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Why Each Zodiac Sign Cheats

why each zodiac sign cheats

Love hurts. In a romantic relationship, commitment is everything and when one lover proves unfaithful, the damage it causes may be irreparable. Some relationships can survive the infidelity and move past it while others may even allow for it under certain conditions. Here is a breakdown of what likely causes each zodiac sign to cheat on their main squeeze.

Aries: Because They’re a Player

Aries is the type of sign that will try to have their cake and eat it too if they can get away with it. Aries approaches life like a game of conquest and in romance it can be hard for them not to seize a juicy opportunity when it comes their way. Many of them will try to play the field for as long as they can but even after they finally commit to one person, their ego can fool them into thinking they can juggle their main relationship alongside their secret side pieces until it finally catches up with them.

Taurus: Because Their Needs Aren’t Being Met

Taurus is a loyal and steadfast partner but even they have their limits. If Taurus is not completely satisfied with the way things are going in their relationship, they may open themselves up to some new romantic prospects before breaking it off with their current partner. Taurus may cheat if their partner has taken them for granted and doesn’t lavish them with the attention and intimacy they desire.

Gemini: Because They’re Bored

Geminis can be mischievous scamps sometimes. Geminis tend to be people-persons who love socializing with all types of folks. Their natural charm and wit often affords them many options in the dating field. Their love of people can sometimes compromise their loyalties and commitments to any one person in particular -namely that of their significant other.  Their natural charm and way with words can attract more romantic admirers than they now what to do with and this can really test the strength of their willingness to remain true when it would be so easy not to.

Cancer: Because They Were Drunk

When a Cancer engages in scandalous behavior, alcohol is usually involved. Cancers are typically loyal like Taurus and can be very clingy to their partner. Once they’ve found a good relationship, they are not inclined to ruin it with reckless promiscuity. They are emotional though and sometimes their feelings can drive them to do irrational or ill advised things.  Alcohol may sometimes be the catalytic agent in their infidelity but in other cases they simply cheat emotionally by becoming dangerously attached to someone who makes them feel nurtured.

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Leo: Because They Were On A Power Trip

For Leo, holding positions of power can be like a aphrodisiac for them. Being deferred to is major stroke to their ego that is bound to make most Leos feel more attractive and motivated to flirt and be frisky. Consequentially, it may entice them to behave this way even when they are currently in a relationship and their romantic scruples may buckle under the weight of temptation laden upon them. In a moment of moral weakness, their ego may take control in order to satisfy their powerful libido.

Virgo: Because They Had Issues

Virgo probably cheated because they were stressed out or feeling unappreciated and someone came along and made them feel special and desired. Virgo was so happy and flattered that they became emboldened to seize the moment and close the deal on the low low. It’s just supposed to be their little secret but over time they come back for more and more until one day the gig is up and Virgo gets busted for their scandalous debauchery.

Libra: Because They’re Ready To Upgrade

Libras are hopeless romantics but they may also be guilty of being too open and flirtatious. Libra love people and they have a special appreciation for beauty even if it is an unconventional beauty by most people’s standards. Since they are often very smooth operators, Librans tend to have little trouble getting into new relationships. They can sometimes it can be too easy for them to become smitten with someone other than their significant other and this can complicate their feelings and lead them to do something that would betray their current relationship partner.

Scorpio: Because They Wanted To Get Even

Scorpio probably cheated out of revenge or simply because they’re an unfaithful scalawag who can’t keep their passions under control. Scorpio is supposed to be one of the more trustworthy and loyal zodiac signs but that may be more of a myth. Scorpio is a sign with a powerful libido and romantic energy and it’s easy to see how they could be driven to cheat on their partner. More likely though, it may be that Scorpio is retaliating in response to a betrayal of their trust. They may try to send a message to their partner that two can play the infidelity game or Scorpio could simply be trying to manipulate and toy with their partner psychologically.

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Sagittarius: Because It Was The Chance Of A Lifetime

Sagittarius is an adventuresome and broad-minded sign that takes special pleasure in experiencing new things. They are also humorous and many have unconventional views and ways of reasoning for which they scarcely apologize for. You only live once and for this reason, a Sagittarius’ loyalty may only be as strong as the opportunities available to them. Sagittarians may get off on the game of cheating and pride themselves on the skill with which they can cover their tracks and avoid detection.

Capricorn: Because They Bonded With A Coworker

Capricorns are typically not into flings and are unlikely to throw away their committed relationships over a trifling tryst. But Capricorns are typically very career driven and consequently they are likely to spend copious amounts of time at work at some expense to their social or romantic lives. They are likely to cheat with the attractive coworker they spend so much time with especially if they are stressed out and in need of a release.

Aquarius: Because They Were Ready To Break It Off Anyway

Aquarius gets bored with conventional arrangements. They are independence-minded and will seek to maintain much of their sovereignty and personal space even within their romantic relationships. Aquarians hate feeling constricted or held back by their relationships and they may prepare for a radical change in direction. Out of spite, they may assert their liberty by willfully cheating on their partner just to make a point that no one can control them.

Pisces: Because They Were Fantasizing About It For Awhile

When Pisces gets certain ideas into their head, it can take over their mind and become a persistent distraction. Pisces have addictive personalities and they can become intoxicated with desire for that lovely stranger, colleague or coworker. Their vibrant imaginations can visualize so many forbidden scenarios and most of the time that is enough. But occasionally it can be more than they can bear and they may become emboldened to manifest their thirsty compulsions.

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