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The Major Vice of Each Myers Briggs Type


“Pills And Threeways 2” by hakanphotography


Vice: Caffeine

INTPs are susceptible to becoming amphetamine junkies. They love caffeine because it fuels and even amplifies their stamina and focus for reading writing thinking and creating. They lurk the inter-webs at all hours hopping from website to website sifting through endless pages to satisfy their never-ending scatterbrained appetite for information. They should really get to bed but before they know it, it’s 1 AM. They go to school or work and use their caffeinated beverage of choice to get them through the day but at night their overstimulated nervous system won’t allow them to fall asleep even if they tried. Thus continues the cycle, of caffeine addiction. It may take an intervention from their loved ones before INTPs are able to break their habit only to relapse a couple weeks later.

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