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Why You’re A Bad Person Based On MBTI Type

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Regardless what Myers Briggs type you are, you have your good qualities and your bad. There are no saints among you (although ENFJ might beg to differ). Here is a look at what is likely to make you a “bad” person based on your MBTI personality type.


You can be a real know-it-all. People sometimes resent you for making them feel stupid or foolish. That’s not always your fault but it doesn’t help when you speak to others in a condescending way as well. When your ego flares up  the obnoxious intellectual hubris you display can really put people off. All you care about is making people understand why you’re right and they’re wrong and sometimes you can be very immature and tone deaf in how you present and argue your case.


All INTJs are evil by their very nature (just kidding). You INTJs though, you guys are definitely some of the biggest a-holes. You have little reservations about expressing criticism and often won’t even bother to use tact or try to put it gently. It’s as though you think rudeness is a virtue. INTJs display a more merciless and brutal form of intellectual arrogance than that of the INTP who at least harbors some Fe-based consideration for other people’s feelings.


You can be a narcissistic troll who can’t help but be a smart ass. You like to poke the hornet’s nest and people can’t always tell whether you’re being serious or not. Con games and scams are your forte. You are not averse to engineering unfair tactics and shortcuts to protect yourself and you are skilled at mind games. You’re good at lying and can be willfully deceptive when it suits you. Your Machiavellian instincts allow you to compete and succeed in a dog-eat-dog world but people may learn to distrust you.


In pursuit of your agendas, you can treat people like pawns and objects to serve your purposes. You’re magnetic and charismatic but oftentimes your friendly charms are just a front that allows you manipulate and get people to do your bidding. You are good at acting like you care when you really don’t. Considering people’s feelings is an inconvenience that you endure mostly as part of what’s necessary for your bottom line. You have a natural intuitive sense about people and sometimes use your psychological powers to control or ruin them.


You can be pretty selfish, flaky and possessive. Relying on you is risky because you’ve been known to shirk responsibilities and cancel engagements on short notice or no notice at all. You have the capacity for both profound love and profound hatred. When consumed by the latter, you can be super petty, spiteful and immature. You tend to do what feels right to you which can often be self-serving and inconsiderate of others. Your individualism, when taken to the extreme can make you appear like a spoiled and self-entitled snowflake.

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The only thing worse than an evil deed is an evil deed done by a good person who believes their cause is righteous. The moral convictions of an INFJ are invariably biased towards the particular groups they identify with or value most. At their best, INFJs extend their empathy to include all of humanity and any living thing capable of feeling pain or experiencing suffering. However, INFJs, especially those who feel outcast, misunderstood or betrayed can end up identifying with bad groups and become indoctrinated and brainwashed by the warped values of their environment. INFJ’s loyalty to their group can lead them to harbor unjustly antagonistic attitudes towards “others”.


ENFJs can be moral hypocrites who don’t necessarily live up to the virtues and values they seem to espouse. They are a type that can display cognitive dissonance and an amazing ability to compartmentalize the irony of their own misgivings. Like a very charismatic and likeable con-person they can seduce you with their words and make you believe in them because they believe it too. It might be their focus on the external world, that contributes to their oversights and blindness to some of the inconsistencies in their own behavior.


You’re an insightful person and people gravitate to you as a source of counsel and advice. You know you have a way with words and sometimes use that ability to tear people down. You are prone to envy and being possessed by the green-eyed monster. Seeing people more successful than you can stir up jealous feelings and other insecurities that compel you to lash out in petty manipulative ways. Sometimes your over inflated ego can lead you to believe you can have people wrapped around your little finger whenever you like. You act like you are the center of the universe and have the right to dictate what is important and what isn’t.


ESTJs can be pretty tyrannical and volatile people who have a penchant for excoriating those who get on their bad side. They tend to boil things down with black and white thinking and can be very uncharitable and insensitive in how they judge others. ESTJs may be guilty of displaying closed-mindedness and a  “my way or the highway” attitude. They can be very dismissive and unreceptive to the advice of people who lack the credentials they have.

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You’re a sell out who won’t think twice about selling your soul in order to advance your career or status in the world. Your moral scruples are relative to who or what you pledge allegiance to — be it your country, your employer or your inner circle. Practical considerations tend to trump any sentimental or emotional values. You go where the money is and you follow the path of conventional wisdom and conservative ideals which may include intolerant views and close minded attitudes toward others.


The ESFJ crowd is a lovely bunch but they love to judge people and have a propensity for being two-faced and double-crossing. They’ll say one thing when they’re amongst one group of people and say the opposite when with another. Furthermore, they can be very self righteous and display arrogance when acting as though they know what is best for everyone. Much like the ENFJ, ESFJs are inclined to be bossy moral despots and self-appointed arbiters of what’s proper and correct.


You can be prejudiced and inclined to form ungenerous perceptions about people before you have the facts or get to know them personally. You tend to act like a goody-two shoes making sanctimonious judgments and criticisms about others as though you’re perfect.  You gossip too much and can be guilty of fueling or perpetuating misinformation circulating around the rumor mill. Your views tend to be stereotypical and unprocessed by critical thinking.


ISFPs can seem sweet and easygoing, but they can be very petty and vindictive when slighted. It’s easy to underestimate them since they don’t always speak up or display signs of aggression. Go ahead and insult them though. They will tell you that they’re better than you in every which way and proceed to assert their narcissistic self-worth to an extent you’d never expect they were capable of.


ISTP, you can be really self-centered and egotistical. Although you tend to be calm and cool, your emotions can easily get riled up in response to anything that is an affront to your ego. Because you are not very expressive with your feelings, things tend to get bottled up until an outburst occurs. With this personality type, there is an underlying desire for recognition and appreciation that can make ISTPs ill-tempered and demanding when they aren’t getting what they think they deserve. ISTPs can also be paranoid and unjustly suspect others of things stemming from their own insecurities.


You can be super mean and insensitive both intentionally and unintentionally. You show hypocrisy in the fact that while you are easily offended by others, you will also insult people for the fun of it. You do things for attention, sometimes in very bad taste. You can be really insecure and self centered and have a way of making everything about you. When you get wrapped up in the moment, you tend to lack a filter and will say and do inappropriate and or reckless things. Insensitive jokes come with the territory especially when under the influence.  .

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You can be manipulative, self-centered and sometimes display a narcissistic disregard for other people. You can act as though you are doing other people a favor when really you are just serving your own self interests. You have brazen charisma and will sometimes capitalize on that to get away with all sorts of things. At the same time, you can be ruthless against competitors and those who’ve betrayed or crossed you in some way. In disputes, you tend not to take the high road and can be something of a bully who doesn’t go easy on people who show weakness.

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