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The Mischief Each Myers Briggs Type Gets Themselves Into

The Wizard of Oz


[dropcap]E[/dropcap]NTPs can be highly unreliable in regards to important matters of responsibility. Their tendency towards forgetfulness often results in self sustained headaches such late payments and other problems due to unpreparedness. ENTPs are excellent at generating a multitude of ideas but not as great at actualizing them. They often have difficulty finishing the projects and assignments on which they’ve started.

ENTPs can irritate others with their flippant and jocular attitude. It’s as though they don’t take anything seriously enough to stick with and follow through on. Their skill at playing devil’s advocate compels them to get into frivolous arguments and debates just to see where they can take it. For them it is fun, but for others more emotionally involved in their arguments, they can get their feelings hurt and become deeply offended. ENTP’s big mouths can get them into altercations that go from verbal to physical.

ource: INFJ In Depth – Discover Your Strengths and Make the Most of Your Personality

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