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Sun in the 3rd House – Verbosity & Outspokenness

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Sun in House Three

Sun in the 3rd House Overview:

The Sun in the 3rd house is a placement that signifies strong expressiveness, assertiveness and confidence with regards to learning and communication especially during the formative years of one’s life. This placement highlights a penchant for attracting and commanding attention with words. Individuals with this in their charts are likely to be an only child but if they do have siblings, they are likely to be very loyal and loving towards them. The Sun in the 3rd house fosters a penchant for wanting to be in the know on a lot of matters and priding themselves on the knowledge they possess.

Within their neighborhood and immediate environment, they can become a popular and well liked figure. They like to play an active part in what goes on around them and can sometimes be a nosey snoop or interference in other people’s affairs. Shyness is not likely to hold them back as they find it rather easy to speak their mind with confidence. They can do well as teachers and public speakers able to engage with others effectively and enthusiastically. People with their Sun in the 3rd house can sometimes get branded as know-it-alls with a tendency to want to show off their skills and knowledgeability.

Sun in the 3rd House key Traits:

  • outspoken
  • assertive
  • expressive
  • precocious
  • knowledgeable
  • directorial
  • encouraging
  • enthusiastic
  • energetic

The 3rd House:

The 3rd house in astrology is the house of communication. It corresponds to the sign of Gemini and its planetary ruler, Mercury. This house covers the realm of our platonic interactions with others in our immediate environment, education, short trips, messaging and communication and also neighbors, siblings and relatives. The 3rd house relates to our mental orientation and what we find mentally stimulating and interesting. We look to the 3rd house to discern something about where our intellectual interests lay and what we enjoy learning about. Having the sun in the 3rd house for example may indicate someone who takes pride in being knowledgeable or good at communication. It can suggest a personality that is outspoken, bright and good at expressing themselves. Additionally, their communication style may tend to be ostentatious, assertive and enthusiastic.

The Sun in Astrology:

In astrology, the sun represents our vitality, our willpower, core self and conscious ego. The sun is the largest of all the celestial bodies and is the center around which all other planets and luminaries revolve. For this reason, it holds the most significance in a person’s astrology chart and forms the basis of who we are and what we are learning to become as a person. The sun contrasts with the moon in that it represents the more conscious and rational part of our mind. The moon, on the other hand, encompasses the subconscious reactions, impressions and emotions that operate in the background of our psyche.

Sun in the 3rd House Natal:

The sun in the third house produces a verbally driven disposition and a particular ability for distinction through language and speech. In astrology, the Sun symbolizes our vitality, and core identity, and our decision-making biases. Those who have the Sun residing in the third house of their birth chart will feature a desire to distinguish themselves in the area of communication and thinking.

The 3rd house is ruled by Gemini and governs the realm of speech, short trips, our immediate environment, neighbors, siblings and news & media. The 3rd house is strengthened by the vitalizing presence of the Sun. Here, the luminary energy of the sun serves to enhance the affairs and functions of the third house with more ego-conscious conviction and focus. Additionally, whichever zodiac sign happens to inhabit this house, the sun will impart and bestow some ego driven conviction in how it is expressed.

Individuals who have their sun in the 3rd house are prone to being restless and desire to be active within their immediate environment. They take pride in their wit and capacity to engage with others in an engaging and energized way. People who have this placement in their charts are able to easily adapt to different environments and they have a capacity to communicate and relate to others in dramatic but effective ways. There is no end to their curiosity and they take pride in the knowledge they acquire but can sometimes be a know-it-all and overly confident in their perceptions.

Furthermore, they seek to distinguish themselves through their use of language and their thinking. Their decision-making process leans toward rationality and logic, rather than emotionality and impulse. Their personal drive for significance is typically sought through the area of cognitive ability. People with this sun placement may therefore exhibit great powers of memory or feats of linguistic ability. Additionally, they may be able to establish themselves as authorities in the realm of anything related to language, journalism and information.

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People with this placement love to consume information and pride themselves on their knowledgeability and how in-the-know they are with what’s going on in their immediate environment. They are likely to be precocious in their early years and may also do well within academic environments. They pick up information quickly and are able to absorb and utilize it skillfully.

