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Dragon Ball: 16 Personalities & Zodiac signs

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Do you ever wonder what your favorite Dragon Ball character’s zodiac sign and MBTI type might be? Well, get ready to find out! We’ve delved into the depths of the Dragon Ball universe to bring you the astrological and typological traits of your beloved Saiyans, Namekians, and more. So grab your dragon radar and let’s begin!

Goku from Dragon Ball Z depicted as16 personalities style avatar

Goku: Aries/ESFP

birthdate: April 18th

As an Aries, Goku embodies the qualities of a courageous, adventurous, and impulsive individual. He is in fact the consummate Aries. Direct and honest to a fault, he has very little filter and will often say and do things that embarrass the people around him. Like an Aries, he is highly competitive and enjoys a good challenge, often pushing himself to be the best he can be. Goku is not afraid to take risks, and enjoys exploring new possibilities and experiences.

He can be impulsive at times, often rushing into situations without thinking them through. However, his quick thinking and decisiveness often saves the day. Although Goku is happy and easy to please most of the time, he also has a powerful Aries temper. When Frieza killed his friend Krillin, it sent Goku over the edge and the rage he felt transformed him into a Super Saiyan for the first time.

As an ESFP, Goku is a highly outgoing and spontaneous individual who loves to have fun and enjoys being around others. He is highly in tune with his senses and often lives in the moment, taking pleasure in the sights, sounds, and experiences around him. Goku is highly adaptable, and is able to go with the flow and adapt to changing situations with ease.

He is highly optimistic and enjoys seeing the best in people, often bringing out the best in others with his infectious energy. For example, during the early episodes of Dragon Ball, Goku’s ESFP traits are on full display as he travels around the world with Bulma, enjoying new experiences and meeting new people. While he can be reckless at times, he is always quick to recover and learn from his mistakes.

Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z depicted as16 personalities style avatar

Vegeta: Leo/INTJ

birthdate: August 14th

One of Vegeta’s defining traits is his pride. He is so proud in fact, that he actually resented Goku for saving him instead of letting him die like a warrior following his defeat at the hands of Frieza. Leos are known for their pride but also their heart. Although Vegeta is not someone who wears his heart on his sleeve, his character arc has revealed the soft underbelly beneath his prickly demeanor. For one, on planet Namek, he selflessly saved Gohan from Frieza by kicking him out of the way of his blast. Vegeta subsequently takes a beating from Frieza until Goku shows up. Later on, domestic life with his wife Bulma and son Trunks has shown another side to Vegeta that contrasts comically with his battle-hardened persona.

As much as he tries to hide it, he really loves and cares about his family and friends. As a Leo, Vegeta embodies the qualities of a confident, ambitious, and charismatic leader. He is fiercely independent, and has a strong desire to be respected and admired by others. Vegeta has a commanding presence, and often exudes a sense of authority and self-assurance. He is proud and can be quite stubborn at times, but his loyalty and protectiveness towards his loved ones is unwavering.

As an INTJ, Vegeta is a strategic and analytical thinker who is always looking for ways to improve himself and his situation. He is highly independent, and prefers to work alone rather than in a team. He is logical and decisive, and often finds it difficult to connect with others on an emotional level. Vegeta is driven by his goals, and has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve. He is highly self-disciplined and can be quite critical of himself and others.

Overall, Vegeta’s Leo traits and INTJ personality make him a highly complex and fascinating character. He is driven by his desire for power and respect, but is also fiercely loyal to his family and friends. He is a highly analytical and strategic thinker, and is always looking for ways to improve himself and his abilities. Despite his tough exterior, he has a vulnerable side that he rarely shows to others, but which makes him all the more relatable and compelling as a character.

Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z depicted as16 personalities style avatar

Piccolo: Taurus/INFJ

birthdate: May 9th

Piccolo is a wise, sagacious and introspective character who is deeply in touch with his own emotions and values. He is focused on personal growth and self-improvement, and is driven by a strong sense of purpose and duty. As a Taurus, Piccolo embodies the qualities of a patient, reliable, and practical individual. He is highly disciplined and focused, and has a strong sense of responsibility towards his duties. Piccolo is steady and dependable, and is often able to weather even the most difficult of situations with grace and composure. He can be stubborn at times, but this is often balanced by his deep sense of loyalty and devotion to his friends.

As an INFJ, Piccolo is stoic, reserved and introverted. During the Z series, he is often seen meditating in isolation. He is highly intuitive and able to detect negative energies from far away before anyone else. This allows him to be a herald of foreboding danger. He is a natural counselor and advisor, and often finds himself in the role of mentor to others. Piccolo is highly introspective, and spends a great deal of time reflecting on his own feelings and motivations. He is idealistic and often has a clear vision of the kind of world he would like to see. Piccolo can be reserved and private, but when he does open up to others, it is with a great deal of depth and sincerity.

