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The Courage You Display Based on MBTI Type

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Courage is a virtue we all value. It is also an asset some of us have in more abundance than others. Courage comes in various forms and we need it to deal with everyday life. Here’s a look at the type of courage that is most characteristic of each of the MBTI personality types.


INFPs display moral courage to do what they feel is right and not betray their sense of integrity and personal values. This means that INFPs are not afraid to stand apart from the herd and do their own thing at the cost of popularity or acceptance from others. Furthermore, the strength of their convictions and passion can make them boldly defiant against what they view to be wrong and unjust.


INFJs display courage when it comes to going after what they want in life. INFJs have a strong picture of what they desire and also the initiative to get started. Furthermore, despite their introversion, INFJs are willing to put themselves out there socially to network and build positive relations with others. INFJs are emboldened to be even more vocal in defense or support of some cause or goal that is meaningful and important to them. As an idealist, the passion and fervor INFJs feel can make them very courageous when it comes to activism, altruism and protecting who and what they cherish.


ENFPs exhibit courage in their sense of integrity and the pursuit of what they think is true and meaningful instead of safe and conventional. ENFPs are often described as “the champion” because they are vocal advocates of the ideals and values important to them and others. They’re willing to think outside the box, venture into new territory and offer something new to the world. They’re not afraid to be different and march to their own drum. They are driven by their passion and desire for creatively stimulating and exciting pursuits.


ENFJs display courage with regards to their martyr-like devotion to their values and beliefs. With their vision of what they desire held firmly in their minds, ENFJ have a strong commitment to seeing their ideals manifest in the real world. They are optimists who, despite how dismal and dire circumstances may seem, are somehow able to hold fast to the power of their hopes in dreams. ENFJs display moral courage that allows them to resist giving up on people or lose their faith in humanity.


INTPs display a type of intellectual bravery that not only makes them more open to radical ideas and innovations but also willing to question anybody regardless of their authority or station and challenge them on anything that doesn’t make sense to the INTP. INTPs are wholly interested in the merit of ideas more than the merit of the people they come from. For this reason they can appear irreverent and troublesome for authority figures who expect nothing but compliance with their dictates.

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INTJs display a general courage in their willingness to undertake ambitious projects and make tough decisions that require some amount of sacrifice or cost to them. INTJs have the capacity to make radical departures from otherwise comfortable circumstances in order to pursue an objective or goal that is more important to them. This is partly due to their strong planning skills, vision and faith in their ability to make whatever concessions and arrangements necessary to persevere and accomplish their aims. INTJs are also emboldened by a sense of integrity and moral values they want to uphold.


ENTPs display courage with regards to their willingness to take creative risks and also be edgy and provocative in their speech and ideas. ENTPs love to talk and they can be very amusing conversationalists. They have less reservations about speaking their minds without being too worried about saying the wrong thing. Additionally, they enjoy the exercise of thinking on their feet and show a lot of chutzpah in their willingness to improvise and go tit-for-tat in debate and verbal sparring.


ENTJs show a lot of courage in the magnitude of their vision and ambitions. ENTJs think big and our primed to spearhead and initiate projects of a grand scale. ENTJs seem more comfortable than other types with the responsibility and burden that comes along with setting up and managing operations that involve lots of people and logistical complexities. Where other types may crumble under the weight of pressure and intimidation, the ENTJ seems able to push forward, guided by their vision and desire for accomplishment.


ISTJs display courage when it comes to doing what is necessary. ISTJs are not very courageous when it comes to experimenting and taking creative risks, but when it comes to protecting the proper order and structural integrity, ISTJs can become outspoken and disputatious. ISTJs can be staunch advocates for what they consider to be necessary and correct as confirmed by data and past precedent. ISTJs can become crusaders driven to defend and preserve what they consider to be institutionally and foundationally important.


ISFJs can display a lot of courage with regards to the lengths they are willing to go on behalf of their loved ones. ISFJs can be remarkably self-sacrificing and altruistic. Although they are often shy and inclined to stay in their comfort zones, ISFJs can become motivated to venture outside those boundaries for the sake of helping someone they care for. They strive to be strong and provide emotional and physical comfort to others in their time of need. To this extent ISFJs can be fighters who will go out and potentially put themselves In harms way and scramble to the aid of others.

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ESFJ displays courage with regards to what they’re willing to do to defend and provide for others and also preserve their safety and security. ESFJs dislike violence and avoid dangerous and precarious situations. However, in the name of protecting what they value be it people or resources, ESFJs are willing to take various measures to ensure the people and things they care about are protected and safe. They are willing to put themselves out there, networking and taking on roles they are not necessarily comfortable with in order to meet the needs of their loved ones.


ESTJs display courage in their ability to lead and make tough decisions. Despite the danger, burden and responsibility involved in most forms of management, the ESTJ seems comfortable and capable with the task of being a leader. ESTJs are not easily discouraged or intimidated. They tend to maintain a rational mindset in the face of turmoil and stressful situations. ESTJs are good at not allowing their emotions to get in the way of their judgment or compromise their objective goals.


ESFPs display courage in their ability to allow themselves to be in the moment and let their spontaneity flow without fear of being judged. A love of attention largely fuels ESFP’s attention-grabbing antics. But, even when they are nervous or experiencing anxiety, ESFPs have an instinct to rise to the occasion when they are put on the spot rather than withdraw and seek refuge. Having to perform in front of other people can be very stressful for other types but the ESFP is more likely to thrive on that nervous energy without choking.


ESTPs display the most prototypical form of courage and valor associated with warriors and daredevils. ESTPs have a higher tolerance for risk especially with regards to bodily harm and mortal danger. For them, the adrenaline rush and glorious reward associated with some high stakes stunts or feats is often enough to justify the risks and hazards they involve. ESTPs have a natural inclination to test boundaries and break rules that stand in their way. Their desire for stimulus and physical challenge compels them to undertake risky ventures most people would shy away from.

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ISTPs display courage with regards to testing their abilities and putting their skills on the line. ISTPs take pride in their craftsmanship and put a lot of time, effort and energy into being really good if not the best at what they do. Consequently, they can be very confident in their abilities and embrace any opportunity to pit their skills up against others. Furthermore, ISTPs along with ESTPs seem to have more steely nerves when it comes to performing under pressure and taking action in a dangerous emergency.


ISFPs showcase a courage in their individuality and self-expression. They have a fantastic sense of style and visual effect and love to experiment with different looks. ISFPs know how to make a statement with their appearance and can be very festive and bold in their choices. While some types find safety and security in blending in and falling in line with social norms and expectations, the ISFP finds it more interesting to be different and showcase their uniqueness and originality.

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