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Sun in the 8th House – Volcanic Willpower

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Sun in House Eight

Sun in the 8th House Overview:

The sun in the 8th house is a placement that symbolizes a strong will to survive and transform the self identity in order to endure and overcome crises and hardships. In response to threats and perilous circumstances, the ego as represented by the Sun, is driven to heal and rebuild itself stronger to overcome weaknesses and vulnerabilities that serve as obstructions and impediments to its spiritual evolution. In the 8th house, the sun seeks to cultivate spiritual and emotional wealth as opposed to the material wealth of the second house. This placement indicates a number of challenges and tribulations that threaten to damage the ego. Through these challenges however, the ego will learn to fortify itself to overcome various difficulties.

Such situations can serve as catalysts or major points of growth in one’s life. Additionally, this placement can signify the potential for racking up a number of liabilities and debts in order to fuel or finance the acquisition of things that enhance the ego’s sense of self-worth. It Is the destiny of this individual to cultivate inner depth and understanding about themselves and what they are made of in order to grow and realize their potential. They may have to overcome or learn to live with having their assets and resources controlled or tied up with other people. The sun in the 8th house can also signify inheritances that are passed down from the father or an authority figure of some kind.

Sun in the 8th House key Traits:

  • Need for control
  • self awareness
  • self healing
  • magnetism
  • Resiliency
  • Depth of Perception
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Shrewdness
  • Self Defense

The 8th House:

The 8th house is the house of transformation and debt. It corresponds with the sign of Scorpio and its ruler, the former planet Pluto. Like the Chthonic god after which it is named, Pluto is associated with death and the underworld. This, by extension, is part of what the 8th house encompasses. The business of the 8th house pertains to power shifts and changes in our lives that we must grapple with. It has to do with resources that are shared, rented, leased and lent to us.

Possessions that we have but do not officially or exclusively own. It is about joint ownership such as that between a husband and wife. It is not about the relationships themselves as covered by the 7th house, but rather the power and resources shared between them. Although it does also cover the sexual aspect of intimate relationships. The 8th house also covers other people’s money, inheritance, debt, alimony and divorce. It deals with how we possess, control and wield power over others.

The Sun in Astrology:

In astrology, the sun represents our vitality, our willpower, core self and conscious ego. The sun is the largest of all the celestial bodies and is the center around which all other planets and luminaries revolve. For this reason, it holds the most significance in a person’s astrology chart and forms the basis of who we are and what we are learning to become as a person. The sun contrasts with the moon in that it represents the more conscious and rational part of our mind. The moon, on the other hand, encompasses the subconscious reactions, impressions and emotions that operate in the background of our psyche.

Sun in the 8th House Natal:

Those who have the sun residing in the 8th House of their birth chart, are likely to harbor a fascination and attachment to things that are mysterious and dark. They seek to distinguish themselves as investigative and perceptive of things that are not so obvious to others. Additionally, they may also be drawn to the world of finance as a manager of other people’s money. On the other hand, they can also become reliant upon loans and other forms of borrowed money to finance their own purposes. People with this placement tend to go about their business in a low-key and non-ostentatious way. They are private by nature and don’t like to draw unnecessary attention to themselves and what they’re doing. They can be very shrewd and calculating. They can be excellent at reading other people but people may find it difficult to really understand them.

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In the 8th house, the Sun is essentially focused on survival and self-preservation. The ego is driven to defy death and defeat by regenerating and reinventing itself in different forms. This is more with regards to the symbolic more than the literal. The 8th house represents transformation and in this spirit, the Sun will seek to define Itself by its ability to adapt and reform its identity and sense of self in relation to circumstances that threaten to destroy it. In the natal chart, the sun in 8th house can also signify the death of the father both in the literal and symbolic sense. It can also mean the death of the ego as a gateway to the manifestation of one’s true potential. People with this in their natal chart may be born with inherited resources which can be both a blessing and a curse. Ultimately the destiny of this individual is to learn to achieve financial Resources through their own means as opposed to those bequeathed to them by relatives.

Sun in the 8th House Transit:

When the sun transits the 8th house, it will stimulate a desire to withdraw and operate in a low-key and under-the-radar manner. Egotistically, at this time you may derive pride in your ability to get over on others and get away with things without their notice. You can become more secretive and manipulative in how you operate. Additionally, you may take up a greater interest in mysteries and esoteric knowledge that can be of use to you in other aspects of life. You may like to think of yourself as a perceptive and cunning individual able to dig beneath the surface to uncover hidden knowledge and understandings that elude others.

Sun in the 8th House in Each Sign:

Sun in the 8th House in Aries – Those who have their sun in the 8th house in Aries seek to distinguish themselves as intrepid investigators. They are curious and are willing to stake a lot on their hunches and intuitions. They may be drawn into somewhat dangerous professions like debt collection and repossession services. They can be very perceptive and quick to pick up on hidden motives and intentions a person might have.

Sun in the 8th House in Taurus – In Taurus, the sun in the 8th house manifests an individual who prides themselves on their shrewdness and ability to handle tough situations with grace and control. They tend to hold onto things, including grudges. They can become obsessed with things that they want to possess and control for themselves. This may encompass both people and objects. Additionally, people with this placement may be drawn into positions of custody over other people’s money or property. They may be seen as trustworthy and reliable to be in charge of supplies and resources.