Sun in the 3rd House Transit:

When the sun transits the third house in your chart, you will be driven to seek more recognition for your thoughts, ideas, and ability to communicate. During this time, you may feel the need to develop your verbal skills or step up your engagements with others in your immediate environment. You may feel the need to be more personable and to show off more of your personality to others but also exhibit your intellectual abilities as well.

Your conscious ego may become more focused on the realm of information and knowledge that is of more immediate and present significance. Being in-the-know and knowledgeable about the current news and events of the day may become more of interest for you at this time. Additionally, you maybe more concerned about the perception of your intelligence in the eyes of others and may seek to bolster your knowledge and expertise in many areas in which you are interested. In your immediate environment you may become more proactive and engaged. You may find it easier to interact and make contact with people, especially strangers or neighbors that you otherwise may not deal with on a regular basis.

Sun in the 3rd House in Each Sign:

Sun in the 3rd House in Aries – With the sun in the 3rd house in Aries, the realm of communication will be characterized by enthusiasm and boldness. These individuals pride themselves on their ability to speak passionately and extemporaneously. They can have a penchant for saying brazen things and having the courage to speak their mind with less regard for what others will say or think. They don’t beat around the bush and are eager to get to the point. Their mouth can get them in trouble as well as a penchant for intruding or sticking their nose in other people’s business.

Sun in the 3rd House in Taurus – In Taurus, the sun in the 3rd house can foster a sense of pride and dignity in the stability and pragmatism with which an individual manages their day to day affairs. These individuals really soak up the details of their environment. They appreciate the little things and pay attention to the good and the bad. They are diligent and attentive to what other people have to say. They tend to be rational and practical with regards to their methods and means. They tend to be creatures of habit and go about their daily life in a predictable and consistent manner. Additionally, they are very loyal and supportive of their siblings but can be judgemental and stubborn about their views.

Sun in the 3rd House in Gemini – In the sign of Gemini, the sun in the 3rd house manifests an individual who prides themselves on their responsive and active mind. During their early years, they are likely to have been precocious and talkative. They love to entertain others with their verbosity and show an adaptability and versatility that allows them to fit in many different places among many different people. They are often busy doing something out and about within their environment. They come and go and mentally, they are also all over the place.

Sun in the 3rd House in Cancer – In the sign of cancer, the sun in the 3rd house, is a placement that brings about a tendency towards seclusion. These individuals seek to protect their privacy and do not like to put their business out on display. They are not nosey and tend to mind their own business and affairs. They are more seclusive in nature and less interested in cavorting with random people they don’t know. At the same time, they interact with people in a kind and receptive manner. It can take them some time to warm up to people. They are very protective of their siblings and may often nurture them the way a loving parent would.

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Sun in the 3rd House in Leo – In the sign of Leo, the sun in the 3rd house takes on a more attention-seeking nature. Wherever they are, they have a penchant for attracting attention and getting a reaction from people. They are generally people-persons who like to engage and interact with their environment. They can be very dramatic and expressive around people. They pride themselves on their personality and charisma and are likely to be bright and creative learners. They are not inclined to be on the sidelines. They like to stand out as a busy body with an active daily life.

Sun in the 3rd House in Virgo – In the sign of Virgo, the sun in the 3rd house indicates that the Virgo traits of humility, meticulousness and responsibility will shine through in the realm of communication and mental activity. People who have this placement in their charts tend to keep up with the Joneses so to speak and keep their finger on the pulse of what’s going on around them in their immediate environment. They try to differentiate themselves through their knowledgeability and understanding of how things work. Additionally they can be very harsh critics and be quick to lambast anything they view as stupid and foolish.

Sun in the 3rd House in Libra – with the Sun in House 3 in libra, individuals with this placement are inclined to distinguish themselves through their interpersonal savvy and balanced intellectual leanings. This configuration can yield a very smart but also humane and diplomatic way of thinking. These individuals love the opportunity to mingle and interact with the people in their immediate environments especially when they go on short trips and spontaneous excursions. They are able to establish relationships with others rather easily and make even complete strangers feel like a familiar friend.

