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The Best Qualities of Each Zodiac sign

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  • Very hard workers
  • Excellent improvisers
  • Tend to be adventurous and fearless
  • Types of people who are willing to “dive right in”
  • “Live in the moment” types of people
  • Thrives on action, excitement and adventure
  • Strong desire to be free and unconfined
  • Straight-forward and honest
  • Tend to be “big kids”
  • Tend to be good athletes
  • Energetic
  • Able to succeed at anything they put their mind to
  • Take-charge kinds of people – tend to naturally step into leadership roles
  • Unthreatened by conflict/criticism
  • Typically self-confident
  • Excellent in crisis situations
  • Caring and protective over those they love
  • Fiercely independent
  • Very loyal to those they consider close to them
  • Fun-loving, enthusiastic, excitable, spontaneous
  • Can be highly perceptive and observant
  • Typically optimistic and fun to be around
  • Not the kinds of people you could ever call lazy
  • Usually willing and eager to spend time with their children
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