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The Major Vice of Each Myers Briggs Type

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The MBTI serves as a roadmap, illuminating the diverse pathways of our individual psyches. While MBTI sheds light on our strengths and orientations, it also can hint at the unhealthy indulgences we are susceptible to, unveiling the shadowy corners where our vices lurk. In this post, we speculate on the guilty pleasures, shameful tendencies, and negative habits that would be characteristic of each MBTI type.

INTP Vice: Caffeine

INTPs are susceptible to becoming amphetamine junkies. They love caffeine because it fuels and even amplifies their stamina and focus for reading writing thinking and creating. They lurk the inter-webs at all hours hopping from website to website sifting through endless pages to satisfy their never-ending scatterbrained appetite for information. They should really get to bed but before they know it, it’s 1 AM. They go to school or work and use their caffeinated beverage of choice to get them through the day but at night their overstimulated nervous system won’t allow them to fall asleep even if they tried. Thus continues the cycle, of caffeine addiction. It may take an intervention from their loved ones before INTPs are able to break their habit only to relapse a couple weeks later.

INTJ Vice: Trying to Takeover the world

INTJs brood about the future and what they can do to ensure theirs is a successful one. They bury themselves in their work, preoccupied with testing and experimenting with the litany of ideas hatched by their Ni. They want some notoriety or at least something to show for their efforts. They tolerate what they need to and many of them learn to put on a social face to get along and integrate with other earthlings. Underneath their agreeable social mask however, is a power hungry monster who fantasizes about world domination. They want to be in the captain’s chair making the decisions, with a crew of capable peasants to answer their every beck and call. Fortunately, most INTJs are quite competent and would make excellent controllers …err, I mean leaders.

ENTP Vice: Toying with people

ENTPs make sport of poking holes in other people’s arguments. They may also get a rise out of testing boundaries with people which may extend to their romantic relationships. They can be like sociopaths when they try to see what they can get away with; how good they are at pulling the sheep’s wool over people. It takes some cunning, a little cleverness to deceive others; a challenge they are likely to find appealing. It would be a testament to their brilliance if they can have their cake and eat it too. Feelings may get hurt along the way but the drama makes for great story telling later.

ENTJ Vice: Scheming and Connivery

ENTJs in their blind ambition may be tempted to dance with their dark side. They have the ability to draw up a plan that will fatten their wallets or rig the system in their favor. Some may develop an interest in magic and become skilled in the art of misdirection and manipulation. ENTJs are well suited as grifters or magicians such as Penn Jillette who uses an astute insight into human behavior to construct clever machinations designed to get the best of other people. ENTJs would also make excellent crime bosses with an ability to orchestrate an elaborate scheme and get away with it, at least for a while. Charles Ponzi, the notorious father of the titular Ponzi scheme, was likely an ENTJ. Fortunately most ENTJs direct their energy into more honest professions.

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INFP Vice: Staying up until the wee hours

A lot of INFPs are vampiric night owls. Many of them come alive only in the after hours when the sun is done shining it’s awful light. They are liable to be bookworms and book sluts who can read all night when they really ought to be catching some restorative shuteye. Don’t be surprised to find them in bed getting cozy with a copy of Moby Dick or snuggling under the sheets with some good Charles D. (Dickens) to keep them company. Be it books or movies or YouTube videos, INFPs can almost always find some distraction to delay their slumber. They are avid consumers of fiction and many indulge in the creation of their own.

INFJ Vice: Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a vain pursuit that sometimes does more harm than good. Many INFJs strive for it with excellent results but in the process place a lot of undue stress on themselves. They can be very hard on themselves in their effort to live up to their ideals and sense of purpose in the world. They derive a lot of pride from their work viewing it as a reflection on them and what they stand for. INFJs can be very impassioned and they channel their ardor and vision to produce something remarkable, beautiful and inspiring. But they can sometimes get caught up in their lofty standards to the point of becoming prima donnas and self-entitled drama kings/queens.

ENFP Vice: Drinking & Smoking

ENFPs carry an edgy libertine aura consistent with most creative people. Naturally, many of them are likely to pick up bad habits in the way of smoking and or drinking alcohol  often for the aura of machismo or “coolness” it exudes. They know it’s bad for them but they look so cool doing it and so it becomes a part of their self-image as well as a social lubricant. On the plus side, they likely will experience many amusing and comical situations that they will later share as stories.