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Gohan from Dragon Ball Z depicted as16 personalities style avatar

Gohan: Taurus/INFP

birthdate: May 18th

As a Taurus, Gohan embodies the qualities of a patient, dependable, and practical individual. Unlike his father Goku, Gohan is a sensitive soul who does not share an inherent passion for fighting. His nature is more timid and gentle. There is however a sleeping giant that lives within Gohan. Although it takes a lot of effort to get him angry, when he does lose his temper, an enormous power is unleashed.

Similarly, Taureans are slow to anger but when they finally do reach a boiling point, the results can be devastating. Apart from that, he is highly reliable and dedicated, and has a strong sense of responsibility towards his loved ones. For example, during the Cell Games, Gohan showed his Taurus traits by taking his training with his father seriously and focusing on becoming strong enough to protect his family and friends.

As an INFP, Gohan is a highly introspective and sensitive individual who is deeply attuned to the emotions of those around him. He is guided by his values and ideals, and is often driven by a strong sense of purpose. Gohan is highly creative and imaginative, and often has a unique perspective on the world around him.

Goten from Dragon Ball Z depicted as16 personalities style avatar

Goten: Virgo/ESFP

birthdate: August 26th

Goten is energetic, spontaneous, and loves to have fun. As a Virgo, Goten embodies the qualities of a more mellow, practical, reliable, and cautious individual. Like his father Goku, he has a kind heart but thanks to his mother’s guidance, he displays better sense and manners. Between him and his friend Trunks, he is usually the voice of reason although he is also easily influenced by him.

As an ESFP, Goten is much like his ESFP father, Goku. He is even a spitting image of him sporting the same spiky hairdo. He is a happy energetic and outgoing individual who enjoys being around others and experiencing new things. When Goten gets older, he begins to assert his individuality with a different hairstyle and his interests shift away from fighting and toward girls and dating. Goten is highly adaptable and flexible, able to go with the flow and adapt to changing situations with ease. Goten’s ESFP traits are on full display as he enjoys his childhood and spends time playing and having fun with his friend Trunks.

Trunks from Dragon Ball Z depicted as16 personalities style avatar

Trunks: Scorpio/ESTP

birthdate: November (unknown day)

Trunks is bold, daring, and action-oriented. He is quick to make decisions and enjoys taking risks. Trunks is skilled in combat and loves to test his abilities against strong opponents.

Scorpios are known for their intense and passionate nature, and Trunks certainly displays those traits. As a warrior and a fighter, Trunks is deeply committed to his cause, and he approaches his battles with an unwavering determination and focus. He’s also known for being fiercely loyal to his friends and family, which is another hallmark of the Scorpio sign. Additionally, Scorpios are known for their strong intuition and their ability to read people well, which is something that Trunks has displayed on multiple occasions.

As an ESTP, Trunks is highly adaptable and able to think quickly on his feet, which is essential for a warrior. He’s also highly competitive and enjoys taking risks, which can sometimes get him into trouble. However, he’s also highly skilled and is able to come out on top in most situations. Additionally, ESTPs are known for their love of adventure, and Trunks certainly fits that bill. He’s always ready for the next challenge and is eager to push himself to new heights.

Krillin from Dragon Ball Z depicted as16 personalities style avatar

Krillin: Scorpio/ISFJ

birthdate: October 29th

Krillin from Dragon Ball is a beloved character. Despite his diminutive size, he is considered one of the most powerful humans on earth. Although he is not as strong as his Namekian and Saiyan cohorts, he has come through in the clutch saving the day at key moments throughout the series.

Scorpios are known for their emotional depth and intensity, and Krillin certainly displays those traits. He’s a loyal friend and a fierce fighter, and he often approaches his battles with an unwavering determination and focus. Like many Scorpios, Krillin can be jealous, guarded and secretive at times, but he’s also deeply passionate and committed to his cause.

As an ISFJ, Krillin is reliable and responsible, which are traits that he displays consistently throughout the series. Although he is a formidable fighter in his own right, he often plays a more supportive role while letting stronger fighters take the lead. He is a great team player who doesn’t have an oversized ego. He’s a loyal friend with a good heart who can be relied upon to fulfill his duty when others are counting on him.

Bulma from Dragon Ball Z depicted as16 personalities style avatar

Bulma: Leo/ENTP

birthdate: August 18th

Bulma is a vain, temperamental but super smart character. In her earliest appearances she was something of a primadonna who was preoccupied with her looks and hygiene. Of all the characters she changes her appearance the most with her hairstyle and wardrobe. She is very Leo-like in her feisty temper and flirty charm. She was involved in a lot of romantic drama and played the comically jealous girlfriend while dating Yamcha. Also like most Leos, Bulma has an outgoing, charismatic, and confident nature. Additionally, Leos are known for their generosity and their willingness to help others, which is something that Bulma has demonstrated in the older sisterly bond she developed with Goku.

