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The Way Each Fire Sign Makes Their Mark On The World

Two worlds at Gingershots


Life is a struggle but Aries wouldn’t have it any other way. If everything came too easily for them, they’d get bored. Aries people want to feel in control over their own destiny and they desire autonomy and freedom in whatever profession they occupy. Excitement and action is what gets the dynamic and adventuresome Aries going. As the 1st sign of the zodiac, Aries is possessed of a pioneering spirit that is restless and sensation seeking. From a young age Aries people will want to be their own person and they pride themselves on their fortitude and self-sufficiency. Their sense of sovereignty however, will likely lead to clashes with authority figures and attempts by others to manipulate or control them.

Aries is a courageous sign and they become extra emboldened when they know others are watching. They have a thirst for adventure and are the first to spring into action in an emergency. They venture into the wilderness of the unknown where others dare not tread, embarking on a path that is all their own. They would like to inspire and motivate others to do the same or follow their lead. Aries are full of rambunctious vitality that others will either admire or feel threatened by. Although malice is rarely the motive behind Aries’ actions, they are nonetheless ever-ready to fight and scrap for what they desire or deserve. For them life is a series of challenges and battles for them to overcome and prove themselves, but that’s also what makes it fun.

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Confidence is key in many aspects of life and Leo possesses a boat load of this trait. Leos are creative and full of life and warmth paired with the heart of a lion. And like the apex predator by which they are represented, Leos make their presence known wherever they go because they love the attention. Although some Leos do not prefer to be in leadership positions where they are supervising and managing other people, they nonetheless carry qualities that make them well suited for it. Even shy Leos will likely desire recognition and admiration and this may often be attained through ambitious achievements aided by their sheer will and strength of character.

Behind Leo’s fierce tenacity lies a big heart. Their legacies will likely be built on altruism as well as personal achievement. Leos have the capacity to lead with strength and feeling and they know how to be stern when necessary. For their loved ones, Leos will go to the greatest lengths to make them happy. They expect little else in return accept to know that they are appreciated and loved. On a larger scale, Leo’s compassionate nature may be extended into acts of humanitarianism and charity work.


Sagittarians bring humor and a cheerful disposition that can lighten up the atmosphere wherever they grace their presence. Sagittarius people are broad minded with a philosophical bend. Even those who decide not to pursue higher education, will likely hold interest in learning various things and expanding their understanding of the world. Sagittarians are known for not being afraid to challenge the status quo and be outspoken in their criticism of both social and political mores. The humor and wit with which they do this however, helps them make an impact that would not be achieved otherwise.

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Sagittarius people will likely have a desire to travel and see the world. In doing so, they will no doubt acquire wisdom and through their experiences a repertoire of interesting funny stories that will enthrall listeners. Humanity benefits from Sagittarius’ honesty and forthrightness which is a breath of fresh air in a world full of disingenuous and sycophantic characters. Sagittarius can often be counted on to tell the truth as they see it regardless of whose feelings it hurts.

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