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The Trouble Each Zodiac Sign Gets Themselves Into

The Type of Trouble Each Zodiac Sign Gets Themselves Into

Every sun sign has traits that are particularly blessings to the sign, but there are no saints in the zodiac. Every sun sign has traits and expressions that simply attract trouble. Here’s a guide to how each sign gets itself into trouble from time to time (or, more often than that.):


Aries impulsiveness means it rushes into danger without thinking, with the famous last words “hey guys! Watch this!” long after everyone else thinks they’re too old to be pulling stunts without wearing a helmet. It may not go looking for fight, but it’s explosive nature and big mouth can get it into fights, including physical ones. Aries must get its pound of flesh. Their sense of competition and need to win can turn a good time into war. Less-evolved Aries may confuse other people’s assertiveness for aggressiveness or may joke too aggressively with the wrong person, leaving others with lingering resentments that Aries itself can’t fathom since it’s already over it.


Generally, Taurus never goes looking for trouble, because Taurus is the embodiment of the law of inertia: a body at rest stays at rest, but a body at motion stays in motion unless a greater force stops it, and there is probably no greater force than Taurean stubbornness. Taurus goes down with the ship. However, laziness and procrastination can cause Taurus to find themselves uncomfortably working down to the wire. When they are incensed or goaded to move when they don’t want, they can explode, and once moved, they don’t calm down until they have eviscerated the enemy, often leaving irreparable damage. Lesser-evolved Tauruses may use their tempers to control people, burning bridges or reaping resentment.


Gemini is a talker, not a fighter. Gemini needs to prove that it’s smarter than everyone else and can find something to argue about, largely just to argue, changing its mind every minute but doing so continually arguing just to argue. This can greatly vex others who have one opinion to defend. Gemini relies on the ability to smooth talk (or double-talk) their way out of things, especially when they take on too much and inevitably drop the ball on something or fail to keep their stories straight. Unfortunately, nothing ever really goes away on the Internet, and Gemini finds this out the hard way when they’re caught talking out of both sides of their mouths.


Cancer’s kneejerk emotional reactions almost mimic Aries’ impulsiveness. Sensitive Cancer can find an insult in a bouquet of flowers if it wants, and will lash out, believing it to be in self-defense. On the other hand, Cancer may have a childish meltdown to incense others to baby it. This can lower other’s confidence in Cancer’s ability to handle stress and responsibility, and then they wonder why others treat them like children. On that note, Cancer’s overactive imaginations may run away with them, leading them to invent problems where none may have existed.

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For Leo, it’s their way or the highway until their dying day. Leo is the grasshopper who plays through summer and expects the ants to feed him in winter, but come winter, the ants are not entertained. Leo’s flair for the dramatic can make a small thing blow up into a much bigger problem or simply give it the appearance of a bigger problem. Leo needs to be seen, and it won’t cooperate or play along if it can’t be center stage, and the older Leo gets, the more likely that others will refuse to play this game with them, so the more it tries until it make a fool of itself.


Virgo’s nosiness and critical nature tends to push people away, especially lesser evolve Virgos who have a need to be right all the time and will act on what they think is right…whether it’s wanted or not. Virgo is the grand master of never letting anything go. Virgo picks and perfects until it ruins something: it can pull a loose thread until the entire sweater unravels, leaving a mess it insists only Virgo can fix, even though it’s in over it’s head and afraid to talk about it, working all hours to make sure no one knows that Virgo could be less than perfect. When no one will do, there is no one to confide in.


Libra tries to be everything to everyone, telling everyone what they want to hear just to keep peace, whether or not it’s true. Libra hides behind bolder actors and tends to let everyone else fight their battles for them. Someone else does the dirty work, and Libra may find itself garnering frenemies and secret enemies who wish to expose them and bring their dark sides to light. Libra may go with the crowd against its better judgment just to avoid being left out or singled out, even when the crowd is doing something morally questionable or wrong, but afraid to jump ship to avoid a confrontation with the leaders of the gang.


While it may seem that Scorpio is vengeful, it is also very sensitive to other’s feelings and may do duplicitous things in order to avoid other people’s wrath. Everything has a reason, and all things start with a little thing that grows into a big thing, and then Chicken Little runs around crying that the sky is falling and we’re all doomed because it’s all or nothing with Scorpio. People either love or hate sexy Scorpio, who attracts jealousy simply by existing. Of course, Scorpio may pick forbidden fruit in someone else’s orchard, whether they realize it or not, but may God have mercy on anyone who approaches Scorpio’s guy or girl….

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Sagittarius is notorious for putting its feet in its mouth. However, Sagittarius doesn’t usually realize it’s in trouble until it’s too late, and it just assumes everyone can have a good laugh about it later. However, if insulted Sagittarius has a way of making sure that the insulting party never forgets it. They say yes to everything, but lack of commitment and follow-through, leaving others disappointed and wary of trusting them. Optimism, and a total disbelief that it could be kept down (or caught) drives Sagittarius to gamble bad odds and take risks that other people would never consider without a Plan B, or a rainy day fund, to cover the losses that everyone but Sagittarius could see coming.


Capricorn can make itself the single point of failure, such that others couldn’t possibly consider rejecting them since to do so would be utter disaster. Capricorn, however, also has a tendency to get involved in sophisticated social games and cold wars where ambition and ruthlessness are keys to survival. Greed and a need to prove itself may drive Capricorn to work in covert and underhanded ways and take advantage of more trusting people. Capricorn doesn’t like to ask for help, even when it is obvious that it needs help, and when in distress, pushes others further away: the more out of control Capricorn feels, the more it pretends to be in control and the power it tries to conserve for itself.


The need to be shocking and push the envelope can certainly make things bend until they break, but Aquarius also tends to ignore feelings, especially other people’s feelings. Aquarius can say the most cutting thing about someone in public as a joke and then genuinely wonder why that person is upset. Aquarius only realizes that there’s problem when EVERYONE is angry with them, including authority figures. The need to rebel can be so strong in lesser-evolved Aquarius that it challenges authority for the hell of it, even when it’s clear that to do so would be to Aquarius’s (and everyone else’s) detriment, inciting the crowd, taking the credit for it, and not even thinking about the consequences.

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Pisces lives by self-fulfilling prophecies and tends to be unrealistic, attracting bad outcomes, and playing the victim when those outcomes happen as expected (or unconsciously designed). Pisces has a tendency to sympathize with the devil or is the last to realize that they’re dealing with a false guru or total bullshit artist until they’re in too deep. It tends to disengage from reality when it’s difficult and refuses to see the bad side of things, or people, meaning it can get lead down some very scary rabbit holes, unsure of how to find it’s way back. Pisces has a fondness for altered states, including those chemically induced, which often create for interesting circumstances the next morning.

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