Sun in the 3rd House in Scorpio – Those who have their sun in the third house in scorpio, distinguish themselves through the realm of communication and intellect. In their particular case, they pride themselves on their perceptive and intuitive abilities that allow them to grasp information both explicit and implicit. They are fond of secrets and rumors and are keen to gather and collect details and info about the goings-on within their immediate environments. Interpersonally, they can be somewhat withdrawn and private. However they are often good at reading people and getting a sense of who they are and what they are about.

Sun in the 3rd House in Sagittarius – In the sign of Sagittarius, the sun in the third house fosters a desire to distinguish oneself from others through the sphere of communication and the intellect. Individuals who have this placement pride themselves on their broad and open perspective and likely enjoy stimulating discussions and debates with anyone who is willing to listen. They are very cerebral and enjoy shaking up their everyday routines with something new and interesting. In school their favorite topics are likely to be philosophy and science and may also enjoy athletic endeavors. Additionally, these sagittarians may often be up for random escapades and fun but short excursions.

Sun in the 3rd House in Capricorn – Those who have their sun in Capricorn in the 3rd house will seek to distinguish themselves through their pragmatic and strategic thinking. Their self worth is predicated on their ability to speak with authority and credibility. People with this placement have a low tolerance for nonsense and fancy themselves to be a voice of reason who is grounded in reality. They are mentally strong but sometimes can suffer from pessimism and depressed mood. Gloom and doom thinking can derail them

Sun in the 3rd House in Aquarius – With the sun in Aquarius in the 3rd house there will be a drive to distinguish oneself through original and inventive thinking. People who have this placement pride themselves on their ability to see the world differently. They often have a capacity for communicating intellectual ideas. The core of their identity is that of a progressive thought leader. Their decision-making bias leans toward the sovereignty of individual freedom, especially the freedom to express different views. These individuals are strongly opposed to any form of oppression to speech including the journalistic duty to report the truth and inform the public.

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Sun in the 3rd House in Pisces – With the sun in the third house in Pisces, there will be a drive for significance through artistic and imaginative thinking. Individuals who have his placement in their birth chart will base their core identity on their sensitivity and intuitive intelligence. They have the capacity to stand out and feel a sense of specialness through their creative and impressionistic use of language. They can also get easily distracted and forget a lot of things. They are not staunchly opinionated and are basically open to persuasion in most situations. They tend to have artistic talents that they take for granted and they can be gifted communicators as teachers who are able to explain and articulate ideas with artfulness and sensitivity.

Sun in the 3rd House Celebrities:

Justin Bieber (March 1st, 1994) sun in the 3rd house in Pisces
Britney Spears (December 2nd, 1981) sun in the 3rd house in Sagittarius
Drake (entertainer) (October 24th, 1986) sun in the 3rd house in Scorpio
Jay-Z (December 4th, 1969) sun in the 3rd house in Sagittarius
Jim Carrey (January 17th, 1962) sun in the 3rd house in Capricorn
Sophie Marceau (November 17th, 1966) sun in the 3rd house in Scorpio
Elizabeth Taylor (February 27th, 1932) sun in the 3rd house in Pisces
Elizabeth II (April 21, 1926) sun in the 3rd house and tours
Mick Jagger (July 26th, 1943) sun in the 3rd house in Leo
Russell Crowe (April 7, 1964) sun in the 3rd house in Aries
Ben Affleck (August 15th, 1972) sun in the 3rd house in Leo
Bob Marley (February 6th, 1945) sun in the 3rd house in Aquarius
Isaac Newton (January 4th, 1643) sun in the 3rd house in Capricorn
Emma Stone (November 6th, 1988) sun in the 3rd house in Scorpio
Bono (U2) (May 10th, 1960) sun in the 3rd house in Taurus
Henry Cavill (May 5th, 1983) sun in the 3rd house in Taurus
Isabelle Adjani (June 27th, 1955) sun in the 3rd house in cancer
Jessica Biel (March 3rd, 1982) sun in the 3rd house in Pisces
Stephen Hawking (January 8th, 1942) sun in the 3rd house in Capricorn
Stephen King (September 21st, 1947) sun in the 3rd house Virgo
Richard Gere (August 31st, 1949) sun in the 3rd house in Virgo
Winston Churchill (November 30th, 1874) sun in the 3rd house in Sagittarius

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