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gemini-cancer cusp of magic personality


Those who are born between the 18th and 24th  of June, have a birthday that falls on the cusp between Gemini and Cancer. If you were born on the Gemini-Cancer cusp, you may technically be a Gemini, but most of the time feel like a Cancer, and that could be hard to handle sometimes since we are talking about two very different energies here.

A person born on the cusp between Gemini and Cancer will exhibit a blend of characteristics that include quick-wittedness, cautiousness, sentimentality and also shrewd powers of analysis. They tend to be true to their word and present themselves to be trustworthy and honorable. Discourse is a central aspect of their character and they have a strong interest around family matters. Family is very important to them and they are likely to enjoy enduring bonds with siblings. As a Gemini/Cancer hybrid, they have ever-shifting moods and this adds interesting dynamics to their words and expressions. They are at times shy and reserved and at other times talkative and ebullient. They are most comfortable when among familiar people and familiar surroundings.

Gemini-Cancer cusp people have an unusual charm about them that is characteristically sensitive and quirky. They display the qualities of both air signs and water signs which results in an individual who displays impersonal logic and empathetic sensitivity. Sometimes their heart and mind are in conflict and they are often more emotionally affected than they’d like to admit. They do not want to be ordinary and are inclined to adopt an amalgam of styles into that of their own. Their fondness of the past may lend them a special appreciation for retro aesthetics and atavistic sensibilities. They are sensitive and receptive and easily hurt, but are able to translate what they feel into beautifully poignant works of art. They would like for themselves a haven of solitude where they can immerse themselves in their favorite literature and indulge their imaginations.

Our Sun sign gives us info about the core traits of our character, personality, self-awareness, and physical look. Our Sun is our identity, so Gemini Sun is someone who typified as communicative, restless, youthful and friendly. Geminis are known for their inquisitive natures, positive attitude, love of books and long-winded speech. They often make good writers, teachers, traders, and speakers since they have good verbal and communication skills, but they lack emotional expression because as an Air sign, they are more rational focused.

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Cancer Sun, in contrast denotes traits that include family-orientation, intuitiveness, sensitivity and emotional depth. They love to spend time at home because the family is the center of their world. They are heart-warming and loving souls, but they have the tendency to be moody due to their vulnerable nature, and that sometimes makes them enigmatic and hard to handle.


Those born on the Gemini-Cancer Cusp are persons whose personalities are ruled by both Mercury (communication) and the Moon (emotions). These people like to surround themselves with family (especially cousins, brothers and sisters) and friends, but they are notoriously private about their personal life and emotions. They seem to be more optimistic, due to their Gemini nature, but more conscious when it comes to meeting new people and experiencing new things. Cancer energy allows them to be aware of the other side as well, and not just being selfish and self-focused. Safety is very important to them, so they usually surround themselves with people who are trustworthy.


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Those born on the Cusp of Magic, are sure to be lovers of food and excellent cooks. They love to cook for themselves, but are happy to fix something new for their loved ones as well. They enjoy to travel and short trips, but don’t like to leave their house for too long, so their ideal vacation is somewhere nearby and for periods lasting no more than one week. Pictures and souvenirs are something they adore collecting, and once you come to their house you will easily spot a lot of photo albums, family portraits, books, and little figurines. They are storytellers and love to entertain others by sharing funny and sweet family stories.

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Gemini-Cancer Cusps are fond of romance, and novels both as a writer and reader of them. since they lack the ability to express their emotions easily. They are highly imaginative and can really immerse themselves in their fecund fantasy world. Although they are have difficulty telling what bothers them, they seem to possess very good emotional intelligence and are indeed good listeners and advice-givers. Even though they may appear as cool and serious on the outside, they have a sensitivity and childlike and naive sense of wonder that colors their perspective. There is also a profound respect, understanding, and love for the whole of humanity inside them.


When it comes to their emotional life, they are looking for an honest, grounded, educated, and family-oriented type of person, someone who is not pushy and loyal. They don’t get attached easily since they tend to be a little flirty and hide their emotions, but once the right person comes along they seem to be more caregiving and loyal. Romantically, they seek for a partner who’s not afraid to show vulnerability, someone who’s very open about themselves and their emotions, someone genuine, honest and frank. Since they have that side of Gemini that seeks independence and freedom, ideal partner would be someone who respects their privacy and who understands their need for creating safe space, which sometimes excludes their partner.

Gemini/Cancer cups are always the center of attention, whether they like it or not, because they are often known as the therapists of their group, and are good listeners and good advice givers. People find them kind and graceful in any social settings, and like sharing interesting facts and anecdotes regarding their love life with them. Due to their Cancer nature, they sometimes tend to be depressed and moody, but not like the regular Cancer personas thanks to their quirky and fun Gemini part of personality. Not very fond of listening to the advice they give to others, but once they learn how to open up about their emotions, they will be more open to receive and accept advice from the loved ones. That will help them be less moody and a bit more fun and relaxed.

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There is something charming and genuine about them and their intuitive and intelligent traits seem to be a perfect match. Curious and empathetic Gemini/Cancer cusp can be the most generous and loved people in the world, and once you meet them you can find yourself very lucky to have that kind of energy in your surroundings.


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