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The MBTI Types As Super Villains

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Villainy has many faces and forms. Some are maniacal like the Joker or calculating like Lex Luthor. Here is the type of diabolical super villain each Myers Briggs type is likely to be.


The INFJ villain is the tragic character who, due to an extremely unfortunate and traumatic set of events, has their view of humanity deeply corrupted. They’ve come to demonize a population they view as being a menace to another population they are sympathetic to. They no longer see those people as human beings but as devils whose existence stands in the way of realizing their plans for a more perfect world. In their warped minds, their cause is noble and necessary which makes them even more scary.


The INFP villain is a another unfortunate soul who was likely twisted by their cruel and unlucky lot in life. They endured more pain and loss than anyone should bear and now they follow a philosophy of despair and retribution. They are basically insane but those who know their history may feel they can be helped and reformed. At the heart of their rage is an idealist who has given up. A good person who succumbed to the dark side.


The INTJ villain is the one who is purely motivated by grand scientific ambitions and doesn’t really give a rat’s ass about who gets harmed in the process. They are not out to kill anyone per se, but the nature of their plans inevitably comes at a high human cost. For the normal person, that would be grounds for scrapping such plans, but for the INTJ villain, it is hardly an issue. They view the populace as though they were ants and only value the ones who are useful to them.


The INTP villain is dangerous because of their ability to operate anonymously and strike mysteriously leaving little if any trace of their presence. Their motives are nihilistic and seemingly random but only the most clever detectives will notice the patterns. The INTP villain enjoys toying with their pursuers and seeing them struggle to piece together the hidden clues they leave behind ever so thoughtfully.

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The ENTJ villain is the leader in the league of supervillains. They created the league in order to provide a network where villains can connect with other villains to pool resources and coordinate their plans more efficiently. ENTJ established a structured organization (like the united nations) whereby villains can conveniently broker deals, hold conferences and discuss business with other crooks around the world. ENTJ collects an annual membership fee which helps fund their diabolical projects.  


The ENTP villain is the machiavellian mastermind who creates chaos and mayhem for their own amusement. They play by their own rules and the cleverness of their schemes make it difficult for detectives and superheroes alike to capture and bring them to justice. Their crimes are flamboyant and cheeky and they stay several steps ahead in the game of cat and mouse.


The ENFJ villain operates like a mafia godfather. Their big picture schemes serve a higher purpose however misguided. They surround themselves with ‘yes’ men and obedient myrmidons who believe in them like a messiah. A code of honor and philosophy underscores the ENFJ criminal enterprise. There are things that they are unwilling to do, lines they refuse to cross. They respect boundaries but if theirs are crossed, then cold-blooded retaliation is in order,


The ENFP super villain is complicated because they are essentially a good person on the wrong side of the tracks. They are more of an anti-hero like The Punisher and are out to fulfill a personal mission that only they feel is justified. They are fanatical and dangerous because they are prepared to die for their goal. They are motivated by vengeance, or selfish ambition fueled by a rogue philosophy of self-righteous purpose.


The ISTJ villain is the one who owns a vast collection of historical objects and orchestrates well thought-out heists intended to extend their collection of rare and valuable artifacts. They are interested in raiding museums and historical sites. They operate from the shadows and rely on the services of high grade professional goons who are competent at what they do.


The ESTJ villain is a strong schemer who maps out detailed and well thought out plans for accomplishing their ends. Whether they’re staging a bank robbery or a stealing a priceless painting from a museum with heavy security the ESTJ villain will use their knowledge of proven strategies for bypassing every obstacle they can expect as well as a few contingent possibilities that may catch them surprise. They are able to think laterally when they need to.

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The ISTP villain is the evil doer who works alone and is generally motivated by money and material gain. They are highly skilled and formidable on their own and may operate as a hitman for hire, high level thief or a serial killer. They are cold-blooded and stoic which makes them all the more intimidating as a villain.


The ESTP villain is of the sociopathic variety of criminals who take what they want and are ruthless in the way they go about it. They are the crime boss, the kingpin who intimidates their flunkies with an iron fist and frightening temper. The ESTP villain demands complete loyalty and nothing less. Underlings who kiss their ass will be rewarded but those who are too competent and non deferential will be perceived as a threat to ESTP’s power and get targeted for elimination.


The ISFP villain is an arrogant snob who believes their superior sense of taste entitles them to steal expensive objects because they are the only ones worthy of possessing them. As a villain, the ISFP is a high-brow criminal and an aficionado of rare and valuable things. They are likely to be world class art thieves and museum raiders.


The ESFP villain is unpredictable, aggressive and temperamental. They are thrill seeking narcissists driven by greed and lust. The green eyed monster consumes them and they seek instant gratification. When they are unhappy, they become cruel and volatile toward the people around them. Their evil Fi makes them immune to other people’s feelings and their Te makes them want to control, dominate, and inflict pain on other people.


The ISFJ villain is fueled by past hurt and internalized umbrage they refuse to let go of. They are tormented by the trauma that turned them into the warped and psychologically damaged person they’ve become. They are obsessed with making those responsible pay for what was done to them and may now want to inflict that pain on others. Their evil Fe allows them to fool people into trusting them until it’s too late.

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The ESFJ villain has a team upon which they rely for advice and counsel. They involve their underlings in the planning process but some of their flunkies may question and challenge their judgement and ability as leader. The ESFJ villain thinks they are great at what they do and are often blind to the brewing mutiny their backstabbing crew is plotting against them.

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