ENFJ Vice: Obstinance

ENFJs are not perfect though they may try to be. They may have a self-righteous streak where they become convinced of the correctness of their beliefs and closed off to alternative view points. They can be inflexible on certain matters and issues and unwilling to bend or compromise. They may wantonly flout admonishments from others whether through outright or passive-aggressive dismissal.

ISFJ Vice: Complaining

ISFJs are often the squeaky wheels in need of oil. They seem ever-ready to voice concerns or grievances over things both real or imagined. Although responsible and sedulous, when it comes to problems, it sometimes seems as though they enjoy complaining about them more than solving them. Also, they are generally not so open to branching out of the comfort zones to challenge themselves. They doubt themselves too much and often avoid having to learn new skills or tackle tasks that look to daunting for them. It is mostly in their head and they would benefit from adopting a more positive and confident attitude.

ISTJ Vice: Collecting Things

ISTJs are misers with an affinity for coupons and rebates. The expression “a penny saved is a penny earned” was probably coined by them (pun intended). When they were young many ISTJs probably collected seashells, or rocks later graduating to collecting butterflies and coins. They also like collecting old things like commemorative stamps, $2 bills, rare baseball cards, autographed memorabilia and the like. They’re very fond of antiques and items with historical significance such as an unopened bottle of wine excavated from the titanic or the pair of undies Buzz Aldrin wore during the moon landing. ISTJs with abundant income may likely be found at auction houses bidding on useless objects worth a fortune.

ESFJ Vice: Scuttlebutt

ESFJs are friendly and personable individuals but two-faced as well. They love the rumor mill gossip and they shamelessly engage in water-cooler gab about all the latest in other people’s business. Their loyalties are with their friends whether right or wrong. However, some of their companions may wonder if their ESFJ friend ever talks about them behind their back. ESFJs think nothing of it when they blather about people and people is all they really talk about in general. They aren’t interested in discussing impersonal topics like the intellectual INTP or ENTP. ESFJs are unabashedly superficial and can hardly resist juicy drama.

ESTJ Vice: Sadism

ESTJs enjoying busting balls whether or not they possess a pair of their own. They are sometimes too strict and domineering and can clash with others especially intuitive perceiving types. ESTJs may be the ones who appreciate hierarchical structures the most, especially when they are at the top of it. The reins of power feel comfortable in their hands and they may derive a sadistic pleasure from pushing their underlings to the limit, mushing them like sleigh dogs. All the while insisting they are the just and fair arbiters of what is good and right.

ISFP Vice: Debauchery

ISFPs are heathens with a wild side to them that belies their placid and friendly demeanor.  They may appear shy but they have a sensual and stimulus-seeking nature that can get them into trouble. They can really cut loose when they unleash the party animal inside them and they have the capacity to be very impulsive, going wherever the mood takes them. This means lots of risky behavior and mischievous exploits including raunchy sexual escapades. It sounds sensational until someone ends up in an ambulance or behind bars.

ISTP Vice: Mind-altering substances

ISTPs like to engage their senses with weird stimuli. If they can get that sensation from a schedule 1 drug then all the better. They are open to experimenting with things that they think may expand their minds and enlarge their perspectives or simply get their endorphins going. They may even become an uncertified expert in pharmaceuticals, becoming very knowledgeable about various substances like psychadelics and hallucinogens. This recreational use can run awry when ISTPs attempt to self-medicate to alleviate their emotional problems or stress in general. A better therapy would be exercise and physical activity which they also enjoy.

ESFP Vice: Vanity

ESFPs can be a little too into themselves and may be preoccupied with superficial concerns relating to their attractiveness and popularity. Their sense of value is tied up in their image of how interesting and exciting a person they are. They want to be the life of the party and the center of attention. To do that, they feel the need to be either really funny or good looking or unpredictable and attention grabbing. They want to stand out as unique and fascinating and are most content when they feel admired and loved. They may feel threatened by other attention seekers who seek after the same glory. This often leads to jealousy and petty acts of vindictiveness or even depression and feelings of worthlessness.

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ESTP Vice: Exorbitant Spending

ESTPs can be very materialistic or simply immoderate in their purchases. When they were young they were likely athletic and lean but gradually turned into a fatso with age. They enjoy the good things in life like fine cuisine and deep-tissue massages. If they are wealthy, they no doubt take great pride in their earning power and do not resist showing it off with their expensive property and possessions. They may shell out extra cash to make an impression or just to demonstrate that they have the power to do so. ESTPs don’t mind splurging on themselves and their loved ones but at the same time they do not take it lightly. It is not “easy come easy go” when it comes to finances but they are often skilled enough in the management of it that they are able to get away with a sumptuous lifestyle.

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