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Jodi Arias Astrology Chart

jodi arias astrology chart

Jodi Arias is an American convicted murderer born July 9, 1980. She gained national attention during her trial for the brutal killing of her boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008. When Alexander was found slumped in the shower by friends, he was already in the advanced stages of decomposition. The severity of his wounds (which included around 27 stabbings, a gun shot to the head and a nearly decapitating slice to the throat).were indications to the jurors of Arias’ cruelty and factored into her being sentenced to life, narrowly avoiding the death penalty. The nature of the case was similar to the trial of O.J. Simpson with whom Arias shares her birthday. Their crimes were both crimes of passion that exhibited excessive cruelty in how their victims were killed, which included excessive stabbing and near-decapitations. During her trial, Jodi has proved to be a pathological liar, while also displaying narcissistic and sociopathic traits.

Now here’s a look at the Jodi Arias astrology chart:

jodi arias birth chart
Jodi Arias Natal Chart provided by


“No jury will ever convict me.” – Jodi Arias

“Jodi Arias believed that if her I.Q. was measured it would be something like in the area of Albert Einstein.” – Juan Martinez

Narcissistic Personality

  • Ascendant 13°30′ Taurus – Physically attractive
  • Sun 2ND DECAN Cancer – Emotional intensity, possessiveness and jealousy
  • Sun Conjunction Mercury – Confidence in speech and intellect
  • Sun Square Pluto – Self-destructiveness

Home Life

“Jodi had mental problems. Jodi would freak out all the time… We don’t have a good relationship.” – Sandy Arias (Jodi’s mother)

  • Mercury/Sun conjunct in Cancer, House IV – Withdrawn, deep thinker
  • Jupiter/Saturn/Mars cluster in Virgo – Health minded and service oriented

Femme Fatale

“I kind of felt like a prostitute. It seemed like Travis kind of had a Bill Clinton version of sex – where oral and anal are also sex to me, but not for him.” – Jodi Arias

  • Uranus 21°41′ Я Scorpio, in House VII – Manipulative controller in relationships who won’t be controlled
  • Venus Opposite Neptune – Unrealistic expectations on partner
  • Uranus Opposite AS – Social chameleon
  • Venus Square Saturn – Doesn’t respect boundaries
  • Pluto 19°00′ Libra, in House VI / Venus trine Pluto –Intense, possessive lover
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If you look at Travis Alexander’s chart chart by comparison, one thing you may notice is the similarities such as the placements of Neptune and Uranus. This is typical because these are generational planets that take much longer to move through the chart due to their long orbits. People of similar ages will generally share the same Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus house placements. However, Travis and Jodi also share the same Ascendant sign and so their astrology signs occupy all the same houses as well.

travis alexander birth chart
Travis Alexander Natal Chart provided by

Glib Charm

“Lying isn’t typically something I just do. The lies I’ve told in this case can be tied directly back to either protecting Travis’ reputation or my involvement in his death…because I was very ashamed.” – Jodi Arias

  • Cancer in House III –  Pleasant and sociable
  • Mercury 21°08′ Я Cancer, in House III / Mercury square Pluto – Obsessive thoughts

Career Life

“I would much rather die sooner than later. Longevity runs in my family, and I don’t want to spend the rest of my natural life in one place.” – Jodi Arias

  • Midheaven 26°46′ Capricorn – Workaholic and success driven
  • Mercury Opposite MC  – Difficulty in mastering profession
  • Sun Opposite MC – Professional image discords with true nature

Lies and Deception

“I couldn’t keep my stories straight. It’s all the same thing, just different versions – I couldn’t keep my lies straight.” – Jodi Arias

  • Pisces in House XII – Subject to escapism and self indulgence
  • Neptune 20°36′ Я Sagittarius – Spiritually open minded
  • Moon 10°38′ Gemini / Moon square Jupiter – Private person with sudden mood swings
  • Moon Opposite Neptune – False perceptions
  • Neptune Sextile Pluto – A talent for making things up
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Positions of Planets
Sun 17°17′ Cancer
Moon 10°38′ Gemini
Mercury 21°08′ Я Cancer
Venus 16°10′ Gemini
Mars 29°14′ Virgo
Jupiter 7°26′ Virgo
Saturn 22°04′ Virgo
Uranus 21°41′ Я Scorpio
Neptune 20°36′ Я Sagittarius
Pluto 19°00′ Libra
Chiron 17°22′ Taurus
Ceres 18°45′ Gemini
Pallas 28°16′ Aries
Juno 26°15′ Leo
Vesta 10°19′ Cancer
Node 20°36′ Я Leo
Lilith 18°43′ Libra
Fortune 20°09′ Gemini
AS 13°30′ Taurus
MC 26°46′ Capricorn

Planets in Houses
Sun House 3
Moon House 1
Mercury House 3
Venus House 2
Mars House 6
Jupiter House 5
Saturn House 5
Uranus House 7
Neptune House 8
Pluto House 6
Chiron House 1
Ceres House 2
Pallas House 12
Juno House 5
Vesta House 3
Node House 4
Lilith House 6

Positions of Houses
House 1 13°30′ Taurus
House 2 12°07′ Gemini
House 3 4°39′ Cancer
House 4 26°46′ Cancer
House 5 22°55′ Leo
House 6 28°20′ Virgo
House 7 13°30′ Scorpio
House 8 12°07′ Sagittarius
House 9 4°39′ Capricorn
House 10 26°46′ Capricorn
House 11 22°55′ Aquarius
House 12 28°20′ Pisces

List of Aspects
Sun Conjunction Mercury Orb 3°50′
Moon Conjunction Venus Orb 5°32′
Mars Conjunction Saturn Orb 7°09′
Venus Opposite Neptune Orb 4°25′
Mercury Opposite MC Orb 5°38′
Uranus Opposite AS Orb 8°10′
Sun Opposite MC Orb 9°28′
Moon Opposite Neptune Orb 9°58′
Saturn Square Neptune Orb 1°28′
Sun Square Pluto Orb 1°42′
Mercury Square Pluto Orb 2°07′
Moon Square Jupiter Orb 3°11′
Venus Square Saturn Orb 5°53′
Pluto Square MC Orb 7°46′
Mercury Trine Uranus Orb 0°33′
Mars Trine MC Orb 2°28′
Venus Trine Pluto Orb 2°49′
Sun Trine Uranus Orb 4°24′
Saturn Trine MC Orb 4°41′
Jupiter Trine AS Orb 6°04′
Moon Trine Pluto Orb 8°22′
Saturn Sextile Uranus Orb 0°22′
Mercury Sextile Saturn Orb 0°56′
Neptune Sextile Pluto Orb 1°35′
Sun Sextile AS Orb 3°46′
Sun Sextile Saturn Orb 4°47′
Uranus Sextile MC Orb 5°04′
Mercury Inconjunction Neptune Orb 0°31′
Mercury SemiSquare Jupiter Orb 1°18′
Mars SesquiQuadrate AS Orb 0°43′
Moon SesquiQuadrate MC Orb 1°08′
Sun Quintile Mars Orb 0°02′
Neptune BiQuintile AS Orb 1°05′
Uranus SemiSextile Neptune Orb 1°05′
Sun SemiSextile Venus Orb 1°06′

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