Sun in the 8th House in Gemini – With the sun in the 8th house in Gemini, there will be a deeper intellectual curiosity about things that are taboo and hidden. People with this placement are fond of mysteries and true crime stories. They can be verbally cunning and keen on using their words to manipulate people’s perceptions. Additionally, they can be very compelling orators and communicators able to cut to the heart of a matter. They may do well as psychologists and psychoanalysts of the human mind and behavior. They themselves are also keen on cultivating depth of understanding about themselves and how their mind works.

Sun in the 8th House in Cancer – Those who have their sun in the 8th house in the sign of cancer are bound to be attracted to the uncovering of hidden and taboo things of the past. They may also be very guarded and careful to protect their privacy from those who have not earned their trust. They may harbor a higher trust barrier and They are likely to be trustworthy when it comes to keeping information they have been entrusted with safe and secure. They are not disposed towards gossip but enjoy keeping their eyes and ears open to what’s going on around them. They are likely to pride themselves on their intuitive senses which can often prove correct about people and dangerous situations.

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Sun in the 8th House in Leo – Those who have the sun in the 8th house in Leo have a strong faith in their ability to discern and read things about people. The craft of acting can be very appealing to them and they can be very creative and artful in transforming themselves through costumes, makeup and performative behaviors. To this end, they can also be manipulative in a dramatic way. They may need to stem some of their controlling impulses and the desire to be the one pulling the strings. This placement fosters a need to share power and resources rather than control them themselves.

Sun in the 8th House in Virgo – In Virgo, the sun in the 8th house can highlight problems brought about through being overcritical and cynical. People with this placement are inclined to build their self worth in part on their ability to debunk or catch hidden motives. They are disposed towards identifying pitfalls and avoid getting taken advantage of. Consequently, they can sometimes alienate and drive people away because of negativity and over scrutinizing others. They try to confront fears and problems using logic and analysis.

Sun in the 8th House in Libra – Individuals who the sun in the 8th house in Libra seek to be fair and ethical when it comes to paying their dues and obligations to others. They tend to be gracious and lenient about payment and prefer to work out any disputes and financial differences in a civil and diplomatic manner. Moreover, they dislike violence and almost never see it as a favorable way to solve problems. They may need to guard against people who try to take advantage of their amenable and friendly nature.

Sun in the 8th House in Scorpio – In scorpio, the sun in the 8th house produces an elusive nature and a preoccupation with gaining the upper hand in their dealings with others. People with this placement are driven to dig beneath the surface and collect data that gives them leverage. They take pride in their powers of intuition and capacity for psychological warfare. They can be vengeful and are adept at using low key and surreptitious means of getting even with their adversaries. They are bound to experience tragedies of various kinds throughout their life but have a capacity to heal and regenerate themselves emotionally to overcome and endure.

Sun in the 8th House in Sagittarius – Those who have their sun in the 8th house in Sagittarius are individuals who are driven to acquire deeper insights. They are attracted to paranormal and controversial conspiracies of profound significance. They like to pride themselves as being privy to hidden knowledge and perspectives. People with this placement at the same time may harbor a dark sense of humor and an ability to see the light side of almost any situation, even the most tragic and troubling ones.

Sun in the 8th House in Capricorn – Within the sign of Capricorn, the sun in the 8th house fosters a capacity for handling crises with competence and authoritativeness. These individuals are prudent by nature and seek to distinguish themselves as dependable trustees and conservators of communal resources. They also show themselves to be very responsible in managing their debts and obligations. They are likely to maintain good credit throughout their lives and harbor a very professional and mature attitude in face of difficult circumstances.

Sun in the 8th House in Aquarius – Having the sun in the 8th house in Aquarius will bring about a drive to stand out as original and different within the realm of personal power and agency. People with this placement avoid being indebted to anyone as being so would be seen as a form of slavery and constriction of their freedom. Additionally, these individuals may be interested in the sociological effects of debt for those who are financially vulnerable. They have no desire to control or wield power over others and instead promote more altruistic approaches to how money is shared and given out.

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Sun in the 8th House in Pisces – In Pisces the sun in the 8th house is a placement that yields an inclination for seeing the world as they want to see it. They can harbor powerful intuitions but sometimes their emotions and ego can cloud their perceptions. They have a sense of things that others are not aware of or could even imagine. They can be strongly motivated to be an example of how to learn from setbacks and come back stronger. Their self belief is a critical factor in their ability to handle struggles and crises that arise in their lives.

Sun in the 8th House Celebrities:

Nicole Kidman (June 20, 1967) Sun in the 8th House in Gemini
Lana Del Rey (June 21, 1985) Sun in the 8th House in Cancer
Monica Bellucci (September 30, 1964) Sun in the 8th House in Libra
Natalie Portman (June 9, 1981) Sun in the 8th House in Gemini
John Fitzgerald Kennedy (May 29, 1917) Sun in the 8th House in Gemini
Mère Teresa (August 26, 1910) Sun in the 8th House in Virgo
Kylie Jenner (August 10, 1997) Sun in the 8th House in Leo
Emma Watson (April 15, 1990) Sun in the 8th House in Aries
Prince (musician) (June 7, 1958) Sun in the 8th House in Gemini
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex (September 15, 1984) Sun in the 8th House in Virgo
Ryan Gosling (November 12, 1980) Sun in the 8th House in Scorpio
Demi Moore (November 11, 1962) Sun in the 8th House in Scorpio
Mila Kunis (August 14, 1983) Sun in the 8th House in Leo
Renée Zellweger (April 25, 1969) Sun in the 8th House in Taurus
Nelson Mandela (July 18, 1918) Sun in the 8th House in Cancer
Matt Damon (October 8, 1970) Sun in the 8th House in Libra

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