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The MBTI Types As Senior Citizens

mbti senior citizens

Here is a take on how each MBTI is as a senior citizen.


INFJ is the senior with too many pets including a squirrel abandoned by it’s mother, a cockatoo and multiple cats and dogs. INFJs are considered to be old souls and so in their later years, they are naturally the sapient sage. They dwell on their past mistakes and unfulfilled life aspirations and sometimes beat themselves up over it. A drunken revelry with close friends or as a party of one usually chases the clouds away.


The senior citizen who usually cloisters themselves as if they were on house arrest. They feel alone even if they are not really, but typically finds solace in their animal friends. They spend retirement amusing themselves with their music, art or writing. INFP elders are probably some of the sweetest grandparents who can relate to their youngins in a sincere and special way.


The INTJ senior is the one who accomplished about 10 times more than the average person and still isn’t content. They learned to relax a little though and enjoy life more and try to connect with people better. They live a frugal lifestyle possibly by themselves and spend a lot of their time following geopolitical news, playing chess and drinking wine.


The senior who lives mostly like a recluse and only goes outside to make necessary errands. They fall into a routine of reading or writing and probably thinking heavily, maybe obsessively, about their own mortality. They likely feel more altruistic than they did in younger years and now cast their attention to societal or global problems and what can be done about them.


The ENFJ senior citizen likes playing the role of scout leader and teaching young cubs important life lessons. They are the consummate role model, the benevolent wizard. As grandparents, they are very proud and enthusiastic and are endlessly amused by their offspring. ENFJ elders compete with ESFJ for being the most loveable and popular senior at the nursing home.

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The senior who enjoys enthralling young listeners with absurd stories they make up. They will tell their grandchildren the weirdest stories about them fighting robots and that they lost their finger to one. The weirdest thing is that they aren’t actually ENFP’s grandchildren.


ENTP is the harebrained kook who goes into subways and preaches about how eating bananas will give you AIDS and sniffing orange paint is the only way to clear your head of the government, is currently on the run from the mental hospital.


The rich relative who was able to fund all their offspring’s education. They thought they would retire on the mountain of cash they have but end up starting a spate of new business ventures out of boredom. They are surrounded by vultures who kiss their ass in the hopes they will be included in ENTJ’s will.


The bittersweet and often sentimental senior who fondly talks about their childhood as if it were yesterday. In conversation, almost every topic will somehow gets segued to the ISFJ’s past. They have an endless supply of anecdotal stories, mostly about the people they’ve encountered in their lives and reliving those memories makes them happy. They try to stay socially active and self-reliant because they fear withering away knitting sweaters in a retirement home.


The senior citizen who often talks about how much better things were back in the good ol’ days. Their nostalgic attachment to the past makes them leery of the cultural, technological and political changes and evolutions taking place in the world. Many new developments may be seen as a threat to the paradigm they know and love. When discussing modern problems, ISTJ will often point to the golden age and feel the current world is headed to hell in a handbasket.


The senior citizen who is slightly envious of the new generation and how much easier they’ve got it compared to what ESTJ had to go through at their age. It almost makes them feel cheated. They seem unapproving and critical of almost everything the new generation does because deep down, they are starting feel obsolete and ineffective in the modern world.

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The old fashioned luddite who still reads newspapers and shops only at stores with human cashiers. Often recruits the nice young whippersnapper from next door to help them work their household devices but is very grateful and tries to compensate them generously for their time. Holiday dinners and events are often hosted by them and they maintain an active social life. Their phone is always ringing.


The cool, savvy, laid back senior citizen who has some impressive skills or tricks up their wizard sleeves. They enjoy showing off and have the aura of someone who has experienced and been through a lot of sh*t yet came out of it in one piece. The ISTP senior likes to revel in what they’ve learned about life and the many poignant, amusing insights and stories that could only come from a well-seasoned person.


The senior who manages to maintain a youthful wonder about the world and an appreciation for life in general. They don’t take themselves very seriously and can still enjoy a lot of the things that younger people are into. They may often change their look and continue trying new things well into their golden years. ISFP old people are likely to be well loved by kids because they are always big kids at heart.


The senior who wants to feel alive and enjoy the twilight of their life. They are somewhat active but their love of food and other vices likely takes over and makes them fatter and puffier in later years. They get most of their jollies vicariously from watching other people like athletes and performers do exciting things. The ESTP senior enjoys more relaxed activities like golf, massage, discussing business and weighing in on the hot topics of the day.

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The senior who is reluctant to get old and clings dearly to the preservation of youthfulness. They may be slightly in denial about aging but looking after their health and fitness likely pays off for their longevity. They are surprisingly energetic and full of mirth and sometimes feel the need to demonstrate their virility with displays of physical prowess and youthful exuberance.

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One thought on “The MBTI Types As Senior Citizens

  1. This is very funny! But seriously there needs to be more about MBTI for older, more mature people because this alone would explain why types seem to “change“ though they really don’t. The tests are tailored to the young who really have not experienced that much of life yet. But I do want to say as an ENFP, we are the ones most likely to have wild stories to tell kids and adults that are actually true because we spent so much of our lives experiencing for the sake of experiencing, that we have better stories when we get to old age than everyone else. Do you want to hear about the time I lent Axl Rose scarf for a concert? True story.

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