Despite what the superficial qualities of her personality might suggest, Bulma has a lot of brains. She is an ENTP, because she is an outgoing extravert with a brilliant grasp of technology. As a scientist she is super inventive and has on occasion reverse engineered, figured out and operated alien technology. She is a very dynamic and interesting character and her penchant for variety and frequently changing things up with her appearance hints at the perceiving emphasis of being an ENTP.

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Chi Chi from Dragon Ball Z depicted as16 personalities style avatar

Chi Chi: Taurus/ESTJ

birthdate: May 12th

Chi Chi is practical, no-nonsense, and goal-oriented. She is an archetypally overbearing but well-meaning mother to Gohan and Goten. She is a fierce protector of her family as well and has shown zero tolerance for those who disrespect her sons or her husband Goku. Chi Chi can be strict and demanding, but ultimately cares deeply for her family.

Taurus is an earth sign known for its practical, grounded, and dependable nature, and Chi Chi certainly displays those traits. It’s also very fitting that she is the daughter of the Ox King. She’s a hard worker who values stability and security, and she’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get to work. Like many Taureans, Chi Chi is also known for her stubbornness and her determination to see things through to the end. Additionally, Tauruses are known for their love of luxury and comfort, which is evident in Chi Chi’s desire for her family to live a comfortable life.

As an ESTJ, Chi Chi takes charge when necessary. She’s a natural leader and seeks to raise her sons in a highly disciplined and structured environment. She is very tough but simply wants what’s best for her family. She yells at Goku for reckless fighting or exposing Gohan to risk and dangerous situations. She is the backbone of her family and a grounding presence amidst all the super powered shenanigans that take place. Additionally, ESTJs are known for their practicality and their ability to see things as they are, rather than as they wish them to be, which is a trait that Chi Chi displays in her approach to raising her children and running her household.

Master Roshi from Dragon Ball Z depicted as16 personalities style avatar

Master Roshi: ENTP

birthdate: Unknown

Master Roshi is an eccentric, witty, and humorous master of martial arts. He trained many of the fighters and taught Goku his signature Kamehameha move. Roshi lives a simple unconventional lifestyle with a giant sea turtle he likes to ride on. He is surprisingly strong for his age and has been able to hold his own against some pretty tough opponents. Always looking for new experiences, Master Roshi can be unpredictable and unconventional, but his wisdom and experience make him a valuable mentor.

Master Roshi is a very outgoing and sociable character who enjoys being around people and interacting with them. He is often seen engaging in lively conversations and making jokes with others. His techniques and methods are often outside of the box and he is not afraid to take risks. Roshi tends to be a humorous character but when he is serious, he can be surprisingly insightful and analytical in his assessments.

Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z depicted as16 personalities style avatar

Android 18: ISTP

birthdate: Unknown

Android 18 is a human modified with cybernetics by Dr. Gero. She is noted for her cool, aloof demeanor and flat affectation. As you might expect from an Android, she is not emotionally expressive and prior Dragon ball super, she was almost never seen smiling. She does however exhibit a dry sarcastic humor that is often harsh and insensitive.

Android 18 is typed as an ISTP due to her highly reserved temperament, logical thinking, mechanical precision and sharp senses. Like an ISTP, she is highly introverted and tends to keep to herself. Because she is part machine, her human emotions have been subdued. She is not very vocal about her feelings or emotions. ISTPs on account of their inferior extraverted feeling, typically struggle with emotional expression and conforming with external group values. Android 18 can be comically tone deaf and tactless in how she conducts herself. Thanks to her cybernetic enhancements, she has super senses and superhuman technical skills and abilities.

Overall, Android 18’s practical and independent nature, combined with her focus on action and her ability to stay calm under pressure, make her a prime example of an ISTP personality type. She is a highly skilled fighter who is able to assess situations quickly and react accordingly, and she is not afraid to take risks to achieve her goals.

Yamcha from Dragon Ball Z depicted as16 personalities style avatar

Yamcha: Pisces/ESFJ

birthdate: March 20th

As an ESFJ, Yamcha is a sociable and outgoing character who demonstrates a desire to support and be of help to the people around him. His earliest appearance in Dragon Ball depicted him as a brave and formidable fighter who feared nothing except for women. Despite his ambitions to be the strongest fighter on earth he ultimately gave up that goal once the Super Saiyans entered the picture. Yamcha became more of a joke character and played a much lesser role in later series. He is supportive and loyal to his friends, and is driven by a strong desire to help and protect others.

