and likeable person.

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The Scorpio competitor is someone who can be exceedingly dangerous and cutthroat. Scorpios can be highly deceptive and ruthless especially where bad blood and jealousy is involved. They sometimes resort to extreme measures up to and including actions that are unethical. Their advantage is in their cunning and ability to notice and perceive things that their competitors overlook. They can be aggressive but calculating and willing to wait when necessary. They do have the eye of the tiger and sometimes it only takes a glimpse into their peepers to sap their opponents confidence. Their willpower is formidable and their strength of conviction is substantial. Psychological warfare is their specialty and competitors are not likely to have much luck trying to get in their head.


As a competitor, Sagittarius can be a handful. Their approach is often energetic and wily. They are willing to improvise and experiment with a wide variety of tactics based around some principle or theory of theirs. They can be cocky about their ability to adapt and overcome adversaries and credit much of it to some philosophy or system or strategy that they either learned or developed themselves. When it comes to the actual application of their ideas however, Sagittarius can be a bit sloppy and unfocused and waste a lot of energy to the point they are eventually defeated by accumulated mistakes and exhaustion.


When it comes to competition, the Capricorn man or woman is a shrewd and calculating combatant. They are highly strategic and defense minded. They are keen on leveraging whatever logistical advantage they can get their hands on. There is nothing impulsive or foolhardy about their approach. They tend to have a very realistic and sound perspective of what needs to be done to ensure their victory. Moreover, Capricorns don’t like to improvise or rely on instincts; it can make them panic and mess up. They always have a plan and their confidence generally comes from how strong it is.


The Aquarius competitor is most dangerous when there is a strong degree of conviction and personal mission behind their motivations. They can be difficult to strategize against because they can be very inventive and counterintuitive in their approach. Their advantage lies in their ability to throw opponents off balance and keep them guessing as to what they will do next. The Aquarius competitor may lack patience and can be overly reactive. This can make them susceptible to being psyched out and tricked with feints and decoys.

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Pisces people are not perceived as super competitive but they can often use that to their advantage. Deception is their strongest tool and they can often pretend to surrender or play dumb while planning your downfall. Underestimating and letting your guard down around them can be a fatal mistake. Pisces can be especially good at luring others with their gentle charm and you can’t take much of anything they do at face value. The best bet is to try and call their bluff at every turn. Ironically, Pisces are susceptible to the same illusions that they try to employ against others.

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