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Kanye West’s Astrology Chart

kanye west natal chart

Kanye West is the controversial and outspoken grammy winning artist known for various albums like College Dropout, 808’s and Heartbreak, Yeezus, and most recently, The Life of Pablo. His highly publicized life, opinionated views, and unpredictable antics have earned him massive popularity and a prominent place in popular culture.

Kanye Omari West was born June 8, 1977. He is a second decan Gemini with the sub-influence of Libra/Venus. He shares his birthday with television personality Maria Menounous and late comedian, Joan Rivers. As a Gemini, communication is pronounced and a central feature of his personality. Compulsive speech, nervous energy, anxiety, and mercurial caprice are all typical of the Gemini persona. The influence of Venus denotes an appreciation for art with a sensitivity to beauty and sensual experiences. Kanye’s Ascendant is in the sign of cancer which suggests a creative, and intensely emotional nature with defense mechanisms in place to protect the ego against persecution from the outside world. In 2002, West underwent extensive reconstructive surgery for his face after a severe car accident nearly killed him. This event galvanized his resolve and motivated him to live his life to the fullest.

Now let’s look at some of the aspects in Kanye’s chart.

kanye west chart

“I’m pretty calculating. I take stuff that I know appeals to people’s bad sides and match it up with stuff that appeals to their good sides.”

Moon in Pisces/Moon in House IX
Life rhythms are marked by detachment from customs and outdated habits.
Loner tendencies with a need for solitude. Real serenity can exist only
when living according to inner demands. With the Moon in the 9th House,
the world is like extended family. There’s a need to widen the private world,
and link unknown matters with familiar ones.

“I feel like I’m too busy writing history to read it.”

Midheaven in Aries
A desire to build everything, and build it bigger and better than
before. Incapacity to settle, with a constant thirst for revival.
Dynamic and independent: all these factors contribute to turn the
destiny into a roller coaster, but this does not really upset you since
the most important thing for you is that you never get bored and that
you can use up all your energy.

“Thirty-three-years-old, still creating art. It’s rage, it’s creativity, it’s pain, it’s hurt, but it’s the opportunity to still have my voice get out there through music.”

Ascendant in Cancer
You are dreamy, with a psychological nature that is oriented towards
nostalgia for things past, towards your mother and your family. Your
instinct and your need to protect yourself from the outside world are
highly developed. Your inner life is rich, with a vivid and even
unlimited imagination.

“Why, if someone is good in one field can they not be accepted or given the slightest opportunity to express and be creative in other fields?”

Pluto in Libra/Pluto in House IV
It is impossible to stick a label on these people, and no model can
encapsulate them. They feel they are the bearer of a truth which eludes
ordinary people, parents, and the circles in which they move. When it
is well-integrated, this peculiarity may prove a powerful drive for

“Know your worth! People always act like they’re doing more for you than you’re doing for them.”

True Lilith 24°00′ Я Taurus, in House XI
Assertive, combative, and haughty character endowed with leadership
abilities. One prefers forceful means to dialogue and arouses much
hatred. One makes the difference between one’s few genuine friends and
all the numerous flatterers.

Positions of Planets

Sun 17°36′ Gemini
Moon 16°26′ Pisces
Mercury 26°17′ Taurus
Venus 2°02′ Taurus
Mars 1°47′ Taurus
Jupiter 14°36′ Gemini
Saturn 12°48′ Leo
Uranus 8°16′ Я Scorpio
Neptune 14°42′ Я Sagittarius
Pluto 11°27′ Я Libra
Chiron 4°10′ Taurus
Ceres 0°05′ Libra
Pallas 29°57′ Leo
Juno 16°55′ Я Scorpio
Vesta 6°54′ Leo
Node 22°49′ Я Libra
Lilith 24°00′ Я Taurus
Fortune 16°50′ Aries
AS 18°00′ Cancer
MC 3°59′ Aries

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Planets in Houses*

Sun House 12
Moon House 9
Mercury House 11
Venus House 10
Mars House 10
Jupiter House 11
Saturn House 2
Uranus House 4
Neptune House 6
Pluto House 4
Chiron House 10
Ceres House 3
Pallas House 2
Juno House 5
Vesta House 1
Node House 4
Lilith House 11
Fortune House 10

Positions of Houses

House 1 18°00′ Cancer
House 2 9°31′ Leo
House 3 4°01′ Virgo
House 4 3°59′ Libra
House 5 9°24′ Scorpio
House 6 15°41′ Sagittarius
House 7 18°00′ Capricorn
House 8 9°31′ Aquarius
House 9 4°01′ Pisces
House 10 3°59′ Aries
House 11 9°24′ Taurus
House 12 15°41′ Gemini

List of Aspects

Venus Conjunction Mars Orb 0°14′
Sun Conjunction Jupiter Orb 2°59′
Jupiter Opposite Neptune Orb 0°05′
Sun Opposite Neptune Orb 2°54′
Venus Opposite Uranus Orb 6°14′
Mars Opposite Uranus Orb 6°28′
Pluto Opposite MC Orb 7°27′
Sun Square Moon Orb 1°10′
Moon Square Neptune Orb 1°44′
Moon Square Jupiter Orb 1°49′
Saturn Square Uranus Orb 4°31′
Pluto Square AS Orb 6°33′
Moon Trine AS Orb 1°34′
Saturn Trine Neptune Orb 1°53′
Jupiter Trine Pluto Orb 3°09′
Sun Trine Pluto Orb 6°09′
Moon Trine Uranus Orb 8°09′
Saturn Sextile Pluto Orb 1°21′
Jupiter Sextile Saturn Orb 1°48′
Neptune Sextile Pluto Orb 3°14′
Sun Sextile Saturn Orb 4°48′
Moon SemiSquare Mars Orb 0°21′
Sun SemiSquare Venus Orb 0°34′
Moon SemiSquare Venus Orb 0°36′
Sun SemiSquare Mars Orb 0°48′
Mercury SesquiQuadrate Pluto Orb 0°09′
Mars SesquiQuadrate Neptune Orb 2°05′
Venus SesquiQuadrate Neptune Orb 2°20′
Jupiter BiQuintile Uranus Orb 0°20′
Sun SemiSextile AS Orb 0°24′

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