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The Hidden Insecurity of Each Myers Briggs Type

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Being thought of as boring or unintelligent.

INTPs derive most pleasure from solitary activities such as research and acts of creativity. Their minds are always bubbling with ideas and  random sometimes hilarious cogitations. INTPs know that if someone were to glimpse the amusing contents of their thoughts it would be clear why they are so absorbed with their inner world.

They do not particularly concern themselves with what people think of them but on some level they do realize that their penchant for being reserved and detached can lead other more extroverted types to assume they are boring, dumb, or arrogant. INTPs are sometimes torn between doubling down on their defiance of social paradigms or coming out of their shell to impress everyone with how witty and funny they can be. INTPs generally don’t feel the need to prove how interesting they are to anyone; it is enough that they know it. But when they sense they are being underestimated or labelled as dull, they may be compelled to unveil some of the brilliance they keep to themselves.


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