As a Pisces, Yamcha contends with insecurity, jealousy, self delusion and difficulty with commitment. A lot of this played out during his on again off again relationship drama with Bulma. Bulma ultimately didn’t feel as though she had Yamcha’s full exclusive devotion, which is why they eventually broke up. Yamcha gave up fighting to pursue his dream of playing baseball which was a piece of cake after helping protect the earth from super powered aliens for so long. At that point he just wanted to go on dates and live a more peaceful, personally fulfilling existence where he could finally shine with no Saiyans around to overshadow him.

Frieza from Dragon Ball Z depicted as16 personalities style avatar

Frieza: ESTJ

birthdate: Unknown

Frieza is an arrogant, brutal tyrant who ruthlessly killed Krillin and almost killed Vegeta as well. He is a malevolent ESTJ consumed with the pursuit of control and power. With his personal army, he goes around space destroying planets and enslaving populations. Selfish and uncompassionate, he kills on a whim and has little tolerance for when his underlyings fail him.

His troops fear being the cause of his displeasure or disappointment. He treats almost everyone around him as disposable tools of his bidding and shows a special contempt for the Saiyan race. As an ESTJ, he is clearly very comfortable occupying the seat of power and control he wields over others. ESTJs are not inherently evil, but their personality type is often favored super villainous characters.

Cell from Dragon Ball Z depicted as16 personalities style avatar

Cell: ENFJ

birthdate: Unknown

Cell is a charismatic and manipulative character who is able to read and understand people’s emotions and motivations. His personality is also an amalgamation of Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta and Frieza. This is because Dr. Gero engineered him using their DNA. As a result he is supremely confident and pompous. Not only is he powerful but he also knows each of the above mentioned fighter’s flaws and weaknesses. He uses this knowledge to manipulate them in battle. ENFJs are recognized for their ability to read people and influence and manipulate to similar effect.

His quest for perfection is also a quality that ENFJ can identify with. Cell’s plan was to absorb Android 18 so he can achieve his final perfect form. His ultimate intention was to wipe out all “imperfect” lifeforms. This desire was a product of his rather extreme and sadistic ideals. In the end, his vanity became his downfall and exploiting it allowed Gohan to gain the upper hand and defeat him.

Majin Buu from Dragon Ball Z depicted as16 personalities style avatar

Maijin Buu: Taurus/ENFP

birthdate: May 8th

Majin Buu took many forms but in his purest form he is essentially a sociopathic kid. He lacks the capacity to feel empathy or remorse for the destruction he causes. So how can he be an ENFP? ENFPs are supposed to be humane idealists aren’t they? Well Majin Buu’s selfish and uncontrollable nature is probably a good example of the negative side of Fi (introverted feeling). Fi users like INFP, ESFP, ISFP and ENFP are highly resistant to people who try to control or impose their values upon them. They tend to have a strong sense of their own identity and they above all want to feel control over their own life and destiny.

Additionally, due to his puerile nature, Majin is playful and engaged in a lot of random humorous antics during combat. His ability to absorb other beings and take on a variety of forms at different stages is analogous to the ENFPs adaptability in life. ENFPs are able to adjust their situations in creative ways and are willing to try a lot of things. Although there are moments when Majin Buu shows some tactical intelligence, his actions are not guided by any premeditated plan or goal which rules him out as a Thinking type. He is very random and impulsive and exists only to create chaos and destruction.

Broly from Dragon Ball Z depicted as16 personalities style avatar

Broly: ISTP

birthdate: Unknown

Broly is something of a bipolar character. He is at times a solemn and stoic introvert and at others he is a raging psychopathic sadist. He is a troubled soul haunted by PTSD and a subconscious hatred towards Goku. Like the ISTP, he doesn’t show a lot of emotion most of the time and much of it is buried away from his conscious mind. Consequently when his emotions do bubble to the surface it is typically explosive and out of control. ISTPs can similarly have a problem with suppressing their feelings until they finally snap in an outburst of anger.

While in his right mind, Broly is quiet, rational, composed and introspective. At his worst, he is objectivistic to a sociopathic degree. He has pursued his plans with little to no regard for the casualties and suffering it happens to cause. As he sees it, he is simply doing what needs to be done and doesn’t care about moral implications. Additionally, Broly has a disdain for characters like Vegeta who he perceives as all talk. Despite his hatred of Goku, he holds more respect for him as a true warrior.

Broly’s character is highly focused on action and practicality. He is an introverted character who keeps to himself and has a somewhat detached and reserved demeanor. Broly is highly skilled in battle and is known for his incredible strength and agility, which he uses to achieve his goals. He is a “doer” who prefers action to talk, and he is highly independent and self-sufficient.

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